Saturday, September 9, 2017

On DaRoad to AIBF–27 and Counting

Our second night here in Tucumcari,and what do we find?
An Elks Lodge, yes, you read it, with 8 Rv sites. Free for Dry Camping, $15 for electric & water 1st night with 2nd night free. Ends are 50 amp, centers 30 amp.  That’ll teach us, not to look first, $15 Vs $56. What a difference. And being an Elks lodge, lot’s of friendly people. Well, next time and there will be a next time, we’ll stay there. Lodge has a pool, sauna and 1/2 court basketball court, too.

We have visited 4 museums in the area, each one is unique and wonderful:

Tucumcari Historic

New Mexico Route 66 Museum

The day before our visit they received the new piece below for the floor:

Can you guess what Year and Model it is?

Dinosaur Museum
Photos were on yesterday's Blog

Railroad Museum.
This is a new museum, only 3 years old, they are still under development. I still recommend a stop here. 

Susan wanted a new hair perm:

We also spent time driving and walking in town. We did manage to snap a few photos of uniques items we spied:

Tomorrow or would that be today? We head to Las Vegas, NM., and stay at the Elks Lodge there. Susan does not really like going someplace without a place to stay. So, I believe she has us booked out for the next 5 to 9 days? I’ll see and read about it on her calendar schedule.

So, what can I leave you with? First, Slow Down, Relax, Stop in Small towns and walk around and talk to the locals. It is amazing the things we have learned since we have started doing this. 

Ok, now that I got that out of my system: 

More photos for Susan's Photo Collage Wall, in the reading room.
So, really what can I leave for you?

Susan:   Ha, Ha, Ha - love that.....

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