Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Victoria Island British Columiba

The last time we posted, we had just completed a day trip to Seattle, Washington. Since then we completed our look around Sequim, Port Angeles, Chimacum and the surrounding areas.

Looking back, we were just to far away from Seattle to make another foray back into town.

Since then, we have now crossed into Vancouver Island. Our spot for the week is 80 Km north of Victoria City. Quite a hike from our normal location. This means 2.5 hours round trip, and close to 100 miles. So a 6 hour visit into Victoria turns into a 8 to 9 hour journey. Looking back, we should have found a closer spot as we will be putting miles and adding gasoline to the truck. Thinking we were saving a few dollars will cost us more in the end. So, be wise, stay close to town and then move out to another location.

Since we are on Verizon, and in Canada, we have to be careful in our data usage. Unlimited/24 Gigs does not mean the same while we are here. Verizon allocate/limits you if you go over a certain amount each day. So plan ahead. Photos will be little if none until we get back into USA.

I'll see what I can do later.

Our ferry crossing, we disconnected, Susan in truck and me in the Rv. Little strange, but follow the instructions from the parking person and you will be find. Prior to disembarking, look carefully at satellite views of where you are going, check your map and ensure you have desinitation in your GPS. Including your location for connecting back up. We selected May Fair Mall, traffic, was busy, construction on road but in all people were nice about a big rig on the road.

Our location? Well this is a camping spot and not a destination. Families and long term people come here. Heavily treed, no satellite, fee for Dakota & Tilly. As stated earlier 78 Km from Victoria City, 10 Km to nearest small town (Chemainus), and 24 Km to a bigger town (Duncan). So plan carefully.

I will catch up with what we have been doing and seeing later.

In the mean time

Safe Travels & Journeys
DaGirls AKA Dakota & Tilly
Susan & dale

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Seattle Adventure

Plan, head out to Bainbridge and take the ferry across to Seattle port area.

It was less then 30 miles to the parking lot, yet the last 10 miles took over 20 minutes. Traffic, some people would not believe in how much traffic. Single lane road with LOTS of cars all heading to the same place. But, hey, we're retired as long as we get a parking spot ($10), a free ride across, and score senior tickets ($4.50) on the way back we're good.

We managed to get on the 8:45, with lots of time, next thing we know, we're moving and heading across to Seattle. Our plan ? The original underground Seattle, Space Needle, some glass blowing, the Pier market and lunch.

The ferry docked and off we were on our Seattle adventure. First stop, Underground Seattle. This is a guided tour (Dean), lasting about 2 hours. Dean, was a very good interpreter and guide. He took us back to the 1800's when Seattle was just a muddy beach where business sprange up and the mayhem, corruption and poof sprung into existence.

Now don't listen to me, but either go on the tour or you can read all about it here

Press Here


Press Here

Needless to say, fun was had by all. The main thing, is, it is safe to go down, but for restoration, I would take Ellinwood, Ks. for complete restoration:

Press Here for DaGirls Visit in 2017

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable tour and then we were off to the Space Needle. By way of the Pier Market, and how did we manage getting there you ask? We decided to walk, but hey it was less than 2 miles I think, no different than other people in the city would do.

As we walked we saw sites, people, lot's of security, police and tourist milling around everywhere. Some of which you can see by way of our photos:

As we continued our journey to the Space Needle, Susan wanted to stop in at a glass blowing store:

But soon we arrived at the Needle in time for our scheduled appointment or at least what our ticket said.

But, alas all things come to an end or in reality, too many people. So we headed down and this time we took the monorail back to central and then walked back down to the pier for a good lunch. Let's say, food was good, but it it a very small kitchen, and when big families come in. Well, go someplace else, at least we had a good view. 

But, then it was time to head back, as we had people to see, things to do and places to go. 

A great big thank you to Chuck and Cheryl for taking care and checking in on Dakota and Tilly while we were gone for the day. 

Safe Travels & Journeys
DaGirls AKA Dakota & Tilly
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me.

Chimacun Washington

We, are staying at the Evergreen - CoHo - SKP - Co-op park.

Large lots, green, same old bush-wa stuff, but a very large area for Dakota to run off lease and play ball. Nice people - at least they say Hi, as we walk around. No special activities in the afternoon per say.

M&O is $2000.00 per year, waiting list - $1020.00 down with $1000.00 refundable. Lots of real park-models. Meaning these are NOT self contained, like the units in Rover's Roost SKP park. 

Besides catching up on laundry, we have been driving around, seeing the sights and waiting for today. What is special about today ? Well it will be the warmest day this week, especially in Seattle. 

Our plan  Bainbridge ferry across and enjoy some of the sites and act like tourist for the day.  

Will update later with photos of the park:

I call this Place Holder:

Update - No photos to be posted

We manage a walk in downtown Sequim, Wa.  A few of the places we visited:

Safe Travels and Journeys
from DaGirls AKA Dakota and Tilly
Susan, Tilly, Dakota, and me

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Travel Day to Chimacun

Our final day, Saturday, Susan said we should go back down to Ocean City, and see what's happening.

Why? It was sunny, low sixties, felt warm in the sun without wind. Just aa good day to see the sites.

Ocean City is a vacation spot, not a destination spot, what is the difference you might ask?

Yellowstone, Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore are all destination spots. People travel from great distances to gom there.

Ocean City, Atlanta Beach, Astoria, are Vacation spots. People from within 100 miles travel there to get away for the a weekend or maybe a week.

Back to Ocean City, warm weather (to them), sunny, just the right amount of wind.

Safe Travels and Journeys
DaGirls Rv Aka Dakota & Tilly
Susan, Dakota, Tilly & me