Friday, September 8, 2017

On DaRoad to AIBF–Day 28 and Counting

We have landed in the "Land of Enchantment", New Mexico, Tucumcari to be exact. One of the things we did entering Tucumcari, was have the oil changed out on the Beast. I did not realized, that this beast takes 7 gallons of oil. You heard correctly 7 gallons. On Wednesday, I noticed a Boss Shop on Hwy I-40, using Google maps. So I called ahead and talked to David, he explained the shop is open till 11 pm, does oil till 10 pm.

We left Liberal, Ks in the morning and the second stop of the morning was Boss Shop. Total out the door - $205. So the Beast is running on fresh lubrication. Yippee, I didn't have to do it. You may ask what was the first stop? Diesel at $2.399 / gallon. Susan whipped in and we took on 45 gallons for about $110.

Dalhart, Texas - First Real City in the Great State 

Entering into New Mexico 
But what is on the horizon ? 

But not to worry, it's a dry heat.

We have landed, where you asked ?

A placed called Cactus Rv, right on Route 66 .You can read about Cactus:


One of the first items of the day, walk Dakota and Tilly, both were very good for today's drive, so they deserved a long walk outside in the 85 degree weather. 

Next we walked down to 2 of the museums. We were told only 2 blocks - Susan got her 10,000 steps in. 

The first museum: Mike can you Guess?

I believe by the photos you can tell what type of museum this one is.

The second Museum is called Tucumcari Historic Museum, we arrived with only 30 minutes left before closing. They explained there are 5 buildings and would take longer. But, they said come on back tomorrow to see the rest, no additional charge. We started with the main house and only did the first 2 floors. 

For dinner, we went to the local Western Tack store, where they have a BBQ in the back, we met Jimmie as he was closing up, but would not turn us away. We ended up spending a little more than we wanted. 

Susan and I both agreed, WHERE IS ANDY'S BBQ? Yep, we have been really spoiled by Andy and his BBQ skills. The BBQ was good, but not like Andy's. The beans did not have much flavor, the potato salad was definitely the best and the homemade bread good. 

Dakota is missing Mr. Andy, she wants to know why we could not bring him along as a playmate/toy.

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