Sunday, September 10, 2017

On DaRoad to AIBF–26 Days and Counting

We got on the road around 7:24 am, on Sat. morning. We had disconnected water and sewer the night before, and cleaned up around the area. In the morning all we needed to do was, connect the truck, electric, and remove the leveling blocks. 

As we were leaving, Susan, Tilly and Dakota were watching the road for me, ensuring I did not make a wrong turn:

We arrived at the Elks Lodge around 10:30 am. just in time for this:

Poker run around town and up to a lake north of town. As we were walking, we met and talked to a few of the people going on the run. We were invited back, to join in with the dinner and fun, but did not quite make it in time. 

After settling in – we drove over to a Farmers market we saw coming in:

Once back, and stopping at a DQ, Yes Dakota, we know, a DQ a Day Keeps the Beast a Happy Dog..

Once back at the Rv, we parked, setup and relax for a few minutes, then it was off again. 

We had chance upon a Fire Department setup at a park downtown, we were informed Hamburgers were being served around 12:30.

This time it was 5 miles out of town, to take a look at Storrie Lake State park.

As state parks go, this one have reservation sites, dry-camping sites, and a few walk in sites.

Rates are from $8 to $14, very easy and nice spots.

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