Sunday, September 17, 2017

Day 23–Countdown to AIBF

First, loss track of time, it is now 19 days and counting. See what happens with no service or worries. Or really, I am justing posting this on the 17th day of Sept

This writing really happen on Sept. 12th to the 14th. 

We landed around 11 ish, at the Abiqui COE Campground off of NM Hwy 96, just south of NM Hwy 84. Susan scored us a site for 2 days, with Electric (50amp) and water. Although with lots of Sun, power is no problem.

Photos from possible rain fall in the distance;


First place of business, site, back-in and setup. Susan was right on the money, in parking the Rv in just the right spot. We did not need any parking blocks. Second order of business ? Relax of course on the patio, with shade and slight breeze. After relaxing, it was off to scout the area, even though it is, mid 80’s right now and sunny. The girls did not mind, but they reminded us – BRING WATER. Susan to the rescue:


Once after the walk, and we know when it is time to head home, as Dakota takes her lease and heads to the Rv. Once inside, she commanded A/C, and now. She says, we have 50 amps, let me be cool on the floor in front of the vents.

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