Monday, September 11, 2017

Santa Fe, NM - Day 24 and Counting

We arrived around 10:30 in Santa Fe. This was after stopping off at a Campground and refueling our propane tank. Let me warn you, when doing this take a close look and do not trust anyone. We were directed around  and got almost in too tight, only to find out the refueling was on our passenger side.

Anyway, to high of price, places charge prices for a free by-product from making gas. Propane was a product that they would burn off. RIP-OFF.

Anyway, we are staying at the Elks Lodge, along with 2 other Rv's. Folks, if you stay at a lodge, DONATE something to these lodges. As some are in dire straights and need all the help they can get. DON"T LEAVE without GIVING SOMETHING.

Remember the creed of the brotherhood.

Off of the rants.

We managed to reach John Kurz and ended up having dinner along with Jennifer and a visiting guest. Lovely time was had by all.

No photos this time around.

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