Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Changes Completed - Battery Frame

You read where we/I started our new battery box configuration changes. Changes you ask? Why? Didn't the Alfa come with Qty. 6, 6Vdc batteries? Yes, but since we dry-camp alot, we really need the extra storage capacity. So, with this change, we can use the following size/type of batteries:
T-105, T-125, T-145 and even the L16 size batteries.

Battery frame on the passenger side:

Battery Frame on the Driver's side:

Here is an excellent example of the different capacity of the battery sizes:

Length Width height Lbs $$$
T-105 10.3 7.11 28.44 11.07 447 62 133
T-125 10.3 7.11 28.44 11.07 448 66 165
T-145 10.3 7.11 28.44 11.9 530 72 193
J305H-AC 11.6 7 28 14.5 781 98 210
J305E-AC 12.1 7 28 14.5 645 83 239
L16P-AC 11.6 7 16.7 850 114 319

Time will tell, when we upgrade our batteries, for now we will add 2, bringing up our system to Qty., 8, 6Vdc batteries.

So, I will leave you with a few more photos:

Safe Travels and Journeys 
from DaGirls, Dakota & Tilly

Friday, August 25, 2017

More Changes coming

So, what drove us to Friend, Ne, besides friends? Changes to the Rv. Where else can you go and have a shop of tools to use. The main thing? Battery box configuration changes.

First remove some batteries and setup outside the coach.

Next remove the frame, clean up the area and change the location of the grounding studs.

And before you know it the right side is cleaned and ready for the build process.

Since you did the right side, you now do the left side faster and wow. All done and cleaned. Next, you begin laying out the template for the frame.

More for later, as I continue to redo the battery box

Safe Travels from
DaGirls Dakota and Tilly

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Journey Continues

Just to remind you, we landed in Friend Ne at the Derr Family farm. We spent the weekend with the family at Bluestem Recreation area.

We arrived to do some repairs but mainly to make some additional mods to the Rv.

First on Susan's list: complete the drawer fronts in the bedroom (an addition Dwight built this spring), with stain and finish.

Next on the list, remodel the bathroom sinks, install a new one and clean and install 1/4 turn cut off valves in the other one.

 Start of the Project
Removed the sink, make and layout a template, and start cutting.

Layout looks good and before you know it ?

I also want to state, when using a sink made in Mexico, it is a little more challenging then using a standard sink. So, if you choose to go our way, you have to be creative and seek some different tools and not be afraid to break the sink so to say and start all over with something different.

As we continue to make a few improvements, I also reworked the water closet, it just seem wrong to have a sewer hose at an angle when connecting to the valve. So, after I saw what Dwight did, I then decided to make even a bigger change to my sewer connections.

 Using a vibrator tool and a piece of plastic I moved the access cover to a new location.

I then bought a 3.5 rubber coupling and cut a section of the APS out to center my down spot.

Along the way, Steve and Winnie Howland stopped by. We heard their tale of issues:  when his tow bar broke and hit their exhaust pipe and caused the heat to escape and damage all the wiring.  While here,  we got his generator up and running and had a good time sharing stories including Wonder Woman and Geezers in the Corn.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, plant and outdoor

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, tree, sky, stripes, child and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor

And of course Wonder Woman made an appearance (posing as Steve).

Susan, then saw a post from Ray and CeAnne that they were heading to Rapid City, but she got them to divert to Friend. So, while they are here we are going thru and helping Ray out on a few items.

Our next adventure was to Friend for the Friend Hot Dog and Champagne Eclipse Event:

Susan was able to capture this shot thru a telescope.

Safe Travels and Journeys
From DaGirls, Dakota and Tilly

Monday, August 14, 2017

Continuing the Journey

So, after we left Sac City, Iowa, we continued our journey west. West you say exactly were?

Plan, Yankon, South Dakota, for Susan to renew her driver's licence. Plan, stay 1 night, get up early and be #1 in line. Me go to Walmart and await the conquering heroine. Expected time to achieve this and get on the road, hum 1 hour. When did we finally leave 4 pm, Unexpected problem ? yes, 1 broken phone, many calls later and an additional $30, she was doing the happy dance.

Our final destination for the day? Bluestem Recreation area (link). Our plan, connect up with our friends from Friend, Nebraska. Tisdales's & Derr's. We arrived tired, cranky and in need of a rest. The trip was not without a few headaches which, we will leave for a later date. But arrive we did, got setup, relax and let the crazy dog run free for a while to settle down.

The highlight of the weekend, was Andy's mouth watering ribs, along with the potatoes and sweet corn. Good time was held by all around us.

Photos, well, not many in fact very few, this time around:

This is primitive camping, so solar or a generator is needed.

One of the most exciting thing that happen? When Kim, opened a compartment door on the camper, out pop Tigger the cat. Susan and I took Tigger home on Friday, as her replacement phone, had just been delivered.

Sunday was a day of packing and heading out to the Derr's family farm. Upon arrival, we released the beast. The next few hours was filled with a dark chocolate lab, running here and their checking everything our. Including the garden, many times over.

Anyway, we are here for awhile to make some changes to the Rv. The Derr's farm has room for 5 Rv's including water and 50 amp electric. So, if coming thru Friend, give a shout to Sharon and Dwight, if they are here, Alfa owners are always welcome.

Safe Journeys and Travel Adventures
DaGirls Rv Dakota and Tilly

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2nd Day in our Trip to the AIBF 2017

So, lets get to our 2nd day of travel. Our stop today was in the city of SAC City, Iowa. We wound up in the Riverside Campground, located within short walking distance of the historic downtown.

On our walk around, I get the impression, this is the barn quilt capital of Iowa. In Sept. there is a Barn Quilt Fair. Here at the campground, which is very close to the fair ground we see a few more barn quilts. The paint job is still glossy, so someone is keeping them in good shape.

Our first photos were of the campground itself, not all site are satellite friendly, but who needs it, when you are in this great little town, with alot of history.

Our first history photos are of the war memorials located a short walk from the campground.

The memorials stones date back to 1892. Laying the grounds for the Civil War memorials. And continuing to the Korean conflict.  By going to the link below you can read a little more about the historic district.

Historic Square in SAC City

The inscription on this statue was very sombor:
Erected by the Citizens of SAC County, Iowa to the Memory of Her Soldier Heros of the War of the Rebellion

Our next stop was walking downtown to see the world's largest popcorn ball. On our way we saw many wonderful sites, especially this Grand old majestic house. I found out this belong to a former judge.

Once we arrived at the museum of the Popcorn ball we capture a few photos of the area:
The popcorn ball inside a museum, and taking photos, do not do it justice. So press on the link below and you can read and see photos:

Popcorn Ball

tHere are a few photos of the other building around the popcorn ball:

Before I leave you, there is 1 maybe 3 more photos I need to post:

A 3 holer.

So, safe travels from DaGirls, Rv as we make out way to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (AIBF) 2017.