Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb 9–Leaving Palm Creek

Rolling Out

We rolled out of Palm Creek at 9am this morning headed toward Apache Junction with a stop at Western Freightliner at 202 & I-10. My goal, new belt but more important is new Air Filter for DaGirls Rv.

In and out within 15 minutes with 2 items minus $140 in the money account. But maintenance is key to keeping DaGirls happy. Plan on maintenance is air filter, belts, oil, look for a small air leak and mode to the fan shroud for ease of maintenance on the Fan Hub Bearing. Now allow with dental appointments, friends to see and a meeting at the Golden Corral of the MesaOwnersAlfaBreakfast.

We are hoping for a large turnout including owners that are in Palm Creek. 


As we arrived and headed to our spot 288, we stopped, looked and wonder will we fit? We had a choice to make, palm tree in front of the door or unable to lower the awning. We did try, and decide nope this is not working. So off to the office. We ended up being moved to  site 285 in the non-pet area.

Home, once moved in to our new lot, we setup shop, rug, awning, screens and are calling it home for 2 weeks

Notice I said being moved, first thing the neighbor behind us said that a non-pet area. Explained, then Della needed to go pee, the lady tried to stop her which, I stopped her from trying to stop Della. Funny thing, Della was on OUR lot and her company told the lady it only PEE.

So Susan was off to the office to see what site we would have when we come back – yep you guesses it site 288, so we are ensuring a better site when we come back.
Usually nothing really exciting happens in an older RV park, except for the one car, which parked in a lot. Which just so happens an RV was waiting to get into. Well after waiting for most of the day, a tow truck arrived and moved the truck out and down the street. We all stood around, took so shots and ate some popcorn watching the show.
Come back later for a few photo ops.


Tuesday arrived bright and early. So it was maintenance day. First was the air filter, figured about 30 minutes top really about 15 minutes. Re-installing the trick is to start with the right side, then strap it down and complete with the left side. Next off to the drain the oil.

I start with a 5-gallon bucket lined with 2 heavy duty bags cut down. Then tied down with a bungee cord. Since I have the  Fumoto Valve, (installed in 2007), this makes draining the oil cleaner.
All it takes in installing a short hose, start the engine and warm up. Then open the valve, and your done. Clean as a whistle. Put lid on the bucket and off to a auto store to drain. Remove the bags and you now have a clean bucket to use for later.

By the time that was done it was time to go over to Wayne and Kathy’s for a fun afternoon.

Will report in later and provide photos an update as to maintenance

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feb 6 & 7 Cancer Awareness & Picacho Peak

Feb 6 - Friday & Saturday

Well after a week here of trying to get programs, classes and food arrange, we took time off Friday evening to walk over to the activity center and enjoy the 10 hot air balloons. Once a year the park host a cancer awareness event, with silent auctions, hot air balloons lighting and a time to gather and remember and share happen the success stories.
Walk down memory lane
The weather was warm with a slight coolness in the air, many people join in to celebrate life and enjoyment.

To see additional photos of the Night HERE

Saturday we awoke to another great day with a plan trip to Picacho Peak State Park and enjoy a one of the many hiking trails. I have always hear of a trail leading up to the top. One where you rely on cables to get you their.
I had always wanted to try this so Sat was the day. Along the way we took various photos of the desert which we love so much.


You can Check out more photos HERE on the desert

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from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly"

Friday, February 6, 2015

Day ? – What day is it?

Feb 6th – Wow time fly's

DaGirls Rv landed in Palm Creek Monday Feb 2nd. Short drive from Yuma. Believe it or not we have been kept busy doing odd jobs, making contacts, making appointments with Palm Creek for pre-rally and tying up any loose ends.
Ends, what loose ends, with a new coordinator, seems the one Susan was working with has left the company, so everything that Susan had established went down the drain. She is starting from scratch with coordinating all the activities. The only good thing was the reservation coordinator, is the same. She has been coordinating all the Alfa rigs into a local area and trying not to spread them out as in previous years. Additional attention is being done, which will pay off in the long run.

Susan is working with the following:

Pizza Fire-side night
Introductory into Stain glass class

I am working with the wood working shop

Introductory into wood working. I have identified the cost is $10 for the class and introduction into the equipment. An additional $1 is charged for every hour spent working with the equipment. The orientation class is held every Wed @ 8am. I am hoping that a teacher will be available for a introductory class along with a small project for a small additional cost. Keep your fingers cross. 

Our biggest difficulty is timing – when we arrive most of the coordinators are in the process of or have left the area for home. So we will continue to work the issues.
I have been doing small jobs around the DaGirls rig including working on our bikes. On mine the shifter was not working and on Susan’s the crank was yelping HELP ME! So, both of those was a morning project. Our next project included helping one of our newest members, Fred and Kathi Stern. It took 2 of us, Skip and I to checkout and review what CW had done. We are happy to report everything is well – (cross your fingers). 

In the meantime we have landed 2 new rigs as members, since we have arrived. This is all due to Norm Duarte, being at the right place at the right time. A SeeYa and a 5th wheel, both of whom will be attending the rally. And since we are talking about the rally, time is getting closer so for those of you who are attending and have not registered.

You must first fill out the registration form, SEND it Via Fax, Email or Postal Service to Palm Creek. Then you can call Registration and pay by credit card. On the form indicate an arrival and leave date, this INCLUDES if you are coming in for your Chapter Pre-Rally.

Main Rally April 11 thru 17 the length is 6 nights @ $38 = $228
If you are attending a Pre-Rally, then additional nights are required.
Pre-Rally April 7 thru 11 the length is 4 nights @ $38 = $ 152
So your Total night stay is 10 nights @ $38 = $380.

Make sure your form is filled out correctly with the TOTAL nights you will be here. Specify which chapter you belong to, as this will help them in locating you in that chapter’s area. 
Now today Friday, Susan & I spent time over in Sam’s club pricing out supplies that will be needed for our pre-rally. 
List of items required:
Paper plates, plastic ware, cups.
Food supplies for the pancake breakfast, morning greetings fire-side chat.

These are just a few items that are required for our pre-rally. The biggest items needed will be volunteers.

So, Roadrunners we are seeking help during the rally.

Helping in the area of morning setup and or cleanup, pancake breakfast, pot-luck dinner, just to name a few. If enough people volunteer, then we can spread the work out.

Now, last night we had a small gathering of owners at DaGirls Rv, we counted about 10 owner’s present, we also heard an additional 2 Alfa’s came in yesterday. Dave commented that there might be 20 Alfa’s that have landed in the park. Although Palm Creek is a beautiful park with many activities, let’s face it, it is too costly for some of us full timers with fixed incomes. 

We took time our to visit Skip, Lexie and Otis at there site today in Fiesta Grande. Skip has been busy making improvements which he has shared on the Alfa Forums.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Day 1 - 5 - Chilling Out in Yuma Lakes

Day 1 – Yuma Lakes


We arrived shortly after 1:30 pm, a short drive from “Q”. With the spiting of rain drops, and wet roads DaGirls Rv and Jeep were a little messy, but hey that's part of full timing in DaGirls Rv.
Susan managed to get 3 loads of laundry done, boy I’m glad she choose to remove the single washer/dryer combo for separate stackable washer/dryer units. Should makes doing laundry easier.
We also managed to find a manual car wash as the Jeep was nasty with road grime. $5 later we could at least see thru the windows and see the front.

Day 2 –Laundry Day


Morning awoke to a good day
Anyway on Tuesday we did make a trip into town to wash rugs, pads, blankets, and sheets. Once done off to the pawn shops. Some people say you can get some good deals, well after visiting all of the locals shops did not see any deals and when I found anything the price was marked as new.
Our neighbor was getting his rig washed & waxed, so the question, How Much for just a Wash? $40 Pedro said. Ok I agreed, will the water leave spots – no. Great here’s $40, we will be back later, and please do the engine compartment.
At the same time, I am making a list of maintenance items for DaGirls Rv;
Oil change RV and generator, Air Filter, Water pump belt, check Fan bearing. Lots of things to check before we leave Az.

Day 3 – Hike and Trip to Hospital


We awoke to Della having a issue with her chin. We had been using some cream to control her itching. We thought we had everything under control, but alas no. So to combat the itching I resorted to Prednisone (maybe 1 tablet too much). I called the Foothills Clinic, but was told appointment on Friday (made) or walk in on Thursday (extra $30). What about today I asked – we close after 12. What if it is an emergency –Sorry can’t help and there are no emergency clinic in town.
Well Della was getting worst and now she was having problems standing and walking straight. So I placed a call to Ironwood Clinic on Ave B. Again sorry no appointment, is there a emergency clinic in town, again no. I was asked what is the problem, which I explained, was told to wait. The next thing I heard can you get her here at 2:45 YES!
While we were waiting for 2 o’clock to arrive we kept her in bed and calm. Once we arrived and were checked in, the Dr. saw her. He noted her head was leaning to one side, which was causing her loss of balance. Nothing can be done as this was a waiting game. He also looked at her chin and help with meds to take care of her. By the time we arrived home, she was feeling much better and able to walk. People around here witnessed me carrying her to the car and were showing concern for her. Total cost for visit and meds was less then $80.
Amazing clinic, if you are in need of a vet I recommend Ironwood as they really have a caring office.
Map of Ironwood Veterinary Clinic
Ironwood Veterinary Clinic
Address: 2632 South Avenue B, Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone:(928) 257-1249
I did get in some photos from my short hike of the area:
1_Road to Mittrey Lake
On the Back Road to Mittry lake and I-95
Broccoli Ready for Cutting
8_broccoli Cutting
Broccoli after a few cuts
9_What Wild animal
What Wild Animal Lurks here ?
We had been invited over to Doug and Wendy’s place for a gathering. After leaving vets and arriving home with a little time left to head over to their place. We were introduced to several Roadrunners complete in their Roadrunner Red Shirts.
10_Jerry & Bobbi
Jerry & Robi
Wendy & Nancy
Day 4 – Trip to the Flea Market


Today was a scheduled trip to the flea market. Along the way was a stop at the USPS and Sven & Sharon's.

Coffee at the Novion’s along with a fireside chat. Once done, off we went in search of the famous Yuma Flea market, where supposedly you could find anything.  Well that’s not true as I was in search of a 12 Vdc air compressor for the jeep. No luck, but what we did come across was a sewing center where for $450 we could have a complete front Bra for the jeep. YES we want it, appointment 8 am on Friday. Yippee off we went, wait is this an impulse buy? Whoa, stop and think, do we want to spend that much $$ for something we might or might not put on for every trip? Or having to take part of it off just to drive a short distance. We decided cancel our appointment and think about this for awhile.
By the way, Della is doing better almost back to her old self. Walks are getting longer and she is looking brighter.
Day 5 – Awoke to the Sound of Rain


That’s it for now
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On the road to Casa Grande

Day 1- On the Road
Very short post here.
Susan & I consider ourselves Alfa Stalkers, meaning we are always on the look out for Alfa's. But today the tables were turned as we became the stalked.

Gypsy Runner - AKA Amy & Dave Lambert. we stopped at a rest stop about 90 miles from Casa Grande. Next thing we know a white rig pulls next to us (white box). You know one of those  Freightliner box RV. I am thinking, now why did they pull right next to us, when there is all this room. A man gets out and starts walking round to my window and say's are you Dale? I look at him, look at the rig and ask's him are you Gypsy Runner? Yep we both say.

what a small world as we were both heading east and came to the same rest stop.

Amy and Dave 

 Della's happy as Amy is petting her

The Gypsy Runner's Rig

I am jealous, LOT's of fresh water on board. Room inside for a small army. Patio for the pups in back. MAN CAVE in back - WOW.

That’s it for now
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