Saturday, September 30, 2017

Packing Day - Day 6 and counting down

So, here it is Saturday, last day/night at the Cochiti COE.

Friday night was spent breaking bread & wine with Jeff and Linda.We also met our neighbors Jan & Bill. They will be attending the AIBF with the SKP's Boomers Group.

I also like to tell you a very liitle bit about my new toys:
First is my Endoscope Wireless Camera - LINK PRESS HERE .

Mine happens to be 15 Ft, the image is clean and bright, just the right size to get into host hard to reach places, not suitable for turbine engines, but, reaching behind the back of the radiator system?   Yes sir, can't wait to try this baby out.

My next toy, was shown to me by Tom, he purchased this little gizmo in Jan. So far very pleased with it. I have read the reviews and watch a video.

Spent a few minutes setting it up based on our current position. I also have it link to both or our phones. We will be trying it out, when we move to Enchanted Trails RV Resort on Sunday.

One of the important things to remember:

Maximizing your battery life:

In order to understand how to maximize the battery life of your LevelMatePRO, you will need some basic understanding of how the device works.  In simple terms the LevelMatePRO is always in one of two states, either in a “sleep” state or an “awake” state.  When the device is in a sleep state it is using an extremely small amount of battery current and is not able to be connected to by your smartphone or tablet.  When the device is in the awake state it is using a much larger amount of battery current and is able to be connected to by your smartphone or tablet.  So where battery life is concerned the more you can keep the device in the sleep state the longer your battery life will be.

The other important thing to understand about the LevelMatePRO is how it switches from the sleep state to the awake state and vice versa.  The device is designed to switch from the sleep state to the awake state when it detects motion.  So when you arrive at your camping location the unit will be in the awake state and will be connectable to your smartphone or tablet for use of the system.  Lack of motion switches the device from the awake state to the sleep state after a certain number of hours that is defined by the user through the LevelMatePRO app.

On Thursday we traveled to Albuquerque, for some supplies and other items. 2 of those items were 2 new 6 Vdc deep cycle batteries. Costco, here has Interstate Batteries for $84. A far cry from the $135 I was quoted in Arizona. Now all I need is 2 old batteries as core return.

This now brings my storage up to 880 Amps. I completed the installation in less than a hour. Next week I will redo some of the cables, to make a cleaner look overall. Can't wait to try them out with the solar, that is if the sun decides to come back out soon.

Sun Slowly Rising Up in the Distance

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Day 8, and counting

Well, here it is Thursday, we spent Wednesday inside as the rain came along with cool weather. Today however we are on Albuquerque, picking up supplies and packets
So will keep this short. Today turned out to be a warm one.
So we will stay long enough to do the dirty deed and get home.
Dakota is hoping for dog park and of course DQ. So we are in search of places.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tent Rocks Hike - Day 9 and Counting Down

We decided to make the most of Tuesday, as news was rain on Wed. and Thur. I have been looking for a good hiking trail and settle in on the Tent Rocks Hike. A gentleman we met over in the Pillar area, recommend this hike.

It is really 2 hikes in one, but you can do either.
We invited Jeff and Linda to join us, and along the way we met up with Peter.

Jeff, Linda, Peter, Susan & I.

The total distance is 3 miles round trip with an increase of elevation of 700 Ft. As you hike you will be taken through a slot canyon, with HooDoos, trees, sandy trails and switch back. The hike is listed as easy to moderate. 

The trail is easy to follow, however there are a few places where you are required to step up over 2 ft. So, people with knee problem, take it easy and coming down, sit down and slide off. 

Once we were back, it was in search of dinner. I settle in on Lupitas valley cafe - Press Here. Tom and Diane recommend Lupitas during their stay here. Lupitas is a converted home for the Nuns of "Our Lady of Guadalupe Church".

It is strange being in a very small town and yet, here is a restaurant, serving excellent food. No alcohol, but, it might be possible to bring your own bottle of wine. Call ahead to verify or just leave it in the car and ask.

Anyway, back to the Hike, the day started a little cloudy and windy, but once in the canyon, it became a little warm. I need to remind everyone, bring water, and snacks. 

The hiking is in a National Park System - No PETS allowed - and please do not leave in your car.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

10 Days and Counting Down to AIBF

Alright we landed at CoChiti Lake, NM., in a COE CG. We are in the West side and the older section. Since we have been here, we made a run to Bernalillo, NM., for supplies, Dakota and Tilly came along to check out the Pet Store. Sorry no DQ this time.

We have made numerous walks to the boat ramp area, Dakota, has learned to run and jump in the water from the dock. Where she learns this stuff, I'll never know. She has been lizard hunting around the Rv. Found a hole big enough to put her head in. Susan covered that up real fast.

I spent time cleaning the outside of the Truck, by hand (spray bottle and rags), and then spent time waxing it.

On one of our walks I came across a centipede and a millipede, cool. Then on Sunday I came across a new pet. I did ask Susan if I could keep it, that is if it wanted to come home with me.

Well it didn't, so I let it continue its journey.

Tom and Diane stopped by, as there were on the east side, they have since moved onto the KOA east of Santa Fe.

Jeff and Linda, arrived yesterday afternoon, from Farmington, NM. We got together for dinner and stories.

I always keep our maps updated as to where we have traveled and places we have seen. The map is located on the right, all you need to do is click on it to enlarge.

Here is a small recap of the map:

If you have not clicked on the map to the left, then you are missing photos of the areas we have been to.

WooHoo, I finished my navigator training video yesterday.

Last Word - Get Out there and have Fun

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wrapping Up Here at the Royal Gorge CG - 13 days and counting

As full timers, we have learn to be patience. And the pass week was no difference, as road construction was on the highway. So, you can see by the photos what some of our time went to:

During our time at the CG, we came across this object paying next to a electrical box:

On the back was the words, if you find this you can keep or re-hide. All they asked is you post on Facebook under "    ".

One of the places we found was a drum factory and store:

The drum on it side was made for Mick Fleetwood for concerts, however he has never picked it up. So it remains at the store.

I thought this photo was neat at the clouds show a mountain.

We also made the journey to Los Alamos for the day. Needless to say, many people have been there, so there was no need to capture photos. But i will say, we found a Paw Friendly Pub, where we enjoyed chicken tacos and a beer on the patio.

The final trip was the enchanted circle. One place we stopped allowed a short hike in the Carson National Forest.

One of the last stops of the day was the town of Eagle Nest: Susan and I both agreed, this would make a great place for a fall rally. Prices were great, fishing awesome, hiking in the NF and just plane quiet place for a few people. Best route in, would be from Raton, NM. 

Eagle Nest

This week, PBS has been showing a 10 part series on Vietnam. I have seen most every show on Vietnam, and try to understand the WHY?

The 2 photos came for the Vietnam Memorial located in Angel Fire:

For additional reading Press HERE

 The last photo I cannot really describe. Put if you click on the photo, notice the bracelets on the top shelf, left side. Total number is 7, these are the MIA's that have been returned, compared to the ones still missing that were from the area.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Taos New Mexico–Countdown to AIBF

Orilla CG_Rv_Profile

Now along the way into town, we went the backway in. Dirt road, steep hills, driving next to the gorge, plus beautiful views. Yes a car can traverse this route, slow and easy is all it takes.

This back way in would take us to the Royal Gorge on Hwy 64. A real bridge, yes a real bridge that spans over the gorge and you can walk or drive over it. Of course driving in, allows you to come into Taos. Walking of course allows for good PHOTOS ops.
Which we took advantage of:


Ok, as we enter into Taos, we saw signs about an auto show along with produce market. We located a free parking space, and then Susan, DaGirls and I went in-search of photos;

Thinking of you Gary

One of the things I like about Taos ?   PAW FRIENDY, yes you heard me right. We located cafes, brew pubs, and restaurants with dog friendly patios.

Along the way, I spotted the Brew Pup, that is, wait, wait for it, paw friendly…..another big YEA. This is a place we are coming back to.

Today I selected  5 Star Burger place. The reviews on it did not let us down and neither did the restaurant let Dakota and Tilly down either.  By the time we were done, home-made puppy biscuits for them, bowl of ice cold water, a sampling of our lunch, YUM, and for desert? They had larger cups of ICE CREAM than Susan or I.  We will come again. YEA.

As we walked around the plaza on Saturday, a produce market was in full swing. We were amazed at the produce being hawked around the plaza.

Finally, as we were leaving the plaza, we spotted a ride. Needless to say, we could not resists:


Counting Down the Days

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Day 23–Countdown to AIBF

First, loss track of time, it is now 19 days and counting. See what happens with no service or worries. Or really, I am justing posting this on the 17th day of Sept

This writing really happen on Sept. 12th to the 14th. 

We landed around 11 ish, at the Abiqui COE Campground off of NM Hwy 96, just south of NM Hwy 84. Susan scored us a site for 2 days, with Electric (50amp) and water. Although with lots of Sun, power is no problem.

Photos from possible rain fall in the distance;


First place of business, site, back-in and setup. Susan was right on the money, in parking the Rv in just the right spot. We did not need any parking blocks. Second order of business ? Relax of course on the patio, with shade and slight breeze. After relaxing, it was off to scout the area, even though it is, mid 80’s right now and sunny. The girls did not mind, but they reminded us – BRING WATER. Susan to the rescue:


Once after the walk, and we know when it is time to head home, as Dakota takes her lease and heads to the Rv. Once inside, she commanded A/C, and now. She says, we have 50 amps, let me be cool on the floor in front of the vents.

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