Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 14 - Rolling Out

Day 14 - Monday

Rolling Out Day

Today's the day that we are rolling out. Has it been 14 days since we arrived, checking our entrance date (Jan 12th), yep. We have reached our 14 days limit. We have gone thru 125 Gallons of Fresh Water, and stayed in one place the complete time. Susan & I have used our boon-docking manual we wrote about 8 years ago. This allows us to remain in 1 place for 3 to 4 weeks depending on where we are at and the rules that are in place for grey water.

Before I forget, for those of you who have Alfa's and have the rolling driver/passenger shade. The driver's side on DaGirls rig was no longer working nor could I fix it again. We met Jaz & Terry Millar (new members) in San Felipe, Mex., Jaz just happen to have 2 shades he was willing to get rid of. They were almost brand new. Well they  arrived on site on Wednesday. First item on the list was to replace my side. What a difference a working shade makes. Thank you Jaz & Terry, Susan & I hope to see you in Casa Grande at the rally if you can make it.

So, let's recap what has been happening here at the Unofficial Roadrunner Non-Rally. Total rigs that have arrived during the week was 13. 3 of which were Non-Alfa's. New members which were signed up by your Membership Drive Committee - Namely Susan, 8 in the last 12 days. Go Susan. Be watching for the First Alfa Roadrunner Newsletter of 2015 for our new members names. Becky Godfrey our Newsletter Editor is currently seeking news and non-news worthy content. You can send me an email or I will send you her email address. So spend a few minutes writing something down.

We had a pancake breakfast, Pot luck, 4-wheeling adventure to the Stone Cabin and surrounding parts (Thanks Steve), many happy hours, people stopping by and checking everything out, a trip to the Desert Bar and much shopping at the Big Tent & more.  We all cooked wieners over the fire one evening and
Saturday morning had a special treat, Susan and I arranged for donuts.

To future wagon masters, you can make it simple or complicated or very complicated. As wagon masters you choose what you want to do and how to arrange things.

Susan & I have also discontinued the storage room in "Q". The cost per year was equal to about 45 members dues. As your officers we held many discussions and discussed with past officers and came to the conclusion to discontinue this for the time being.

Finally, the BLM office has been busy installing water and power outlets around the area. There are a select few places which have power. A34 was recently installed allowing access to 30 amps and a water spigot. This was provided at no additional cost for Roadrunner members. Read all about in the upcoming Alfa Roadrunner 1st Qtr Newsletter. Also of interest will be my first 2015 Roadrunner Hot Flash Bulletin - Coming soon to a corner near you. I continue to seek articles from each of you, so please work on getting them to me. Big, little, anything that peeks your interest.

Power & Water A34 Located Close by.

DaGirls Rv left the BLM around 10:30 am., after replenishing our propane ($2.30), we headed south on I-95 to Yuma. We arrived and were setup by 1:30 pm this afternoon, one look at the jeep and we wonder how we would be able to drive it. 

Our route was a simple one as shown below.

We are spending 7 days here at Yuma Lakes, what a difference 2 months makes since we were last here. We were informed, that there is only 26 I mean 25 sites available. One thing we told each other is I'm going to take a 30 minute shower. Will, it was not 30 minutes, but it did feel wonderful letting the water run, instead of On/Off.

Susan is currently on her 3rd load of wash, with 2 loads thru the dryer. For you new ones, we replaced our single washer/dryer with 2 separate units. Having 2 separate units was worth loosing the 3 drawers. 

Our Trips and Trails around Quartzsite
Up and Running - New Bathrooms in BLM
Day Breaking from the East
Setup and ready for company
 Susan & Sharon Laughing
Fire Side Chat
 Last Fire Side Chat
Along with the Last Fire around the Roadrunner Fire Barrel

Day 13 - Sunday

Cleanup & Packing day

Sunday is our day to pack and clean up. We usually do this on the day before we leave as it makes the travel day easier. So we will rearrange, pack and perform clean up leave only floors and outside RV equipment for Monday, including tire covers, blocks (items that cannot be handled until the rig is ready to move). We will also fill the propane as it is cheaper in "Q" than in Yuma. Della has been a big hit with everyone, as she made the rounds seeing everyone, especially during happy hour and dinner.  It was also the last Tent Day. Many wants but really No Needs for now.

Susan took me to the Bad Boys Restaurant for breakfast, good food & lots of it. Then off to LaMesa for one last look inside the marked down tent for items. Nothing that we could not live without.

We also learned that the "Roadrunner"  spot has had many visitors on ATV's & UTV's. Many of which have no regard for the environment including the parking areas, doing wheelies and donuts - So we have no idea whether or not the Alfa in the Rocks will be here next year. "The Times They Are a Changing".

We captured the MetLife Blimp on it's way to Phoenix this past week.
Della's normal place during fire time.
Sharon & Dwight
Gene & Judi
Sven's Lowering of the Flag
Last Roadrunner Sign - Gone
Sharon & Sven Special Sign
Maybe the Last Time the Alfa in Rock will be Seen

Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly" 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 12 - Many New Members

Day 12 - Jan 24 


New day and new members, Susan has been on a roll this year, she is just roping in new members left and right. She is just a fire ball when it comes to seeking out Alfa's new and old and getting them to join our chapter.

As for me, I keep helping members in need of assistance, the more I keep doing this especially spending a large amount of time under rigs, I am thinking of starting a  Alfa handyman business. I will have to think more on this and see what comes up.

I was perusing some of our 2014 posts and I came upon some of the photos that were missing. I have since learned that changing, title, albums names or especially location they will disappear from the post.  In the future I will have be be very careful about this.

As we get closer to Monday, Jan 26, our departure day, we are slowly watching our friends new & old drive away. We have enjoyed many fireside talks each night, learned about their journeys and future travels. We will miss them but know that we will be seeing them in the future when our paths cross again.

Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly" 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 11 - Where did the Week Go?

Day 11 - Friday Jan 23rd

All of a sudden where did the week go. I mean here it is Friday and it was Monday the last time I looked.

The Circling of the Alfa's

Day 10 - Thursday Jan 22nd

Morning was spent watching the New Vault Toilet installation across the street.

Day 9 - Wednesday Jan 21st

 Potluck Dinner & Fire Side Chat

 Day 8 - Tuesday Jan 20th

Morning was spent watching Norm communicate with the FAA and his remote controlled plane.

I am happy to report that all is well with Norm, Plane and the FAA (Foolish And Aged)  

Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly"