Sunday, July 14, 2019

Volunteering at Custer Mountains Cabins & Campground

Location: Custer Mountains Cabins & Campsites
City: Custer City, SD
Mission: Volunteers
Hours: Varies but we have a minimum
Difficulty: Easy to Mid
Staff: Very Friendly and Warm
Owners: The Best

Website: Clicky – Press Here - Custer Cabins

Reason to Volunteer? We had really no plans for 3 months. Big Plus, this gets us back to where our first really big volunteering job was. Custer State Park, Camper Campers Host at Bluebell Site. Time 2014 – May thru Sept – see blog for the many things we did and enjoyed.
So, what is our responsibility and what else:
Cabins: clean, beds, bathrooms, porch
Grounds: Mow, weed eat, firewood, clean sites, repair fire rings, help repair equipment, install solar, and anything else we want to do. Amount of hours per month? Not as many as it sounds.

Final Responsibility ? Make it your own, Keep it like you would want to stay at.

One final reason for coming back?

Safe Travels and Journeys
DaGirls Rv
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me

Monday, July 1, 2019

On the Way to Custer Mountain Cabins & Campground for Volunteering

We wrapped up our stay here in Friend, Nebraska, with a evening out at the

"The Pour House Tasting Room".

With great friends, who are very close extended family, Kim & Andy Derr, along with Sharon & Dwight Tisdale. great friends Linda & Jeff Venables, we could not ask for anything more.

We spend many evening outside, Andy was busy smoking Brisket, Ribs, and Chicken, along with the many dishes Kim created. Not to mention the side dishes Linda made or the Steaks Jeff made on Friday evening for all.

I spent many days using the shop for our River's Edge Table.

But all good things Do come to an end and we needed to move on, up to South Dakota where we accepted as a volunteering couple. So, on Saturday morning, we finished up, loading and cleaning, move the Rv over, dumped and said our final goodbyes.

Our route, I-80 to Grand Island (Walmart), then onto Thedford and then North to Valentine, Ne., for a 1 night stay.

Some of our along the way photos:

As we entered Broken Bow, we spied a few photo ops, one of which caused up to pull over to walk back.

It was just after passing the Custer County Museum, Susan spied this on the corner:

So we pulled over, I got out, and was walking back when Jeff and Linda pulled over. As they and I passed each other this is what I saw dragging:

The Cross Structure mounted to the 2 frame rails sheared off both sides.

The only thing holding this section together was the remaining 2 mounting plate bolts for the Roadmaster Baseplate. 

After, looking closely, and with help from Ann, (auto mechanic) who came out to help. We had a way to get this back together for moving.

Using the Tow cables along with 2 straps, we were able to secure the bumper assembly to the auto. Jeff and Linda elected to stay in Broken Bow. 

So, we will hear from them on Monday as to there next direction. Safe Travels Jeff & Linda, we see you when you get to Custer. 

So, we left and continued on our journey to Valentine, along the we saw the damage or more importantly the water that remains from all the flooding:

So, as not to forget Broken Bow, Susan spent some time taking Photo Ops of where we were parked during the incident.

Safe Travels 
DaGirls Rv
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me.


Sunday, June 30, 2019

Live Edge Table or Last Days in Friend

Wednesday, 6/26, after another night of lightning, storms, rain and the thunder that comes with the lightning. Jeff has permission to head out to Omaha, to see the SAC museum. The museum is located just west, so it will be about an hour drive from our location. But, I don't think that will happen today. Why, you might ask. Well, the farm roads get a little muddy when it rains this hard, and there car is a low riding one. But, hey stranger things have happened. So, we'll see.

What else has been going on ? Well for one, Jeff and Linda's slide went kaput on the way back out.

Notice the 2 holes. This is a common failure mode. 

So, what to do, leave slide in and as in, and they take off for Utah and Charlie's service and switch to a center slide system or ? They don't know. 

First off, let me state, there really is nothing wrong with the system design. The main issue for failures are operator usage and after-marker repair. 

One of the biggest issue is the way we retract and extend the slide (living room). Whether it is a End or Center slide, the slide motor produces a lot of power, when operating. 

Another reason, improper lock washers, used on the bolts to mount the motor and the side cover (support plate, right side in above drawing) installation.

With 2 of the 5 casting mounts sheard off, I still had 3, in a triangle to work with. So, with what I had to work with, I made a rough template of the 3 mounting casting, and transfer it to the motor plate. Not an easy task, but with a dremel and small grinding stone, and a Smartphone on selfie mode, taking many photos I was able to remount the motor to operate the slide. 

Even though I completed this task, there is still the underlying issue of why it failed. It required about 4 hours to complete the first task, getting the motor mounted and allowing the slide to come out. 

Since this would have been the 4th time for motor replacement, I can only surmised what could have happened. Upon first placement, incorrect lock washers were used on the motor bolts (qty 3). Next, some people may think the plate on the opposite side of the motor is a cover, it is really a support plate. This plates keep the motor mounting plate steady. However, when bolts (qty 4) are left out or just not tighten, the motor will vibrate thereby breaking the casting motor mounting studs. 

Finally, to ensure the motor will not vibrate, I installed a brace (angle iron) from the motor support plate to a section of metal underneath or adjoining to the motor bracket of the frame. Now with the improved brace, this should provide longer lasting motor.

And finally, the River Edge Table was completed enough to install inside our home.

Outside Trial Dinner

Placement - Corner - Across from Stove (Super SoLong Slide)

Safe Journeys
DaGirls Rv 
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me