Saturday, April 29, 2017

Start of My Adventure

Dad, say’s i need to learn how to write. Even if I can’t read yet. Boy does he make no sense. You have to read to write don’t you?

Of course you do, so we are getting ready for our really first adventure, I mean you can’t call going to a rally or hanging around in towns an adventure can you? I mean if Tilly and I have to be on a lease is that an adventure? Well in out puppies minds no. So, it is off to the Arizona High Country for some boon-docking in the forest. The first time I was in a forest was very new to me, as mom and dad stopped on the way to Casa Grande to see friends in the forest. And boy did I have fun. Running around chasing leaves and what-not’s and laying by the fire at night. I met Lucy and Boomer for the first time and boy did we have soooo much fun. Boomer and I became close friends, but I am sorry to say, it was time to say goodbye and be with his love Della up in puppy heaven.

So, what have I been doing, well staying cool, even when we boon-docked at Snyder Hill west of Tucson. And then it as off to Benson, not for Tilly and me nooooooooo, it was for mom, dad, Sharon and Dwight. So they could to the tourist thing.

Like go in a copper mine, or see the town, have lunch, visit strange and unusual places. But not me or Tilly we had to stay home and be good. Well maybe a little good.

Then it was off to Kartchner Caverns, Seeing a cave or something, dad even went on a hike and DID NOT TAKE ME. I was so mad at him, leaving me behind. I mean all he needed to do was grab my backpack with water and off we would have gone together. Well I am over that, he did take a few photos while he was out.

Next it was off to Tucson again, where they were going to Kitt Peak, some star place, where you can see stars. Sometime while they were gone my cool air stopped coming out. We were losing our cool, but they came home and turned on the roof top air and I / we were happy again. But that meant we were heading to Apache Junction instead of Casa Grande for a few days.

Dad, did something to the Rv, while mom made phone calls to line someplace to stay, and before we knew it. Here we are in AJ.

We have been here 1 week. Mike and the Gene’s Rv team have been working on getting the A/C repaired so I can have peace and quite at night while it is cool inside. Mom says it is going to get hotter this week. But I don’t know anything about hot or what hot is. She says i will learn what it means when i go running in a fur coat.

Right now, Saturday, we are at Gene’s, as mike promise to install or A/C today. I love him for doing this special for us.

I guess that is all I really have to say on this subject since Mike is backing my Rv out and says everything is good to go. So, I am going to say goodbye for now, I am going to ask Dad to post photos in my very first blog.

Bye for know,
Dakota & Tilly Traveling companions together.
Safe travels and journeys.  

Friday, April 28, 2017

Wow, Loss Days

What has been going on ?

Here is day 3 ? of the rally, I think, so many things going on and I do believe I have loss time here. What have we been doing, attending seminars, having dinners, seeing old friends, catching up on events and places, Posting on Facebook on the events and things going on.

Dave and Willy, finally arrived after getting there rig repaired in El Pasco. We have spent time with new owners going over there coach and explaining how things work.

Loss days or Lost my mind. Can't believe I have not posted anything since the rally. I better get busy and back at it.

Rally Time Over

Dale, DaGirls Rv
Traveling companions
Susan, Tilly & Dakota
Cc 2017

Monday, April 3, 2017

Day 1 Alfa Roadrunner Rally

After a verrrrrry long drive, 75 miles, we finally made it to Rincom West Rv Resort. Susan and I came in the back way, as we were in no specific hurry. Now this is now the normal way a DP would come in as the road is narrow, winding and hilly. But for those of you who don’t mind going slow and easy not a bad way. But we do recommend that most people come in the normal way., Photo Ops ? well I was driving and Susan was, well a little busy, but I promise you better ops later.

Well day one was covered by Tech talk which started at 8 am.
We had a very big crowd along with new and seasoned Rv'ers. Great time was had by all. In all we created 12 sets of the DIY'er Genturi system for our members. Many of our members just jumped right in and started up a production line for all. Mike Smith did and excellent job capturing photos. In fact Mike has been rushing here and there just getting the photos. Great Job Mike. 

This year we have had the largest influx of new members, and last night at the sheriff's dinner proved it. We were split 2/3 seasoned and 1/3 new with many seasoned members attending there first rally. 

Dale, DaGirls Rv II
Traveling Companions, Susan, Dakota and Tilly