Sunday, September 17, 2017

Taos New Mexico–Countdown to AIBF

Orilla CG_Rv_Profile

Now along the way into town, we went the backway in. Dirt road, steep hills, driving next to the gorge, plus beautiful views. Yes a car can traverse this route, slow and easy is all it takes.


This back way in would take us to the Royal Gorge on Hwy 64. A real bridge, yes a real bridge that spans over the gorge and you can walk or drive over it. Of course driving in, allows you to come into Taos. Walking of course allows for good PHOTOS ops.
Which we took advantage of:

Ok, as we enter into Taos, we saw signs about an auto show along with produce market. We located a free parking space, and then Susan, DaGirls and I went in-search of photos;
Thinking of you Gary

One of the things I like about Taos ?   PAW FRIENDY, yes you heard me wright. We located cafes, brew pubs, and restaurants with dog friendly patios.

Along the way, I spotted the Brew Pup, that is, wait, wait for it, paw friendly…..another big YEA. This is a place we are coming back to.

Today I selected  5 Star Burger place. This reviews on this did not let us down and neither did the restaurant let Dakota and Tilly down either.  By the time we were done, home-made biscuits, bowl of ice cold water, a sampling of our lunch, YUM, and for desert? They had larger cups of ICE CREAM then Susan or I.  We will come again. YEA.


As we walked around the plaza on Saturdays, a produce market was in full swing. We were amazed at the produce being hawked around the plaza.

Finally, as we were leaving the plaza, we spotted a ride. Needless to say, we could not resists:

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Day 23–Countdown to AIBF

First, loss track of time, it is now 19 days and counting. See what happens with no service or worries. Or really, I am justing posting this on the 17th day of Sept

This writing really happen on Sept. 12th to the 14th. 

We landed around 11 ish, at the Abiqui COE Campground off of NM Hwy 96, just south of NM Hwy 84. Susan scored us a site for 2 days, with Electric (50amp) and water. Although with lots of Sun, power is no problem.

Photos from possible rain fall in the distance;


First place of business, site, back-in and setup. Susan was right on the money, in parking the Rv in just the right spot. We did not need any parking blocks. Second order of business ? Relax of course on the patio, with shade and slight breeze. After relaxing, it was off to scout the area, even though it is, mid 80’s right now and sunny. The girls did not mind, but they reminded us – BRING WATER. Susan to the rescue:


Once after the walk, and we know when it is time to head home, as Dakota takes her lease and heads to the Rv. Once inside, she commanded A/C, and now. She says, we have 50 amps, let me be cool on the floor in front of the vents.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Chama, New Mexico–Day 22 and Counting Down

Our day outing today was Georgia O'keeffe and Ghost Retreat just north of our CG.

If you are in the area, a stop is nice, but unless you are into hiking, horse-back riding, or taking a walking tour and looking at the small museums, you can really you can get a better perspective by reading.

Ok, so, after that we drove north to Chama, NM. Chama is just 8 miles from the Colorado state line. Which I did not know at the time. But we walked around, visited the train depot and even had lunch at a small Mexican/American restaurant.

Anyway, once done it was time to head back, get ready for dinner and prepare to leave in the morning.

I know, I know, sometimes I am very winded and other times very short, either way, I try to leave a little information as to where we have been, and where we ae going. Taking Photos always help, people decide whether or not to visit the places where we have been.

Remember our Rv is 40 Ft., so if we can do it so can you. Sometimes all it takes is a little work on leveling. Remember no tires off the ground.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Santa Fe, NM - Day 24 and Counting

We arrived around 10:30 in Santa Fe. This was after stopping off at a Campground and refueling our propane tank. Let me warn you, when doing this take a close look and do not trust anyone. We were directed around  and got almost in too tight, only to find out the refueling was on our passenger side.

Anyway, to high of price, places charge prices for a free by-product from making gas. Propane was a product that they would burn off. RIP-OFF.

Anyway, we are staying at the Elks Lodge, along with 2 other Rv's. Folks, if you stay at a lodge, DONATE something to these lodges. As some are in dire straights and need all the help they can get. DON"T LEAVE without GIVING SOMETHING.

Remember the creed of the brotherhood.

Off of the rants.

We managed to reach John Kurz and ended up having dinner along with Jennifer and a visiting guest. Lovely time was had by all.

No photos this time around.

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Las Vegas New Mexico–25 days to AIBF

We landed at the Elks lodge, spent 2 nights, with full hookups, which all we used was electric. Spent time inside visiting elks, and having good conversation on the future of the Elks.

On Sunday, we spent some of the day, walking around downtown. The early morning is the best to get photos of the area with few people. We found a good coffee shop, just been open over 4 months. Took some good shops of the building and the sculpture in the plaza.

We then went to old town, and repeated the same. Including seeing the train station. Where twice a day a Amtrak stops by to pickup passengers.

As we walked around town, I was able to capture some unique shots:

We definitely will come back, as there are many places we have missed. 

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