Thursday, July 26, 2018

July 26_Last Travel Day to Oswego, ILL.

Today, is our final traveling day, we should arrive in Oswego, ILL, sometime this afternoon. Then it will be in one place for about 3 weeks.

So, let me catch you up as to where we are and have been seeing:

Grants Recreation Area - COE - Campground:

Cuba, Wi., Town of the Presidents:

Dickeyville, Wi., home of the Grotto:

Chippawa, Wi.,


And of course Traveling down the road:

Safe Travels and Journeys
DaGirls Aka Dakota and Tilly
Susan, Dakota, Tilly and me

Friday, July 20, 2018

Final Day

Thursday (July 19) was the day that we would travel and continue to travel until we crossed the border into the USA.

Using the Ezborder Link, we took Ca 39 (Moose Jaw), and headed southeast. This lasted about 45 miles, where we turned south onto Ca 35 and headed directly to the Ca/USA border crossing. Not only did we make good time, the road was good and the border crossing easy, as there were no other vehicles in front or in back of us. 

We left around, 7:15 MSDT, from Gull Lake, Saskatchewan (Sk). 

The time frame for Saskatchewan is a little different, as part of it matches, MDST, but Saskatchewan is in CDST. We awoke early and headed east and continued on the Trans Canada Highway 1. As we continued our traveles, we were amazed at the expanse of the open areas:

As we continued along the Trans Canada Hwy, we spied a unique sight, something I did not think we would see. The photos below are Snow and Ice on a lake, yep and it was only 66 degrees outside:

But we prevailed and continued on.  
We arrived in a town called Berthold, ND. About 4:30 pm CDST, 40 miles west of Minot. We are staying at the Berthold RV city park. 30 amps, water and sewer. This is a 1 restaurant and 1 bar & grill town. But it is also a town were you can leave your golf cart outside with your golf clubs and 223 Rifle in the rifle rack:

So, after a brief time, getting setup and settled in, was down time. Along with a small dinner and since we now have good internet without the Verizon slow-down, we can upload photos:

Our final word ......................Diesel at $3.09 per gallon.

Safe Journeys and Travels
DaGirls Rv AKA Dakota and Tilly
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me.