Sunday, May 20, 2018

Highways, Roads and Tunnels Oh My

Our Travels in Oregon and Washington will repeat, in part, the same route we (DaGirls) Della took in 2015, where we all decided to go North to Alaska

Along with this is the 101 Coastal Highway, which consists of bridges and tunnels, Oh My. But a quick review brought me back to this link;

Tunnels - 101 Highway in Oregon - Link

 One web site I like is called "Mile by Mile".

Mile by Mile - Link

The link is a map of a specific highway and provides details along that route. It will list, campgrounds, golf, beaches, museums, and other places along the route. You can scanned thru the map, or even download a copy of the route in PDF file.

So, getting back to Tunnels, Oh my:
There are 2 tunnels along the 101 highway, which from a distance, you'll say "WHOA", but fear not, slow down and take a close look at the distant sign markings on the face of the tunnel. Hug the centerline a little, be on the lookout for large vehicles coming from the opposite direction and before you know it - you're thru

Cape Creek Historic Tunnel Bridge

This tunnel is just North of Arch Cape

So, sit back, ride along and take in the beautiful views as you ride up the beach and remember to stop along the way.

On Friday, Dakota and I decided to on a Walk-A-Bout to Heceta Beach and have some fun:

And yes my ears were cold, but they warmed up as we continued our walk.

Friday was a teaching day along with wine and dinner with very close friends:

Saturday was spent visiting, and traveling around the area. Some went to the Seal Caves, others to the beach and some to town for the cars cruise in town celebrating Rhody Days. 

In the evening, we all gathered for a BBQ/Potluck dinner hosted by the owners of Heceta Beach Rv. It was a wonderful meal to be had by all. 

And Some People just have to get REAL close to the Camera Len's

Update on Total Expenses:
Total Expenditure’s To-date            $1,798.33            
Rv - Fuel - Total                               $1,177.53
Rv - Fuel Avg per Gal      $3.21         
Rv - Mileage                           2365          
Truck - Fuel - Total                          $143.64
Truck - Fuel Avg per Gal $3.13         
Truck - Mileage                      862            
Lodging                                            $460.00
Lodging -  Avg per Night $15.71                 
Propane - Total                                 $17.16
Propane - Avg per Gal     $1.95         
Propane - Gallons                     8.8              

DaGirls Rv 
Safe Travels and Journeys
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Oregon Thing

We made it to Heceta Beach Rv Park, a short 5 minute walk to the Oregon Beach. Allen Green (Alfa Owner), started working here, and reached out and inquired about a small gathering.

Very smart, as this allows Alfa's to come together and brings in business for the owner.

We arrived, around 9ish on Thursday (May 17), parked setup and What? No service on Satellite (WineGard Traveler). Oh well not the end of life, they have cable and we have our trusty manual satellite setup. We get her all done, aligned and I have my local news.

Dakota and I checked out the beach, played a little catch and release and headed back home. Did a few more clean up things and readied for a Happy hour. That is after watching Chuck Berry wash the bugs off the front of his coach. Sorry no Pic's., I was a little slow on the take. Get it "The Take".

The first order of business while I was walking back and forth? New couple having problems with leveling jacks. In all, bad and over-heated motor, which could have taken out the pump. So, I will post some info and where to get help.

Safe Journeys and Travels
DaGirls Rv - Traveling this wonderful Country
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and Me

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Florence Oregon, WHAT!

What, you're in Florence, what, how, what happened in between?

Well, we didn't change routes, nor did we get lost while we were traveling, it just seems, that it was better to delay reporting where we were.

At last report, we stopped in Burns, Oregon at the Harney Fair Grounds for the night, we left the next day, early and landed at the Elks Lodge in Bend. 50 amps, take on water, $20/night, but the price for drinks were twice as high as the Elks Lodges in Mountain Home, and Caldwell. Can't say that they are broke, not with those prices. But hey, as lodges go, this one is ok, but the sites required blocks under the front wheels to level.

We spent time hanging around, went to see the lava river cave, did a couple of 2 miles hikes, and even stopped into a brew pub for a pint.

We left on Sunday and stopped over at friends in La Pine for 2 nights, Larry and Ginger's place. We loved the place so much, we may start looking for a lot to park the Rv on. Dakota was in her element, Free Range Dog at Larry's place.

On Da Road from Burns to Bend

On Saturday we went to see the Lava River Cave south of Bend.

Lava River Cave Tour - Link

Lava Cave Self Guided (walking) tour.

Our tour of 2 campgrounds and the photos of what we saw. 

Where we were 

And our destination upon arrival

And finally, it is time to say good-bye 

It has been a very long time since I have used a special signature, so be on the lookout for the latest one.

DaGirls Rv
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me
Safe travels, and Journeys