Monday, March 30, 2015

Mar 30_Visit from Skip & Lexie

Monday – March 30th

Countdown 5 days till Susan comes home

Had a wonderful event happen today, Skip and Lexie came to visit DaGirls in AJ from Freightliner Tollenson. They are on their way north to Cottonwood and Sedona before heading back to NV for the summer.
It was a happy occasion on one hand but sad on the other. Many of you remember Skip, Lexie and Otis (Black Lab).  Otis, went to sleep the other day and never woke up. He was only a year or 2 younger then Della and still acted like a young pup. This is the way our beloved pets should go over the rainbow bridge. In their sleep chasing, running and enjoying life with their humans.
We got to talking so long we did not get a chance to really see some of the light mods we have discussed, but possible we will get together before we both leave AZ.
Also heard that Freightliner is out to the 29th of April with appointments. That means 1 more year before I change the coolant. Well, it should be ok, hope.
Anyway, Tilly was relieved of your fur coat and always her long nails. This is the one time she did not want to leave me, when I dropped her off at the groomers. Get Over It Dog.
Susan & Denise sent me on a errand today and happy to report I found what they wanted. So added 1 more item to each basket. Looking like no photos to include with this post, Bah we don’t need no stinkin photos.
O’h by the way, if you are in Cottonwood and in need of a Vet. A big recommendation for Tumbleweed Vet. Dr. Brady and team are wonderful and I recommend them highly. So does Della.
Its’ such a nice evening we, all 3, have decide to spent it outside for a while. Della, has her bed, Tilly is watching and waiting for anything to come by and me? Me I am just writing away looking at DaGirls.
Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly"

Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 28 - Apache Junction

Countryside Rv Resort

It has been 20 days since my last post, where does the the fly or better yet the information go. Usually I don’t have trouble writing the blog. Especially since we have so much going on.
Susan has been in Oswego, IL Since 27th of Feb. yep, I have been batching it since Feb 27th. Dry camping at Phon D Sutton (Bush Hwy). Read a little about HERE .
I posted photos of the area earlier but in case you missed some of the sites:
I’ll post a link to more picture HERE .
Oops almost forgot, I/we have 2 new grandkids – baby A and B.
Born march 17 around 3:45ap.
photo 1photo 2
Boy Baby with Susan
A & B
I am sure more photos will follow, especially since I have stopped using FB, and may kill it finally.
Anyway back to the blog. So what have you been doing dale? Well taking care of DaGirls making sure Tilly gets  fed, maybe a pat or too and ensuring she does not get any lovin.
She’s gets it where ever she can.
Bought whole chicken the other day, sliced the dark meat and make some barbecue on the grill, and last night the rest went into the crock pot. This mornin, it is falling off the bones.

Hey, got my Yamaha generator back, seems it was just little too low on oil. Funny, cold fires right up, but after it warms up it would stop. Anyway, $49, and she’s workin fine now.

Been to Fry’s Electronic, been man trip around. This is also my dad’s favorite places to visit. When we lived together (AJ), we would make a monthly trip to Fry’s. He would spend about 2 hours walking around and looking at everything new. I can envision a road trip from Casa Grande.


Winco for special items, and one of my best places to go hiking when here – Siphon Draw Trail, located inside the Superstition Wilderness area.

Besides hiking, I have been bicycling around the area and taking some extra walks.

Anyway, back to writing, what else have I accomplished the last week. Found a roll of contact/seam tape for our cabinets, this is the closes we have locates press HERE . Dana ordered a roll, so now I can finish out the cabinet repair.

Learned how to use our washer and dryer. Of course I had to call and talk to Susan. But, seems I have been keeping up very well with the laundry.
Jim and Jacki have been coming by on their golf cart and taking DaGirls for a ride. Della just loves going with them and Tilly would go with ANYONE that pets her.

Oh got a new photo of the DaGirls Rv.
Another item, I will be showing off my new night time lighting I installed on DaGirls Rv here is a preview.
Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Della’s Year

Yep, this is going to be Della’s year or the year for Della.

Either way, along with pop, we are celebrating life as we know it. For pop that was being the part of a washing machine that is called the agitator. Della, it is all about being the queen. We all have to remember, the Rv belonged to both Della and Koko and we were just he drivers for them.  Remember the name of our rig “DaGirls Rv”? 2 large chocolate labs can have an affect on the type of Rv you purchase

Our last journey, to Canada and Alaska was done because of the long discussion we had with her. She agreed that she would allow us, as she said she would make it back home. Yep she did, and here we are, Easter Sunday enjoying an Easter meal with Della and Tilly. 

She has better medical attention then most of us. Dr. Brady is just a phone call away. Boy what a great Doctor and team at Tumbleweed.

Ok, so what is going on with her? Well every morning after breakfast, time for our walk and off we go. Then many Non-walks rest of the day. Here is something so funny, afternoon, night we go outside and take a non-walk. What is a non-walk, that is were we walk and Della says no way, am I getting further then 10 Ft from my Rv. It is so funny, we can walk away and she just stands there waiting for us to come back.

Anyway back to the present, here in RoVer’s Roost SKP CO-OP Park. Where we await our turn on the waiting list, number 17 as I write this. Who knows, by this time next year, we may have out spot.

Thursday, is out departing day, as we travel to Yuma, in preparation for Roadrunner and AOC rally.  We have been invited to spend a few days with Skip and Lexie, however we have also been given a free site at Gila Mountain Rv park. Closer to I-8 and Fortuna Del Oro. This would make it an easy move over to Fortuna Del Oro on the 6th. During that time, we will be gathering everything up that was shipped out to Sven's house. Including the 12 fire suppression systems. 

"That's my story and I'm sicking to it"
“SeeYa, Safe and Happy Journeys”
"DaGirls Rv, Me, Della, Susan & Tilly"

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mar 9 - Another Great Day


It’s been a week and 3 days since I have heard from APD on our Yamaha generator. Especially since it is only to be an estimate. Well tomorrow, is the day, if no word then, I will tell them to set it aside and I will order a ignition coil. I do not like waiting over a week for an estimate. I used to be in the electronic business, and we provided an estimate within 3 days of when the item was dropped off, I cannot abide with waiting this long.

Also, I have arranged to stay one more week here at TT.

So, that puts me back in the valley 23rd of March. Susan has arranged a spot at Countryside RV. Nice place, but it is a concrete jungle. I do love the high country, trees, hills, less concrete. The valley and desert is special, only when there is little concrete and less freeways.

So, here is were we are awaiting our return to the valley.

I know Susan has a list of items that need to be done and I think I almost have them all done. Cabinets, air registers, latches, and learning how to use the laundry machines.

Della is really doing better, especially since we saw the vet at Tumbleweed here in Cottonwood. We have switched her diet, and added a new med. Her appetite has increased, rasping bark decreased, breathing is better. She is upping her walks especially when it is cool.

Tilly on the other hand is seeking help from anyone walking by, as she is telling people she is being miss-treated. I mean she gets fed, water, a pat everyday or 2 and even a nice word.

Ok, so where does that leave us (Della, Tilly and me)?

Met my new neighbor….. seems he is a very, what can I say – not my fault type of guy. seems he was in a accident on his motorcycle, he explained it: a driver raced around him and then slowed down and the stopped instead of proceeding thru a yellow light. And instead of slowing down eve further  Hum following too closely? Maybe? He explained it as slowing down, looking for an escape route in case of anyth, he was looking around him and hit the stopped car. The judge said, following too closely, you loose. Well after 10 minutes of this I politely said, I do not discuss politics, religion or anything pertaining to stuff like that.

And anyway, I wanted to get back to work. Work being I added 2 new DC Volt lines to the storage compartments. 1 for refrig/freezer and the other for special lights.

Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly"

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mar 6_Trip to Flagstaff

Friday was a day to head to Flagstaff and pick up my new Midnite Classis 150 Solar Charge Controller. My original controller bit the dust while we were dry-camping at Phon D Sutton. It was only a matter of time, as I have been pushing it 100% over it’s limit now for 3 years. Luckily I had a smaller one, but I knew it would not do the job.
Susan (CFO), gave me the Ok for the purchase this month. I choose this one because of the specs, 5 year warranty, and excellent reviews.


Here's a shot just before the front cover and display were re-installed. A little clean up of the wiring is all that is left.

Oh almost forgot, on the way out, I saw a balloon landing in the distance;


I pulled off the highway and captured this shot. I then headed off to find a road out to where it landed.



Now back to my road trip. I was able to take a few shots on the way up. Last weekend we had a good rain fall here, but snow up in the high country.

8_I 17_Snow

10_Munds Park

9_Snow Peaks

The high country has had very little snow this season, so water flow will be down again this year.

I caught this photo from the campground.

Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly"

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2nd - Rainy Day in Cottonwood

March 2 - Monday

Awoke to the sounds of rain drops on the roof. Both Della and I did not sleep really well. We discussed this and think it all has to do with no Susan in the house. Tilly on the other hand seems to sleep well.

With the rain and all I decided to head into town to see what was happening – not much because of the RAIN. Seems everything comes to a stand still when it rains. Everybody wants to stop and watch, including the stupid motorist. Especially the ones who says “ I can cross that small flood across the road”. It’s a good thing Arizona has a stupid Motorist Law, just for people like that.

So this left me with going for long walks, taking DaGirls for walks and cleaning up photos on my computer.

To the members of the Alfa Roadrunners, who read this blog, I have a secret to share. Susan has been busy making a special present for those of you who will be attending the Pre-Rally in Palm Creek. I was lucky to catch a shot of her project. The photo is not to clear, but maybe you can make out what she made. I definitely cannot.

Of course I hope Susan doesn't see this before I can post my blog otherwise she will block out the photo.

Now on the other hand, some of the photos I have forgotten to post are pretty good even if I do say so myself. I will get to posting them later tonight as even with 4G, with so many people with their smart phones the network slows down a lot. Wish people would learn to just turn off the data on their phones at night.

The first 3 are of a Hawk who had just eaten dinner and was drying off. I spotted this bird while I was camp hosting at Center Lake in Custer SD.  As they say right place - right time - AND always carry a camera.

Now the next series are from my favorite hiking trail - Siphon Draw in the Superstition Mountains. This hike is from the west side and can be entered from Lost Dutchman State Park or from the Mining Camp Restaurant. 
I went on this hike with a friend on a Wed. It brought back joys of when we lived at the base of this mountain. 

History: This hike is somewhat unique in that in less than 2 miles it traverses a State Park (Lost Dutchman), a National Forest (Tonto), and a Wilderness Area (Superstition) while urban views of the Greater Phoenix Area are always at hand. This stands as incredible foresight by advocates and legislators to set aside these lands for public use and to act as a buffer from unchecked urban sprawl.

Steve, you would LOVE this hike. Of course you might like the hike to Flat Iron even better.

My final photos are of the Verde River running behind the Verde Valley Rv Park

My plan while I am here is to scout out Boon Docking sites. I have been making a list and putting them in a Google Map & Earth. 

The best I can do here in the blog is to post a picture:

So where does this leave me at this time. Sitting and sipping a glass of red wine.

Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls   Della                     &                Tilly"