Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day in the Life of Rv’ers at the Beach

I would post photos but that would really show you what Rv’ers do while parked at the beach.

So all I can you is tell you a few things:

1), install new lights

2), lay on the beach

3), shop in town

4), sit in chairs on the beach

5), make new flag pole holder

6), relax on the beach

7), go kaykaking in the bay

8), enjoy the beach

9), work on coach

10), sit in front of rig on the beach

11), make new tire covers for the Rv

12), place chairs on the beach

13), have a pedicure while on the beach

14), clean Rv

15), cook funny food

16), enjoy many happy hours

17), watch the sun come up

18), watch the sun go down

19), Grow Sun-Flowers on the beach

20), enjoy the many walks on the beach

21), meet many new people on the beach

Need I say or post anymore ?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feb 17, 2017 On the Road to Puerto Penasco in Sonora Mexico

Early last year we decided to return to PP. This year we decided to try the The Reef down at Sandy Beach.

For a review of The Reef you can click on this Link The Reef.

If you are an Escapees Member you will get a discount.

Our journey started on Feb 16, finding us parked in the Elks Lodge lot in Gila Bend, waiting for additional 7 Rigs. With Susan’s help she rounded up other RVers’  who wanted to adventure a little south this year. Our plan was simple, no rally, just a gathering of friends who wanted to travel and have some excitement together or by themselves.

The list of RVers are:
Dwight & Sharon Tisdale
Dean and Nica Johnson
Mike and Rhona Smith
David and Beth Brereton
Sven and Sharon Novion
Don and Belva Tisdale
David and Carol Welling
and finally Susan and Dale.

We also met up with Donna and Dan Thorn who had arrived in early Feb. (They got all of the nice weather).

Our travel rules were simple and provided by the Rv’ers themselves:
1.  Follow the person in front
2. Do not turn until you see the Rv in back of you
3. 3 Rv lengths in between.

David & Beth B. were lead, Susan & I were the Tail gunner.

So Friday morning around 9 am off we went in a nice order. Bang, Pow, what?, Look out? what the heck is going on. The first 2 RV's made the first right turn, and the next thing you know, 5 RV’s missed it. So it was off a rocky start - punny..... But within 15 minutes we were all back together and heading down Hwy 85, toward Ajo, Why and Lukeville, US Border town.

Plan was simple, stop in Lukeville for a small break and continue on thru Sonoyta, Mx and on into Puerto Penasco. Well the best laid plans sometimes have to take a back seat. As you see by the photos it was a little more then simple to cross.

But once we were thru, it was clean and happy sailing. Well not really, you see a weather front was coming thru which was bringing wind and rain to Arizona. We just happened to catch the wind part on the way down.

We were about 28 miles out when Carol saw Mike’s slide awning unfurling, at the same time we saw David / Carol’s awning doing the same. All 3 of us pulled over and instructed others to continue on. In a matter of 10 minutes we had it repaired and back on the road, with David W. in the lead. David reported in that our speed would be 40 to 45 MPH, which was fine by us as it was a head
wind about 20 to 30 mph.

Sorry no Photos of the excitement

Traveling about 45 mph, we covered the 26 miles in about 1 hour.  As we were coming into town, Susan heard from Beth that they had arrived at The Reef. Considering that we were still 5 miles in a straight line. This is a good testament to my radio system.

Link to our RADIO System .

At this point I took the lead and we continued on thru town and arrived at the Reef, where we checked in and settled down to a windy day. That was followed up by rain during the night and all day Saturday.  Guess what ? I have NOT taken any photos. However I will later

I could continue on, but Pictures are always worth a $1 or $2.

Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering about Dakota !!!

Well you know longer have to worry about Dakota.

Hi, I'm Dakota and I am the welcome party. Don't worry about the white teeth, as that is the way I smile at everyone. Dad says i cannot try the water until the waves go down or the wind goes down whatever that means.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Monarch–Hydraulic System in the Alfa

Ok, let’s talk Hydraulics

Recently a member, developed an issues with their system. As they were leveling the pump continued to run and then smoke developed. Once system was shut down, we developed a plan to determine what happen and how serious.

Ray determine that the motor had shorted out.
I explained the system was design and build by Monarch Hydraulics. System and is identified as Dyan-Jack M-3538.

We discuss the various options, including surplus. Ray, calle and was told prices from $1600 to $2500, for repair / replacement. I then explained about a hydraulic supply house I have used in the past. After several calls, Ray located Hydraulic Controls, in Phx., Az.

Hydraulic-Controls Link

Ray, removed the assembly, which is held in by 2 bolts. I recommend going to a supply house and purchasing plugs and caps for the hoses and valves. This should be done to keep dirt out and reduce loss of fluid.

Once the unit was dropped off, the service tech, explained that the top 2 bolts could have been removed and just the motor removed, however during the repair, he noted a bearing going bad on the pump.

All in all Ray’s experience was very pleasant. Total cost of the work was less than $400.

Next was the reason why, the pump continued to run. Ray deduce that the solenoid may be bad. So what he did was locate a source for the Trombetta solenoid and ordered from Amazon.