Sunday, November 12, 2017

Nov 12, Moving Day

Moving day, what do you mean? You just arrived in Casa Grande. Well, instead of traveling back and forth from Mesa/Apache Junction (AJ), for Doctors appointment, we opted to stay at Countryside Rv Resort in AJ. While we are there, we will visit friends, gather a few special supplies.

So, what have we been doing at our home base?
Seeing friends, special outing or tag along's as they are called here  at the Roost and of course putting our name on the wish list for a different site, yes you heard correctly. Our current site is #48, south facing and within 4 lots of the S. Montgomery Rd. During night quite, but during the day and this time if year gets a little bit busy.

We have added our name to #23 North facing and just across the street, very simple lot, but with a very nice tree in the back. Than site #85, mid way, and a completed shed. We choose these 2, as we should be offered at least one of them. We are sure we will get our north facing within the week. Then the real work begins, moving, cleaning and then relinquishing our current site and waiting for it to sell. With 37 people on the waiting list, we should not have to wait long.

Our first tag along with the Roost was to Caywood Cottonwood Farms - Link Press Here.

 A few photo op's at the farm:

The tour at Caywood is over 2 hours, this is where you learn all about cotton and farming cotton and what goes into farming cotton, I do recommend if you are in the area, you take the tour. Cost is $15 each.

During this time Dakota & I have been doing walk-alongs and what we have seen while on our walk-alongs:

Now if this does not scare you then these words should. It is not if but when you will get termites.

The photos is just a few of the termite mounds we have seen in the area. So, as Susan stated, termites not if but when your house will get them. Always be on the lookout and 1st a year have an exterminator spray for termites.

The walks we take are about 2.5 miles round-trip. Just enough to get out and not needing to take water with us.


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Monday, November 6, 2017

Puerto Penasco Wrap Up -2017

So, lets wrap up.

3 days of Coconut Shrimp

14 days at the beach

1 day lunch at the Mayan Palace and a run to a very nice beach

Many days running and walking around town

At least 4 nights out at special street vendors for dinner

Many happy hours and fun time with friends

Met Val and Vickie (New Roadrunner members)

Fun time was held by all that came down.










Best of Times with Wonderful Friends - Oct 2017

Safe Travels and Journeys
From DaGirls Rv Travels
Dakota, Tilly

Monday, October 30, 2017

Puerto Penasco–Sonora-Mexico

Well, except for the wind that comes and goes, due to the weather from the pacific and northwest, it has been sunny and warm.

Of course today (Oct. 23rd), it is expected to reach 100 degrees F. But with the breeze, the beer, marguerites and coconut shrimp, life is good. The nights are always cool, so life is really good.

We arrived a little after 12, on Friday, easy border crossing except now, they are stressing the paperwork for pets, so be prepared with all of your paperwork in hand as you arrive and wait your turn. At the same time, look closely at the US border crossing, look how you will need to get back across and which lane you need to be in with your Rv.

Once across, proceed slowly drive safely while you are in Mexico, remember you are guilty until you prove your innocents. So, please remember this.

Puerto Penasco, is about 60 minutes from the US-Mx Border, so take your time and let everyone else pass you. As there is no need to rush, especially if you have already made your reservation. This time we came in the back way? or at least that is how I describe it. Look for the sign that says El Golfo, just as you take the right exit of the overpass.

Once home, setup and relax we spent time together, sipping a few bottles of wine. Well some sipped while others guzzled. In all we went thru 3 regular bottles and 1 large one. Someone or ones were thirsting. Dinner, was spent at “The Wreck”, good but not exceptionable, this time.

We really have not spent all that much on the beach at night, so, we really need to get back into the beach bumming. We have been trying to locate Don Julio Tequila, in the stores, but not much success, that is until today. While Susan was shopping at the Super Ley, she came across a pleather of DJ. So, asking the nice lady, she said Total, meaning all of them. Next thing she knew was, she had more friends then she realized inside the Store. So, we are now stocked  up with DJ Tequila for a while. Things have changed around town. The prices for tequila has gone up in some places but down in others. Seems like Sam’s is trying to make a killing selling tequila, while the Bodega has not raised there price, and the Super Ley’s is selling Don Julio, at the same price Sam’s sold it in the Spring time.

Shrimp price’s seem to be stable and with a good shrimp opening (Sept. 17), they are expecting a good harvest. We see many boats each day as they come and go in the harbor. We will keep you informed as to the quality of the shrimp, especially the coconut shrimp. Well it is time to leave you, I will see about getting this posted soon, but due to the internet, it may take a little longer, especially with uploading the photos.

So, back to this blogging thing. It has been 6 days since I started this post, and I better get it released soon, before I forget what I am doing. What have we been doing ? CoCo-Shrimp, eating at local street carts, finding fried ice-cream cart. Birthday Girl Lind to dinner, fixing small things floating around. Jeff and Linda getting a new cabinet for less then$500, where Dave’s Custom Cabinet wanted $3000.

Many walks on the beach and the area, seeking new sites. Just plain having fun, taking photos and posting the photos, which I will get to soon in this post. Soon is now, links below to photos

Link to Storm Day

Triple Chocolates on the Beach

08 Gold #4695, DaGirls Rv Travels
Aka Dakota & Tilly
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Home - Base

Yes we have a home base now. We reported on this last year on the SKP Co-Op lot we picked up.

We returned here to do minor repair and of course laundry. I believe Susan did 9 loads of wash. We were invited over (including Dakota & Tilly), to Mike, Lorraine place, along with Jim and Dorothy for dinner and drinks. Mike did an excellent job on the steaks, along with the salad Susan made.

With good friends, puppies by our side, life is good.

While here I made a repair to our roadmaster guardian rock shield. The driver's side mounting bracket is made from a casting, once it breaks, you cannot weld it, however, me being me, I made a new bracket, drilled, bolted it back in place. Life is good again.

Today, Thursday, we will be heading out to Gila Bend for a overnight stay and then on to Puerto Penasco, Mx., for a 2 week downtime on the beach.

08 Gold #4695, DaGirls Rv Travels
Aka Dakota & Tilly
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wrapping up - AIBF 2017

It has been a great adventure at the AIBF. Sorry for not posting during this time, as mainly we get up, crew with a balloon team, visit friends, take photos of the various balloons. Then come evening head to our work station and then come home. Then in between we visit see some wonderful friends and sit back and then get ready to start it all over again.

This year Susan arranged and setup for 17 Rv's to come in and be Volunteer Navigators. Out of the 17 Rv's only 1 person choose not to work, and 1 person experience an accident that made it impossible for him to work.

In the end everyone enjoy themselves and had a wonderful time.

This year I was able to get a balloon ride, along with Lorraine and Dave. Susan opted out the first day and said let Dave go, she was scheduled for the next day, but our balloonist got sick. She will have to wait another year.

Our work at the Gondola Club was easy. We were scheduled as drivers. We were both scheduled as parking lot attendant for 1 day each. It really turned out to be easier than courtesy shuttle. Our time spent with the customers were little and usually only when they needed a ride.

Dave, was an excellent team leader and has been during this for well over 10 years. Dave loves the long hours and working at the Gondola Club.

Susan and I both enjoyed our time here, the more we do it, we each learn the ends and out of chase team and meeting the balloonist on and off the field.

Plus some special photo ops;

But, alas, it was time to wrap up and head out. We opted to head to Casa Grande instead of Enchanted Trails Rv Resort. We had not planned on driving the whole way, but that is what we did. 450 miles, straight to our lot at Rover's Roost. SO this is where we sit, until Thursday, when we head to Puerto Penasco - beach front.

In the meantime, this 3 minute video wraps up our fun at AIBF:

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You Tube Video - Roadrunner Song