Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Final Leg of our 2018 Journey

We left Sunday (10/14), from Albuquerque, instead of Monday, as we watched the weather change from New Mexico to Arizona.
I was driving Karla’s MH and Susan was driving our’s. With the change in weather, possible rain, turning to possible snow and jut plain cold. We were able to get out and on the road by 1pm and headed west to Az. Plan, drive to Holbrook, Az., and then turn south to Heber-Overgaard.

You can see our complete route by clicking on the link:

Complete Link – Press Here  

We stopped on the east side of Holbrook, to refuel, and have dinner while parked, while there I ask the station attendant, if we could stay the night. His comment, I leave at 10pm., I said no problem and thanked him.

I really do not like driving 1 Rv while Susan drive’s the other, as I am unable to get anything unless we stop. Plus, the radio in Karla’s does not work – so no music.

Anyway, our wrap up, at AIBF turned out to be a blast, as our schedule was: 1pm to 7pm., easy one. We said our goodbyes, to Mary Kay and Barbara, were told they would love to have us back and hope we would come.



Puppy Dog


The bearded One

Top Hat Fish

We landed at the Roost’s lot in Casa Grande, where we removed necessary items from our storage unit. Refueled with propane, saw friend, did laundry and get ready to leave on Wednesday for out lot in Yuma.

By the way, we aid our goodbye’s to our AIBF friends:



Keith 1


Pair of Susan's_Zevra_Johann

Oh, by the way, I did not purchased a new lenses while at AIBF Canon Tent. You would be so proud of me.

Helo 1



Pair Zebras

So, let me wrap up our travels;
Odo Mileage 8865
Receipt - Fill (Gal) 1339
Cost of Fuel $US $4,215
Average Cost/Gal $3.19
Gen Run Time 77 hrs.
Gen Fuel (Gal) 38.50
MPG 7.0
Total Nights 175
Average Cost $13.

DaGirls Rv Aka Dakota & Tilly
Safe Travels and Journeys

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Playing Catchup–AIBF

Monday, Oct. 8th, location AIBF Rv park. Southwest corner of Alameda Blvd NE & Balloon Museum Drive NE. Blue Dot represents DaGirls Location:

AIBF Rv Park

Susan & I, decided to come in on Wednesday, instead of Thursday along with the Alfa’s caravan. We decided this would make it easier after talking to Mike (team lead of the Rv Park).

Saturday, day 1 of AIBF found us heading south to the North side of White Sands Missile Range, where the first atomic bomb was exploded, “Trinity Site”.

Press Here for Video 

Press Here for Wikipedia Site

This is one of those items I had wanted to visit. You may think of see a very big hole, crater, but in real time, it is just a shallow small hole in the ground, with a spot marking the crater. However, it is all about the experience of the event.
All I can say? Get there early as the later you go, the bigger the traffic line getting onto the Base.







DaGirls AKA Dakota and Tilly
Susan, Dale 
Safe Journeys and Travels

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Traveling Day–On Da Road to AIBF

Today, traveling day, on the road to Albuquerque International Balloon Festival. Out route, again on a road less traveled.

Our route, will take’s on U.S. Route 285, and then onto Interstate 40.

U.S. Route 285 in New Mexico
U.S. Route 285 is a north–south U.S. highway that runs from Sanderson, TX to Denver, CO. In the state of New Mexico, US 285 enters the state from Texas south of Loving. The highway runs through the major cities of Carlsbad, Roswell, and Santa Fe.
Length: 407 mi
Constructed: 1934
South end: US 285 at Texas state line
North end: US 285 at Colorado state line ”

We are arriving, a day earlier into Enchanted, along the way we will fuel up on diesel and propane One problem, we will arrives after the propane fuel station will close. Susan located a station, that is open until 5pm, so we will first stop at Ortega's Propane Services. Ortega’s is located at 3914 2nd St NW. Propane is currently selling for $2.00 a gallon. A far cry from $3.50.  I keep telling people, propane is pure profit from refiners.
Anyway, Susan will drive first to Vaughn, then we will switch.

Vaughn was established in the early 20th century as a Southern Pacific Railroad town. The town's importance grew when a second railroad, the Eastern Railway of New Mexico (an Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe line from Belen to Clovis), was completed in 1907 with Vaughn as a division point. A large two-story depot, a roundhouse, and a Harvey House hotel were constructed shortly thereafter. Vaughn was incorporated in 1919 and in 1920 had a population of 888, according to the U.S. census.

The town was one of the shooting scenes for Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw starring Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter.
The Guadalupe County Sheriff's Department, New Mexico Rangers,[3] the New Mexico State Police and Motor Transportation Police and the Vaughn Police Department[4] (presently a one-man agency) all patrol the town, which, according to the United States Homeland Security, is a known drug-smuggling route. “

There is also 2 Rv parks located in Vaughn:

 Link to RvParkReviews

So, if you too travel and take the Road Less Traveled, then stop in. I read there is a great café in town.

Well back to our journey. Well have about some photos instead;

Safe Journeys and Travels
DaGirls Rv, AKA Dakota and Tilly
Susan & Dale

Friday, September 28, 2018

Hereford to Roswell New Mexico

Instead of heading to Tucumcari New Mexico, we opted instead to head to our home grounds……………Erie music in the background……ROSWELL, New Mexico.

Our route took us on Texas (US Route 60) to New Mexico (US Route 70). The difference between, this road and I-10 ? Not much, really, alot of ranches, wind turbines, and additional green on the plain.

Hereford to Roswell_1

Hereford to Roswell_2

Hereford to Roswell_3

Hereford to Roswell_4

Hereford to Roswell_5

Hereford to Roswell_6

As we got closer, we still only saw wide open plains. New Mexico, Land of Enchantment – Have not figured this one out yet, as we traveled on the road less traveled. I do mean less Traveled, as no one passed us, or did we see, many vehicles heading the opposite way.

Hereford to Roswell_9

Hereford to Roswell_10

We arrived in Roswell, Via Mr. Garmin, who took us down thru the town and then out again. This allowed us to get a glimpse, of unique places to see. Including Steve’s H. birth place.


DaGirls Rv AKA Dakota & Tilly
Susan & Dale
Safe Travels and Journeys

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ok, last night, Sept. 24th., we landed in a small town, Memphis, Texas. Memphis is located on U.S. Route 287. 287, starts in Louisiana and ends in Montana. US route is not the same as a Interstate (I).

The first photo shows name, ph number, ad other information like FREE, with 50 amp service and water.

The rest of the photos show the area along with unknown structures.

 If you are looking for a small and quite place to unwind for a few days, you're not caring about people or businesses, or even getting out, then this is the place to do it.

Safe Travels and Journeys
DaGirls AKA Dakota and Tilly
Susan and Dale