Monday, September 4, 2017

On DaRoad to AIBF_Final Countdown

Monday, Sept. 4th, our final day here at the Derr Family farm. Dwight & Sharon went back to the State Fair to see Lady Bre model her dress. We elected to stay and prep the Rv for early departure on Tuesday.  Like is our schedule, when we wake up, we make our final adjustments and get on the road, usually between 7 and 8 am.

So, we today we have prepped inside and outside, moved the Rv, dumped and backed into a spot where we can just start up, slide in, antenna down, raise levelers and head straight out.

Like last year, we will say our goodbyes tonight as everyone will be up and gone or sleeping in when we leave.  One last beer-30, sitting around and talking about what we accomplished.  (note from Susan) And we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the Derr's/Tisdale's on our last evening.

So, what have we done?

Worked with Dwight and helped get the coach painted. All that is left is painting brackets, awning rails and re-installing everything.  Hummm, wonder how be the pile of leftovers will be?  Ha, Ha

Tisdale Coach Painting

Tisdale Coach 1

Tisdale Coach 2

Along the way, we went to the Nebraska State Fair to see Lady Bre show her chickens, eggs and ducks in the poultry barn. All in all she did very well.  Showing poultry is a crap shoot game, it is all up to the judge, he/she will say something based on there opinion. You win or lose at that point, too big, not big enough, etc.

Along with feathered fowl, there are the rabbits, sheep, goats, cows, all different varieties, floating around and being shown.


But you know me, I can only sit for so long on a metal bench, so after an hour, I decided to head out and see the fair.



So, all in all this is a very large and well attended fair. And so much dryer than when we were there last year.

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