Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting back to the Blog

Sitting here at the table and thinking I should get back to work on the blog. Workwise not a lot has been going on. But Alfawise we have been busy. We have decided to replace the current floor, which includes removing the tile. As some people realize, the tile is installed with some heavy glue. This requires breaking the tile and then using a grinder to remove the remaining pieces.

Pictures tell a thousand words, but within 8Hrs we had it all up and out of the coach. We did a pretty good job of mitigating the dust.

After working on it we took off for another trip on the wildlife loop trail. You can check out what we came across in the video below.

 Today was another trip into Rapid to pick up supplies.  On our way back we came across these little 4 legged ones across from the park office.

Safe Travels from DaGirls.
Susan, Dale, Della and Tilly

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Been Over 2 Weeks

It has been well over 2 weeks since we have reported in. Since that time, we have visited Wind Cave, Bear Country, Reptile Gardens, Dana along with Cousin Lisa have come and gone along with the grandson, Gavin and nieces. We have continued to work our 3 days on and 3 days off schedule.

The kids visited many places and Susan used her’s VIP card to gain entrance into the many events in the area.  Being the gentleman I am, I opted to stay home while the 3 ladies and 3 children went out. Have you ever been in a van with 3 ladies and 3 children? I leave that to your imagination.

Visit to Crazy Horse - Indian Dancers

Trip to Mammoth Site in Hotsprings, SD

Road trip on the Wildlife Loop in the State Park to see the Burros.

Susan got to see and make another friend - Reptile Gardens

Weather has been crappy on many days, temp’s in the 40’s along with rain every other day. Monday’s (6/16) temp was in the low 70’s along with sun shine. Today will be a repeat, great day with temps in the 70’s.

The Campground truck and radio have been taken away by the maintenance supervisor while his 2 people clean the bathrooms here and at Horse Camp down the road. THIS IS CRAZY hopefully time will work this out and we can all play well together. 

Its’ been quite from Florida.  We have not received emails or phone calls from the East Coast Fam., except for news of upcoming arrival of a new Brockman member. Congrats Andrea & David.

As I get ready to leave, as always we will leave you with many photos that were taken along with slide shows and maybe even a video or two.

Buffalo walking along side of the Jeep

Safe Journeys and travels from
Dale & Susan, DaGirlsRv Della & Tilly

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Road Trip to Deadwood, SD

Monday, was road trip day, so off we went to Deadwood and Sturgis South Dakota.  We opted to take the back road (385) and then come back via Rapid City (79), as show in the photo below:

Once in DW we found more Casino’s then in Cripple Creek, CO. So we made the rounds to see the signs and sounds in the area. Until 1980, DW had a thriving Brothel business, especially on main street.


One thing worth mentioning is the Adams Museum, located next to the train station. The museum was started in the early 1930’s, gathering mementos depicting the  life in the area. 
File:Deadwood birdseye circa 1890s.jpg

Deadwood birdseye circa 1890s

The most notable thing that happened in DW was the killing of Wild Bill Hickok during a game of poker. The building below is possibly where he was killed.

 The city also has a Holiday Inn Resort.  It is built on top of a Slime Plant. I think if I  was Holiday Inn, just maybe I would have chosen a different location, but it does add a certain Savoir-faire flavor to it.  (What exactly is a Slime Plant, anyway?)

As we walked around the town, we were intrigued with the signs in the windows:
Why would anyone want to ship water?
However another more important one, Guys, "When you don't succeed just do it the way your wife told you" in the first place.

To close out the road trip, is a stop in:

If nothing else than to pick up some T-shirts (the bargain ones from 2013).
Sorry Robbie, nothing this time.

So we leave you with more photo shots of the sights in Custer State Park: Can you Guess? 

Safe Travels from Da Girls Rv.