Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final day of the year

​Dec 27th – Meeting New RV friends

​​Vista Del Mar

Vista Del Mar is a development that never took off. Their sign reads RV camp ground, but the first time we drove in we did not locate one. As we were driving by on Friday we noticed an RV parked off in the distance. So we stopped by, located the office and learned about the RV sites located in back. Cost is $25/day, we were told that the cost is lower for a week or longer. These are full hook up with 30/50amp service. Sites can handle even a 45 ft rig. The only downside is unless you have the Church's Mexican Camping book, you would not know about it. They provide on-site security along with hot tub (open) and a pool which is closed in the winter.. We have learned that their busy season is during the summer as many Mexican's travel to SF for the beach.
It was there we meet Pat and Rick who have been traveling for over since last Spring from Florida. Their travels have taken them to as far away as Alaska and now they are heading down to Cabo San Lucas. We wish them well along with "Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls".

Dec 28th – Dinner in San Felipe

Rice & Beans

Sunday was a day of rest, as we spent the time walking Della and Tilly in the area. We will be winding  down our activities here, as this is our last few days in SF. We spent the time looking over what needs to be done and checking out route north. Later in the day we drove into SF to have a final dinner with Markus and Anita. We started with drinks at the TacoFactory and then walked down to the Rice & Beans restaurant for dinner. Lately I have been a little lax in photo collecting.

Dec 30th – Final Beach Day

Kilometer 26

We are packing up DaGirls and heading for a last day at the beach. We will be meeting Terry and Karla at the Pemex station and follow them to KM 26 south of SF. We have been told this is a lovey beach and with today being the best day of the week, Highs in the 60's it should be a fun day in the sun.
Once we arrived at the turn off Terry made sure I ha​d​ reduce my tire pressure. This tim​e I ​had reduced it to 20 psi. Needless to say, the tire monitor was not happy, but it learned to deal with the lower pressure.

By the way, I am now using an old Magellan Hand Held GPS. This is allowing me to  download and upload to Google Earth

This is something I may add to the Blog. I hope I can also upload the KMZ file so everyone can download it. 

Once at the beach Karla and Susan went shelling while Della was trying to figure out which way to go. After a gentle discussion she came back to me.
We spent a few hours and then had lunch. Once we were done we drove down the beach. Once up to speed the jeep did pretty good, that is until I stopped. It wasn't much of a problem except for the high RPM's and moving very slowing. So with that we decided that lowering the pressure to 15 psi should help. With a gentle push from Terry and Karla off we went. Once we were off the beach and airing up my tires we discussed that going to 10psi would have been better and definitely made driving easier on the sand.. Let's face it, I had the biggest tires for the rims I had. I only needed to buy new rims to get a wider tire. _ NO WAY – At least not at this time.

Anyway the beach along with Terry and Karla made for a very enjoyable day which we will treasure.

One more item, did I mention our neighbors, Micky and Viva? We had no sooner gotten back and were getting kitchen cleaned up and feeding the girls, than there was a knock at the door. Viva came over and told us we were invited to their house for happy hour. She said we had left early before she could invite us.  Now being tired we told each other only 5 minutes. Well 1 and a half hour later we finally got home.

Dec 31st – Preparations

Preparation Day

Carlos arrived today to wash/wax DaGirls Rv. They started around 9 am and finished up around 2ish.  During this time we met another Alfa couple, name of Terri and Jaz Millar from southern Cal. Within the last 2 years they have sold the business and placed their house up for sale. Like Noble's, they too own property here in EDR.

If you decide to come to San Felipe, knowing people like the Millar's, Noble's, Micky and Viva definitely will make coming here much more enjoyable, even if you do not live on the beach.

One last trip to see Markus and Anita at Kiki's. Where we were also introduce to Hans and Carol a German couple that Markus and Anita met last year in FL and who just arrived in San Felipe. They have spent the last 2 years in their Heavy Duty Off road Rv. Now this rig can definitely go-anywhere. Rigs like theirs are very common in Europe. Sorry no photos didn't get the camera ready in time.

So the plan is make DaGirls Rv ready to leave tomorrow morning and head north. That means clean-up and put away all items no longer needed. Install the luggage tray onto the Jeep and air up the tires. This will be the last blog for this year. So

Happy New Year, Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls and us

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Things to do, Places to see, & People to meet

Dec 25 – Thursday - Feliz Navidad from DaGirls

Yes we are early, but it will be a busy day

Dec 24 – Wednesday

Awoke to 55˚

Della and I awoke to a more normal morning here at DaGirls Rv. After checking emails, working on the previous day's journey to the desert we made our way outside for our daily walk.
Figure 1 Sunrise over the sea

Many of you know that I enjoy working with various computer applications/software, Examples are Google Earth, Microsoft Streets & Trips and other GPS software. I was able to recreate our trail to the Water Falls which are west of El Dorado Ranch. In all we traveled 62 miles.
Figure 2 There and Back

Dec 23 – Tuesday

Sunny, Warm and Windy

This morning we were invited along with others on a 4-wheel adventure, our trip took us to a chalk mine, fossil ridge, dead cow corner, cattle ranch and the water falls. In all we traveled 62 miles. Our jeep liberty did great as this was the first off-road trip she has been on. There were a couple of spots I wish I have 1 more inch of clearance, but a little move to the right and no problem.
Figure 3 Chalk Mind
Susan, must have had a good breakfast
Figure 4 Lifting the 30 Lbs. of chalk
Figure 5 Fossils Located and Photo
Figure 6 Cattle Ranch
Figure 7 Dusty Road as we traveled
Figure 8 Our lady of Guadalupe
Figure 9 Terry's New Job - Fence Opener to the Water Falls
I will upload additional photos to the website once we are back in the USA, so check back for the link. 
Figure 10 Hike to the Falls
Figure 11 Glenn & Jo heading home – photo Op

Once back Terry and Karla invited us over for dinner and wonderful conversation. Yes this included DaGirls, Della and Tilly. Della deems this on her top spot of the week as she was quite at home with the Noble's. Karla made them feel right at home. Della, enjoyed their company, garden AND finding the treats Karla keeps around. For those of you who have never had a dog, much less a Labrador, Della is getting old, but her nose is still young. She was able to find the many old bones in the garden along with the dog treats that Karla keeps under a chair.
On the Della scale - Out of 5 puppies, Della gives it 10. By the way Della cannot count. But she knows a good place when she smells one.
Della's Seal of Approval
We spent the evening talking about El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe, Pie Town, which is located in New Mexico, and the many places we have all have traveled to.

Dec 22 – Monday

Sunny and Warm

We awoke to a beautiful day, sunny along with a high in the low 70's. This made for a great play day. The day was spent walking around, taking a cycle going into the town AND at the beach. Needless to say Della and Tilly enjoyed the beach to no end. Our thoughts are, if you are going to stay in San Felipe for a month or more, a week of dry-camping at Pete's CG on the beach is in order. For us a week is a no-brainer as we love to dry-camp and love the beach.

Dec 21 – Sunday


Sunday was spent on the Malecon in San Felipe people watching and having lunch. One of the things we are used to is the people trying to make a living. They walk up and down hawking their wares. Many gringos complain about this, PEOPLE you are in a Foreign country. If you don't like it, then DON'T come down, just be polite and respectful of the people and the country. Plus it doesn't hurt to share a little. 
Figure 12 Outside the restaurant.
And as we reported the ice cream place was slowly disappearing, we figure by the end of the week. The whole building will be gone.
Figure 13 Thrifty Ice Cream

Dec 20 – Saturday

Swap Meet 

Figure 14 Churros Factory
Figure 15 Not the healthiness breakfast - but YUM
Figure 16 Deals Taking Place
Safe Journeys and Travels from
DaGirls Della & Tilly

Friday, December 19, 2014

New Member

Feliz Navidad from San Felipe Mexico
Introducing the newest member Grace (Gracie) Emma, born on Monday Dec 15th 2014

Family is doing great and are home for the holidays. Dad is learning many new things such as: diapers, cleaning up, and the most important hugging baby Gracie. 

And those of you who say, Dale you must be real excited.

Excited and Happy for the parents and everyone.
Me, now if she had been born with pliers, wrench or even a screw driver. That would make me real excited. LOL

Safe Travels and Journeys
From DaGirls Rv

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's Happening

Feliz Navidad from San Felipe Mexico
Dec 14 – Sunday
Awoke to 45˚
We/I awoke to 45˚ this morning. What Happened? Seems the cold / rain front moving thru California brought the cold weather thru the area. Anyway, the sun is coming out, so the temps should also rise, it just will not be in the 70's today.
Susan has made plans to send our mail to Yuma to be placed in the USPS mail box. So, all the baby stuff she has made should arrive in Florida and Illinois for the expectant/new families.
Dec 15 – Monday
Cloudy and cool
Down day as the clouds rolled in and was a little cool today.
BIG News, there is a new addition to the Brockman Clan in Florida. 
It seems that Andrea delivered a brand new Brockman baby girl. I know, it's not like pizza delivery, but delivery is delivery. So congrats to the new mother and father. May your next month be very busy and wonderful / exciting. 
we tried calling but all phones just kept ringing, that's life.

Dec 16 – Tuesday
Heading into town
Today we headed into town to continue our driving around and seeing everything. We visited 2 additional campgrounds to see if DaGirls Rv would fit, and yes she would, but just be careful of lifting the wires (Phone) high so she could drive in. Now the electric is between 20 to 30 amps, but it is possible.
While we were driving around we stopped into our favorite bakery.
Panaderia – Good Bread
 Introduced ourselves to 2 missionaries who had just come inside.
1 from Salt Lake and 1 from Mexico, both spend 2 years away from home, many learn the local language while on the job.
Tuesday is also market day across the street from Calimax store where you can find very good veggies and fruit.
The Calimax has the best ATM for getting cash as it will cost less than the Bank ATM, but the problem is also catching it with money.
Remember the other day I was talking about water. You can just make out the 2 filters on this system. This is the store where they recommend you go to.
Dec 17 – Wednesday
Researching the area and dinner
Tonight we have a dinner engagement with Markus and Anita at the Marqurita house restaurant down the road. Susan is going to try the coconut shrimp and I am trying the fish and chips.
We have talked to many people; they all say the same, since the 2007 crash and reports on drugs most businesses are just surviving. San Felipe is a tourist town as there is no industry as we know of it, including fishing, (the government closed it down due to over-fishing). The people and town rely on the gringos coming down from the north in the winter months, but their high season is actually summer with visitors from Mexicali and other parts of MX.
Today we have also spent time checking out the real estate market, as we were asking ourselves could we live down here for 3 to 6 mths during winter?  We are still discussing this and we are not going to make any snap decisions. But we are looking at the market with the emphases on improved lots with electric and/or improved solar lots. Some of the lots are well established. We met a couple who are purchasing a lot with garage, ramada, storage shed, RV pad, water tank and sewer for about $10,000. The original owners spent $40,000 over a period of 10 years on the improvements. Not a bad deal. The biggest improvement needed would be about 1000 to 2000 watts of solar.
Dec 18 - Thursday
Sunshine and warm
I awoke to bright sunshine and highs in the 60's today. We took our morning walk and had our breakfast and morning coffee. It's decision time, what are we going to do? Hum, as Susan was looking around she felt the tugging of the dishes calling to her saying Susan, Susan we need to be cleaned. Well you guessed it, they won.
Oh, I forgot to mention, she started the crock pot last night with a pork roast, Yum Mexican food tonight. Before I forget, I have been riding my bike about 2 to 5 miles a day, sometimes it is uphill but it is always easier coming back. The shorts are fitting better and I am not tired.
I was just thinking, being in an RV is pretty fun except for when it comes to a workbench. I used to always play with 12 Vdc items, and there is just not a good place to do this in an RV. Especially since 12 vdc are not always in a good location. But you know me; I have now taken over a corner of the slide and will be installing a 12 Vdc outlet to work on my projects. Of course this is always subject to change from the boss when we have company or the need to use the table.
I still have 3 florescent that need to be transitioned to LEDs, working on getting these fixtures done soon.
I want to install a 12 channel programmable controller that will replace/duplicate some of the switches on the driver's arm rest. I have the unit, but will need some RL5 relays.
Need to see if I can locate/install a remote controller for the Propane side of the new Atwood water heater. Currently I installed a switch inside the water heater door. This gives us the following: Propane, electric or both.
Now for the really big surprised we have been working on, many of you remember the house we designed and build in Pinal County just north east of Apache Junction. One of the items we miss is our Alligator-Junpier counter top in our kitchen. The countertop was 2.5 inches thick, 21 inches deep and over 9 feet long. This one piece of wood came from the Rodeo-Chedeski fire in 2003. We searched for that one unique piece/item of the house for over 3 years. We knew what we wanted but it always eluded us until we found this wood store up in the high country.
It is the same with DaGirls Rv, we have been searching for that one piece. We knew what it was, but finding it took months.  Until we remembered the wood store. So, when we arrived back in Az, we drove over 200 miles out of our way just to go there.
Be expecting photos soon, as we have it, it's been cut to size and ready to be installed. This would not have been possible if we did not meet Hector of HC Wood Works San Felipe Cel: 686.190.3422. I knew I would have to borrow tools to do the job or wait until we arrived at Palm Creek. However meeting Hector was a god send, as he had the skills and tools I needed to get the job done. I knew in my mind what I wanted and with Hector's skills and tools the job came together. When we arrive in Palm Creek, stop by and check out the new bedroom head board.

Now the really big news
Safe Travels and Journeys
From DaGirls Rv

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wow What a Day

Dec 12 – Friday
Terry invited me to go 4-wheeling today, so around 9am we left along with 6 other vehicles. The journey took us north on Mex 5 for about 15 miles and then west on a dirt road. Terry explained that many of the roads in the back are used for the various road races. In fact on Sunday there is a race from Ensenada to San Filipe, which covers about 250 miles or is it kilometers. Whichever it will be a long and grueling.
First stop off Mex 5 allowing everyone to discuss which way we were headed.
Along our journey, I spied many unusual locals sites, like Split Road.
What is so unusual is part of the rock has broken away and fallen down.
As we continued our travels, D. Blessing decided to go find the Mica Mine. Now I remind you, most places they go is either by memory or GPS waypoints. And darn it, some of those waypoints just seem get up and move.
You can see we are looking, but have still have not found it.
So off we went in search of additional adventures. But after a few hours it was time to stop and replenish our energy. This is something that they call lunch and relaxation.
Or better known as circling of the road warriors
Me, I call it looking at the scenery
Next,  it was time to head out and start making our way back to town, but first we had to tackle our first small hill climb.
Once we were all up and over, we started heading south back to the ranch, however someone forgot to tell us that there would be many more up and downs. And I do mean Ups and Downs, as the road had many bumps which for a Jeep, makes for slow and rough going. But eventually we made our way back to the back entrance to the ranch. I took a video, but all you can see are images jumping up and down. There was no way it hold it steady – so No Video to see or post.
This is the view you would see leaving the ranch, but since we were heading back we stopped for a photo op.
Oops, almost forgot the most important item, you see there is the trophy bell (cow) which is won/awarded? Now how this trophy is awarded you ask? Well it is won by the last person who breaks down for the day.
Well Joe ran out of gas, but that’s what jerry cans are for right?
So I just had to ask the question, if you run out of gas and everyone has to stop, does that constitute a breakdown? Me, being the guest was all for leaving it at that. But Joe being the honorable person that he is, posted the question to the group.
Well when we arrived they had awarded him the trophy.

Thursday Dec 11
Happy or Happier Hour
Thursday we were invited to happy hour at Joe and Val’s place, which just happens to be behind Terry and Karla’s place. Sorry no photos as we were busy making new friends.
Also an update to the aqua quality that is available. I snapped a photo of the system inside the new aqua store. But I am happy to say, many gringos drink the water since it is from a deep well and is treated just like the USA.
But, if you prefer, just head down to the newest Aqua Store or visit one of the others in town. I suggest you look around first to see their setup if you are concerned.
Wednesday – Dec 10
Visiting with friends
We were invited back to Anita and Marcus for dinner on Wed. You remember them right?
As I reported earlier, they will be returning to Switzerland in 2016 and will no longer travel abroad in North America.
Shot of the rigs in KiKi’s
But I will leave you with a night time shot from the beach.
Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls Rv, may you travel far and wide.
Oh! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wherever you spend it.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

On the Way to the Beach

Pete’s Campground:

Google Earth View of Pete’s CG
Tuesday Dec 9th
Today we loaded up the girls and headed toward the beach we found the other day. The sign said Pete’s campground (CG). What we found was beach front dry-camping. Along with canopies next to where you can park. Sand was level and firm and able to handle DaGirls Rv if we choose to come back.
We will come back later as we would like to find the cost per night.
 We all enjoyed the morning, as we watched the tide come back in after a walk and swam in the water.
Della was back in her glory days at the beach, swimming and digging in the sand.

But after a while she took a spell and just watched.

Even Tilly got into the act. Digging and running, well not really running, as Susan did not want to go catch her.

There is even a dump prior to going down to the CG.
So, going and coming you can stop by and empty. There should also be a water valve someplace, but we did not locate it this trip. However as long as you have a couple of 5 gallons water bottles, you can fill them down the street.

Monday Dec 8th

Google Earth view of KiKis
On Monday we were invited down to a happy hour at KiKi’s in San Filipe. Originally in researching for CG’s I did not find a place which could handle DaGirls Rv. But after visiting KiKi’s DaGirls could have squeaked in to a few spots. It is only 30amps (I think really 20amp), but I think DaGirls Rv could survive there. This is what Susan & I have been missing, time with other RVers. This is what life is all about, spending time and making new friends around a fire ring.
We have met new full timers and others and we have been invited back to join them for happy hour.

A view from KiKi’s beach wall

El Dorado
El Dorado is, well its’ like being in a sub-division in the USA. People own homes and lots, all the land is held in a Trust, as foreigners cannot own property within 30 kilometers of the water front (beach). It is sad to say, that it is too big for RVers to come and stay for a month. We met more people that were friendlier at Countryside Rv then here. (Susan's update - We are meeting more people and enjoying more after a few weeks and know that inclusion depends on each of us stepping and and joining others, not just waiting for them to invite us.)  Most everyone is friendly and we have played Petonque and been to local happy hour and Dale has been off-roading.  We have also enjoyed the Sat morning Eldorado Swap Meet/Market)
A view of the back shows homes.
And across the street is a greenbelt.
The claim is there is a lot to do, but if you are not invited into their clubs, you are limited. They have a Lion’s and Rotary Club which are very active in the community of San Filipe. Along with a group which is involved in setting up once a month spay and neuter clinic. The El Dorado communities also provide support to the elderly and children’s homes. In the outreach department, they provide a valuable amount of support in the town of San Filipe, and are to be congratulated.
I tend to look at El Dorado as Dry-camping with hookups, except you cannot have a fire unless you have the owner’s permission or a propane stove.
All water to the area is delivered by truck. Water tanks are above or below ground. We have been told that washing, bathing, teeth brushing in the water is ok, but not to drink the water. We were informed that for drinking water go to the store across from El Dorado entrance and fill our water bottles there for a slight cost. Funny thing as we were looking at the bottle fill machine, I notice that they have 2 inline filters from the tank to the bottle fill machine. DaGirls has 3 inline filter and we use the same water. And by the way, how do you tell people NOT to drink the water but it is ok to bath and do dishes in the same water.
Now if you really want cleaner water a trip into town is necessary. Water (Helios) stores are located in the area. Their setup is water softener, filters and reverse osmosis system.

Safe Travels and Journeys
From DaGirls Rv