Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Catching up with friends

Getting up-to-date with our blog:
I have been remised in not recognizing couples and friends we have met and visited with on our way to Custer State Park.
Jim and Becky Godfrey in Colorado Springs, Co
Quinton Van Gundy in Denver, Co
Darrel and Judy Turner, Longmont, Co

Jim and Becky own a wonderful house at a higher elevation west of Colorado Springs. As seen here in a photo op of their back yard.

I didn’t catch Jim, but Becky found a chair to try out at the RV resort, which is the planned location for the Alfa Roadrunners Fall Rally. I didn’t catch photos of either Duffy or Cody (their 4-legged boys) as they were always on the go.

Quinton is a longtime friend from Connecticut. He being from Goodrich (at the time) and me from Honeywell.  We have been keeping in touch via emails, phone calls and this blog. Quinton has had various careers in his life and has always come up smiling.

One of which is his cooking expertise. Planning is underway for him to visit
Susan & I in Custer State Pk. during the big motorcycle week (Sturgis).

Have Safe Travels and Journeys thru Life.
Remember Life is like a book, unless you turn the page you may never see what is out there.
Dale & Susan, Della & Tilly DaGirlsRv 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

US Air Force Academy Tour

On the Road to Custer State Park. Stop-over in Colorado Springs, where we visited with Jim and Becky (Alfa Roadrunners) members.

On Saturday Jim and Becky shanghaied us and took us on a tour of the US Air Force Academy. What an awesome place. We found out anyone can come on base and tour the grounds. We were very fortunate Jim was our tour guide as he explained many features of the facility,

including knowing where to go for the best photo ops. As you can see from a distance the facility. We continued on into the visitor center. Which is named after Barry Goldwater (Arizona Senator, Governor) . We were lucky to get a shot of us in the front.

We continued to the parade grounds where the squadrons were having a competition. We grabbed a few shots of the area.

Both the shot above and below, shows a piece of the World Trade Tower Steel. It is located north of the chapel.

We continued on to the Air Force Academy Chapel. Which is known for it's beautiful inside and outside structure. The main chapel is located on the main floor, however there is a Catholic, Jewish and a Buddist chapel on the lower floor.

We continued on to the other parts of the chapel. Viewing the Catholic, Jewish and Buddhist Chapels.

Safe Travels from Susan, Dale, Della & Tilly
Da Girls Rv

Friday, April 25, 2014

On the Road to Cripple Creek

We opted to take a road trip today. So we packed up the Jeep less Della (Ho-Hum) and Tilly.

Got our GPS, forgot the road-map and off we went. Our destination was Muller State Park and Cripple Creek.

So on the road we go, up the road north west of Manitou springs

Did I mention this is the Colorado High Country - this means snow in some areas. 

Mueller is a Colorado State park. With many camping sites. It sits at an elevation of 9600 Ft. The view from on high are spectacular as you can see from the Photos below. 

Check out the Link to Mueller State Park  . We found out from Becky and Jim they spend time there with there camping club. The sites in back and able to handle a 40Ft Diesel like the DaGirls Rv.

White board on the wall says it all. 

As we checked out the park we came upon this small lake, Susan spied some deer hanging around in the meadow.

Next it was onto Cripple Creek, Co. CC is an old gold mining town, and is still producing gold. 

Link to information on Cripple Creek . As we came into town you can see it off in the distance. As Ipulled over for a photo shot.

Cripple Creek is one of 2 cities which allow Gambling. I dare say that they have more casinos then any other city we have been in. On good days they bus them in from every direction.

Safe travels and journeys.

Dale & Susan 2003 SeeYa1084

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Santa Fe to Colorado Springs Adventures

Our travel from Santa Fe to Colorado Springs wasn't without excitement. We left early enough to miss the wind advisory for New Mexico. I started out and drove to Las Vega, where we took on fuel. Our MPG has exceeded over 7 MPG even in the mountain’s.

While we were fillin up, Della said she wanted to start driving again.

We both veto her drivin. The last time she drove, the cost was over $2000.

Susan took over driving, she’s getting better at driving the mountain passes. Raton Pass is  over 7000 Ft elevation, she took it like a trucker. Downshifting when necessary, watching the temp gauge, along with worrying about the road construction. This is the 2nd time she has driven Raton Pass. She mentioned something about next time it’s my turn. But I am a believer that once trained, that’s the go-to-person.

We switched drivers around Trinidad and noticed the winds were picking up, however wasn’t too windy, so off we went.

The road between Trinidad and Pueblo seems nice, but looks can be deceiving. Spied signs warning “Gusty Winds next 10 miles”. Well the sign did not really tell the whole story………………….Gusty Winds! They forgot to tell you they were cross winds, which makes driving harder and then add to that winds gusting up to 40 mph …… It was due to these winds that we were forced over a few times to check everything on the outside of the rig. Making sure everything was tightened down. Climbing up on the roof, with the winds. Well I am glad Susan was on the ground ready to catch me on the 2nd  bounce if needed. Definitely this was a Kodak moment.

We arrived safe and sound at the Elks Lodge 309 in Colorado Springs around 3 pm, got settled in, signed into the lodge and relaxed for the evening. Susan has decided that we need to do a better job of reporting on the different Elks lodges we stayed at.

Thursday got us out and moving around town.  Many changes since I lived here in the late 70’s. At that time this was truly God’s country, except for economics. Enough said on that. Nonetheless a trip thru Garden of the Gods is always worth the drive.
Trip thru Garden of the Gods

Once we left Garden of the Gods, it was off to Manitou Springs, where I knew some people that once owned a custom furniture business. Wanted to check out the area, see what the changes were.
Manitou springs co
1891 Building

As we got ready to leave Manitou Springs, we spied this traveling singer on the sidewalk.

We have now opened a Da Girls Blog Complaint Dept. in case you need to complain about anything or everything…..Ha Ha

Safe Travels and Journeys 
Da Girls Rv
Susan, Dale, Della & Tilly