Thursday, July 28, 2016

Final Day ?

Ok, so just what is Final Day ? 

Time to quick Blogging ? Good Question, as it is time to re-evaluate the Blog Name and Purpose. 
Le's see what happens. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Della, Ghiradella

I write this with a sad heart, but with a happy spirit, I think

Many of you know and remember Della. She along with her sister,Koko, came to be known as DaGirls, and it was their Rv, called DaGirls RV that they allowed Susan and I to drive around and take them on journeys.

This week started out as any other week, Della the Queen, summoned us to her Court to inform us that she was a little stressed and her sore on her cheek was still bothering her and needed to see the vet, over in IN again. But in her usual way, she was willing to always keep us happy, take us for walks.  Even though they were short, she endured them for us. She kept us smiling and ensured we were happy.

But somewhere in our hearts, we knew she was trying to tell us her time was getting short and she wanted to go and see her sister, Koko. We knew and yet we did not want to listen. We kept asking ourselves were we keeping her here for her or us?
Della, in her way, told us that yes she would go to Alaska with us, and then onto Texas and keep us happy while we worked at Amazon. Then back to Arizona, to see family and friends, all the while, fighting old age to keep us happy.

Things will be quite different for us going forward as we adjust without her physical presence in DaGirls Rv. No longer will she be under foot as we try to come into her Rv. Nor will she bring us, one of her babies when we come home. Or crowd us out of her queen size bed, when we go to bed. Nor will she wake us up in the middle on the night, telling us she needs to go outside.

Some people would say, why did you keep her then?  Because she gave us unconditional love. She was always there for us. Giving us her love, no matter how bad she felt. Staying by our side thru thick and thin. She always had a way, of bringing a smile to our faces.

As we get up each day, we will be expecting to feel her by our side in bed, or see her sitting on the love seat, taking up more then her fair share. Or laying on her bed in the middle of the living room, waiting on us, to get her breakfast, dinner or late night snacks.

So it is with our sad hearts that we inform you that Della went home today to be with her sister and to meet our other pets. 

Good Bye, Della, we love you and will greatly miss you

Friday, July 22, 2016

Elkhart, Indiana

Chillin, in Elkhart. Why you may ask? Because DaGirls has a booBoo and is getting them repaired.

But wait you say, you were in Buchanan, MI. so what happen in Buchanan?
Well Susan’s Son and Daughter came out from the Chicago area and visited, She was able to get a cabin for 7 days. Dana, Mike & the Children came out for 4 days. Eric, Di and Faith came out for 3 days. All in all we all had a wonderful time visiting and checking out the sites.

Once that was done we packed up and headed out to Elkhart, were Susan found us a Airbnb o stay while DaGirls was getting fixed. In fact, at first it was going to take 2 weeks, but after discussion with Paul. We were able to pick it up on Friday, 5 days after dropping her off.

Since then we have been visiting the area, and being surprised by my best man from our wedding arriving who spent four days with us.

We stopped in at the MH / RV Hall of Fame Museum

Then on Thursday, Mike a old close work friend and former roommate stopped by on his way back up North. All in all it has been a fun and enjoyable stay.
On Friday, it was a day with the Amish community.

"That's my story and I'm sicking to it"
“SeeYa, Safe and Happy Journeys”

"DaGirls Rv, Me, Della, Susan & Tilly"

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th_Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all of our friends out their.

DaGirls hope each and every one of you take time to that this Great Country we live in.

Ok, so, we have been quite, what’s happening and just what are we doing. Mainly, checking out the area, visiting and sight seeing. We learned that on Sat. the city of Buchcanan has a farmers market off of main street. The population of Buchcanan is around 4000, mainly a typical small town Michigan.

Pears Mill
Operated by the Buchanan Preservation Society, Pears Mill is open on Saturdays from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. Constructed during 1857 and 1858, the Mill has been an integral part of Buchanan’s Downtown ever since. Pears Mill is the last surviving of thirteen water powered mills that once dotted Buchanan’s Downtown. 

An operating over shot water wheel powers the Mill grindstone, producing yellow and white corn meal. Exhibits include milling related tools and machinery, maps, photographs, artifacts, and a collection of historic commercial signs which once graced Buchanan businesses. Over the course of the summer, basket weavers, spinners, rug makers, wood carvers, and musicians with historic instruments, offer a series of demonstrations at the Mill. 

On special occasions, Presidents James Buchanan and Abraham Lincoln have been sighted at the Mill. Pears Mill is located in the Buchanan Downtown National Register Historic District at the foot of Mill Alley, above the Farmers’ Market, between Oak Street and Days Avenue.

Our next goal, find Lake Michigan. We started heading west, came to a beach town, where we spied a state park and it said beach access. Woo-Pee we scored. What, what did you say? $15.00 for a pass and we have to go back .7 miles, park the car and then walk 1 mile to get to the beach? Well that's not right. So we turned around and the headed north.

We spied a small own called Stevensville, and using our GPS we spied a road that might leads us to water. We were in luck, although I really can't say what type of luck. We did manage to get to a beach, but boy, living here in Michigan, they do make it hard to get to the water for free.

So, on the way back home we came across this field:

Can you guess what it is? A field of Hops, yes Hops, for making beer. 

Ok, so you are caught up as to where we are, what we have been doing but not what we are going to be doing. For that you will have to come back and find out for yourself. 

Della, it is all yours, as Della always knows what to say.

"That's my story and I'm sicking to it"
“SeeYa, Safe and Happy Journeys”

"DaGirls Rv, Me, Della, Susan & Tilly"

Friday, July 1, 2016

6_30_16 Landing in Michigan

Just where exactly in Michigan? Buchcanan, just across the Indiana / Michigan state line. And Close to Lake Michigan.

Link - Bear Cave CG 

Our goal, 17 days or until July 17, when we transfer DaGirls to Precision Painting for some minor repairs. Which we stopped at today to discuss with Paul. Wow have they expanded. The sanding/body shop now has it own painting facility. Quicker turn-around time for siding and painting.

We also stopped in at Costco just before heading onto US Hwy 31. 

Della waiting for Susan at Costco

In all we traveled about 255 miles from Indian Wells CG in Batesville, In. DaGirls traveled very well today with Della staying mainly between our chairs.

We arrived around, 2, 2:30 ish. Checked in and was informed that maybe only 2 FHU sites remained. John, lead us out to the 2 spots and we selected the first one. The other site, had a bike, tow dolly and other items. So thinking it was taken we went with the first one. John, question, why those items were on that site. He went off to the office to find out. Come to learn, the site next to it, had places those items, hoping to save it for there family, the following day. Well, that didn’t happen, and of course, later it was taken.

At dinner time, we sat back and sipped margaritas, outside while watching the news. 

So what’s in store? Lay back, visit, work, play and of course enjoy ourselves.

Della always knows what to say.

"That's my story and I'm sicking to it"
“SeeYa, Safe and Happy Journeys”

"DaGirls Rv, Me, Della, Susan & Tilly"