Monday, September 11, 2017

Las Vegas New Mexico–25 days to AIBF

We landed at the Elks lodge, spent 2 nights, with full hookups, which all we used was electric. Spent time inside visiting elks, and having good conversation on the future of the Elks.

On Sunday, we spent some of the day, walking around downtown. The early morning is the best to get photos of the area with few people. We found a good coffee shop, just been open over 4 months. Took some good shops of the building and the sculpture in the plaza.

We then went to old town, and repeated the same. Including seeing the train station. Where twice a day a Amtrak stops by to pickup passengers.

As we walked around town, I was able to capture some unique shots:

We definitely will come back, as there are many places we have missed. 

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