Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Playing Catch-Up

 Where are we? Hwy I-84 heading east to Utah. 

First, I wish to state, we are sorry, we did not stop and see anyone in Washington or Oregon, I know you understand the reason. Due to the Smoke and Fires off of the Interstate. 

Today, marks the 26 time we have refueled Gus. AkA DaGirls Rv. Yes, since leaving Yuma, Arizona, we have made 26 stops for refueling. I will get into more about our expenses, at a later date. 

I promise you an update a few days ago, as to where we have traveled as we were going to our Port of Entry leading us back into the US.

On the 17th of Aug., we pulled into a small city campground in 100 Mile House, B.C. There are 8 sites, but only 2-3 would be good for Gus. However, there is a spot in back, that would fit. It is just not a sight, but as long as you paid the $15 Ca. You would be welcome.

You can see, as beautiful as the pictures looks, this all due to the fires causing all the smoke.

It was here we met a Bicyclist that has traveled extensile in Canada. Rhona, travels only by bicycle during the summer months. During winter, she locates herself in some area that she feels comfortable in. We spend a wonderful evening discussing  travels and people we have met. 

Another couple we met Brian and Cathy, residents of Vancouver Island. We discuss many things as to tech., but something i really like. Ghost towns. In discussing, I learned backup along our travels were quite a few Towns that had been abandon. What exciting news for a future adventure in B.C.  

Since we were only here for 1 night, we left on the morning of the 18th and continued our journey south by southeast. 

Our next stop was Greenwood, B.C. This was another small campground. Due to the smoke and fires we only stayed oone night. We arrived in time, though that on Sat. there was a car show, music and vendors across the street. 

But alas our goal, leave Canada and cross back over. We were glad we made this decision as B.C. was requesting that non-Canadian citizens leave, freeing up spaces for Canada citizens. 

One place we stopped and had lunch was Williams Lake, B.C.

As, there was a casino and restaurant next door, we enjoy a brief time of rest and an excellent lunch.

Safe Travels and Journeys 
Susan, Dakota, Tilly and me
DaGirls Rv, and Gus 

Monday, August 21, 2023

First We Are Safe

 After Fort St. James, our plan, head south and east to a US port of entry. Exactly where? We had at least  2 to  3 port of entries selected. Little did we realize the severity of conditions we were heading into.

We headed east on Canada Hwy 16, to Prince George. then south on Canada Hwy 97 to Quesnel. We continued south on Hwy 97 to Cache Creek, were we headed east on Trans Canada Hwy 1 to  Kamloops. As we continued our journey east we switch drivers. With Susan driving, we planned on refueling at Falkland. Price for diesel was $1.699 per liter. Lowest we have seen in a month. Once back on the road, the next town we came into was Vernon. As we enter into Vernon, we notice the long lines of traffic heading north. We knew something was up, we also new for the last 2 days the smoke was getting thicker. which was a concerned but not a big worry.

This is when we were glad for having internet service, IAs  started looking at Google Maps, Drive BC and BC wildfires. What I found, was a mayor fire south of us in Kelowna and West Kelowna, with an evacuation order for the residents. 

With an additional 15,000 people ordered to leave, the traffic heading north was over 4 miles long. This long line was worst due to the traffic lights in town. Why is it, instead of law enforcement or volunteers directing traffic to get it moving, they just leave it to the signal lights. 

However, once we were out of Vernon, traffic opened up, however, as I continued to monitor the sites. I learned, we were heading into more traffic, but the route heading east out or Kelowna was cleared. We just had to get there. 

Since you are reading this, you know we made it into United States. We crossed into the US at the Canada town of Christina Lake, were we headed south on US route 395 to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection - Laurier Port of Entry. 

We continued south on 395. Then we learned that US I-90 was closed heading West. What ? Of course there was the Gray Fire causing the closing due to heavy smoke. Smoke, YES. The more we drove the heavier the smoke was. In time sometimes it reminded us of heavy fog. 

I am not going into great detail, as to where we stayed overnight, I will do that later. I will also get you caught upto date as to our journeys. 

However, we arrived in the Area of Hermiston, Or. 
Location Alpaca Farm in Hermiston, Or.

Oh, you want to know how our crossing went at the Port of Entry? It took all of 2 minutes.

Where we stayed is before and after is another story.

Safe Travels and Journeys
DaGirls Rv and Gus
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Heading South

 So, let me catch you up with were we are.

When I left you at the last Blog we were in Haines Junction, Yukon. 

Our short goal was Whitehorse, Yukon. We/I choose to stay at Pioneer for 2 nights, giving us 30 amps, water and sewer. By doing this, I was allowed to check and see why our Dryer was not working. You see it stopped working. I was reluctant to work on it where we were, because of what I might find. Susan, finally got me to check on it. My worst fear came true. 

First, let me explain, we do have a Washer/Dryer combo, however in 2016 we located a dryer unit. 1 unit for wash and the other for drying. 

Ok, back to my worst fear, once we slid it out, sure enough, the power cord came unplug. What, you say, a simple fix. Not really, as now I would have to pull out the washer just to get to the power strip. Option 1, extension cord until we get back to Az. Solved and Fixed for now. 

Alright , 2 days in Whitehorse and then onto Watson Lake, for refueling and then head south on the Cassiar Hwy, Hwy 37.

One of my faults? Me have faults? Yes, 1 in particular. You I like to hunt out, ghost towns, houses, building and the such.  found such a place. Junction of Alcan and Cassiar Hwy, place called J 37 Rv park.

I found this place, just by looking and watching what went on. So, this turned out to be a good place to dry camp. A day, a week or even a month. In fact, you could even find a spot in the Rv park, just behind a building.

But, what secrets were hidden in this area, yes what secrets, lies hidden in this area. 

You see J 37 Rv parks not only have rv spaces, but 3 facilities that had at least 60 bedrooms. Why, what became of this place, who were the owners. What secrets laid hidden among the forest, Oh, I forgot, the land? Yes what about the land. Well, the best I can ascertained it belong to one of the First Nation Tribe. Specifically the one in Watson Lake. 

So, just what did I find that made me wonder what happen?

Question, who owned the land, where not 1 but 3 homes were iin process of being build. What about the Log Cabin being build, using the Large Saw mill just left behind. 

Or the other buildings, with roofs caved in, or the storage building coming down. What happen here, even the new house that was being build and could be lived in? The photos above were just a few of the items I found. 

Think about this, what about the J 37 Rv park. What's it's story. Why was it build with so many rooms. 

That's it for now, as we have traveled over 750 miles in 3 days. 
Currently back in Frasier Lake, at Swan lake City Campground. 

Safe Travels and Journeys 
DaGirls Rv, and Gus
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Alaska Statistic

Results from some of our cost associated to our time spent in Alaska:

Alaska Statistic Entering at Tok and returning to Tok for exit back into Canada: 

Total Milage: 1558

Total Fuel Gal: 246

Total Days: 35

Total Dry Camping Days: 28

Total Cost Camping including Dry Camping: $444

This does not include our road Trip from Whitehorse, Yukon to Skagway, Ak.

Then taking the Ferry from Skagway, Alaska to Haines, Alaska, and then road trip back to Haines Junction, Yukon. 

One of the many places we visited was the Kluane National Park and Reserve Visitor Centre. The Centre is located in the Da Kų Cultural Centre in Haines Junction. 

The Centre deals with the First Nation Tribes of Champagne and Aishihik, along with history dealing with the First Nations and the returning of the lands. Interesting thing, when the Alaska Highway was being build, the land North of the highway was taken away. The people were told they could no longer hunt or live on that side of the road.

The Champagne and Aishihik First Nations (CAFN) is a self-governing First Nation located in the southwest Yukon and northern British Columbia. CAFN's Constitutional right to govern its land, people and resources was confirmed with the signing of the CAFN Final Agreement with the governments of Canada and Yukon in 1993.

Of the Yukon's fourteen First Nations, CAFN is one of the largest with a membership of more than 1,200 citizens. The CAFN Traditional Territory covers 41,000 square kilometers, 29,000 of which are located in the Yukon and 12,000 in British Columbia.

Just a little bit of Canada & Yukon History concerning the First Nations. 

Safe Journeys and Travels
DaGirls Rv and Gus
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me

Few Photos of Haines Junction

Monday, August 7, 2023

Photo - Time - Quote

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”
― Terry Pratchet

 Recap of some pass places we have been to:

Safe Travels and Journeys
DaGirls Rv and Gus
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me


Playing Catch-Up

 Where are we? Hwy I-84 heading east to Utah.  First, I wish to state, we are sorry, we did not stop and see anyone in Washington or Oregon,...