Thursday, January 17, 2019

Good Mornin Quartzsite

We Have arrived, time for the Alfa Roadrunner Rally in Quartzsite.

Alfa's have been coming to dry-camp to this same spot since early 1990's.

And we continue to do so, especially to have fun see old friends and make new friends.

And Once very tired puppy

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Dakota & Tilly
DaGirls Rv

Monday, January 14, 2019

Starting back up

So, what does this mean? Well since we have been staying at our Yuma, Az. digs, I chose not to blog about some of the work we are doing on our new lot in the Foothills area. However since we are gearing up for Quartzsite;

Just a ReCap as to what has been going on:
2, new RV gates and walk-thru for entrance. 2 sets of RV wheel/levelers concrete pads. Relocation of Full Hookups from center to east wall. This allows for a common area, when our Alfa friends come and stay with us. 

Poured concrete pad for our the north (west side) facing MH side. Additional concrete for a common gathering area. Concrete under the storage shed. 

New Gazebo for the common gathering area along with Mexico table, chairs and propane fire pit.

Now, if you think we did not have a supervisor on the job, Dakota kept the job going and even kept the Bobcat bucket locked and loaded

Dakota and Tilly 
DaGirls Rv Traveling
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Final Leg of our 2018 Journey

We left Sunday (10/14), from Albuquerque, instead of Monday, as we watched the weather change from New Mexico to Arizona.
I was driving Karla’s MH and Susan was driving our’s. With the change in weather, possible rain, turning to possible snow and jut plain cold. We were able to get out and on the road by 1pm and headed west to Az. Plan, drive to Holbrook, Az., and then turn south to Heber-Overgaard.

You can see our complete route by clicking on the link:

Complete Link – Press Here  

We stopped on the east side of Holbrook, to refuel, and have dinner while parked, while there I ask the station attendant, if we could stay the night. His comment, I leave at 10pm., I said no problem and thanked him.

I really do not like driving 1 Rv while Susan drive’s the other, as I am unable to get anything unless we stop. Plus, the radio in Karla’s does not work – so no music.

Anyway, our wrap up, at AIBF turned out to be a blast, as our schedule was: 1pm to 7pm., easy one. We said our goodbyes, to Mary Kay and Barbara, were told they would love to have us back and hope we would come.



Puppy Dog


The bearded One

Top Hat Fish

We landed at the Roost’s lot in Casa Grande, where we removed necessary items from our storage unit. Refueled with propane, saw friend, did laundry and get ready to leave on Wednesday for out lot in Yuma.

By the way, we aid our goodbye’s to our AIBF friends:



Keith 1


Pair of Susan's_Zevra_Johann

Oh, by the way, I did not purchased a new lenses while at AIBF Canon Tent. You would be so proud of me.

Helo 1



Pair Zebras

So, let me wrap up our travels;
Odo Mileage 8865
Receipt - Fill (Gal) 1339
Cost of Fuel $US $4,215
Average Cost/Gal $3.19
Gen Run Time 77 hrs.
Gen Fuel (Gal) 38.50
MPG 7.0
Total Nights 175
Average Cost $13.

DaGirls Rv Aka Dakota & Tilly
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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Playing Catchup–AIBF

Monday, Oct. 8th, location AIBF Rv park. Southwest corner of Alameda Blvd NE & Balloon Museum Drive NE. Blue Dot represents DaGirls Location:

AIBF Rv Park

Susan & I, decided to come in on Wednesday, instead of Thursday along with the Alfa’s caravan. We decided this would make it easier after talking to Mike (team lead of the Rv Park).

Saturday, day 1 of AIBF found us heading south to the North side of White Sands Missile Range, where the first atomic bomb was exploded, “Trinity Site”.

Press Here for Video 

Press Here for Wikipedia Site

This is one of those items I had wanted to visit. You may think of see a very big hole, crater, but in real time, it is just a shallow small hole in the ground, with a spot marking the crater. However, it is all about the experience of the event.
All I can say? Get there early as the later you go, the bigger the traffic line getting onto the Base.







DaGirls AKA Dakota and Tilly
Susan, Dale 
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