Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On DaRoad to AIBF–Countdown 32 Days

So, here it is travel day. Awoke early and decided to get up and read a little before takeoff.

After reading the news and checking on the weather, decided to write a little. We definitely have had a great time at the Derr Family farm. We have been invited back for the Breaun's Granduation Celebration (early May) and anytime in the area. We definitely love our time here.

Plan, well, no real plan except to head to Liberal, Kansas. Where we plan on spending a day or two checking our the area. The fairground has camping at a very reasonable rate, so, we will be stopping and looking around.

I currently see the temps will be heading back to the low 90’s by the time we enter into New Mexico.

Somewhere along the way, I will complete the purchase of 2 more 6 Vdc batteries. This will bring our Amp Hour Capacity to 880 amps. This should allow less time on the generator use due to nighttime usage.

So, what can I leave you with?

This is my take on a burial plot:





So, when you are gone and buried, who’s going to take care of the ground? 

Side note: Every time we travel back to Chicago area, I visit my Grandmother and Aunt's at St. Adlebert's. I have learned to call a month ahead to have them clean and raise headstones up to ground level - perpetual maintenance they call it.... So 

I leave this for you to ponder, if you aren't here, who's going to do it this for you and visit your gravesite?

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