Saturday, November 16, 2013

Post Blogger

Today was a festival day, we went to the first annual Stuart Seafood Festival. We both commented that it will only get better. Even as we were leaving additional people were streaming in. Tickets were $7 @ the gate or $5 for advance purchase.

As you can tell by the title, it was a Fish / Seafood event. Plenty of vendors with special crafts related to the ocean along with food vendors:

Least we forget Eric and the Parrothead Party Group,  we thought of you when we saw these signs;

Of course this is for Dana – we spied a beagle taking a swim;

Even the police were on segways having a fun time

Least let us not forget those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.  The event was hosted in Memorial Park, Stuart, FL

Anyway, this was a fun event although a little warm mid-day.  We kept our wrist bands on for the day in case we returned that evening, but we didn't make it.

Sorry for the very, very late post, time seems to have slipped away.  Retirement can keep us very busy, or everything we do takes longer as we grow older....

Dale & Susan 2003 SeeYa1084
DaGirlsRv  Della & Tilly
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Time to Report in

Well it's been awhile since we have reported in or reported on what we have been doing. On Monday, we went to the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center located in Stuart, Florida (Google Map). We both agree this is a must see. The facility is mainly manned by volunteers, who are excellent in explaining about the Eco system, aquatic, wildlife and birds of Florida. There is a self-guided tour which is 1 mile long, we recommend that you take the guided tour. Our tour guide just happened to work for the county as an alligator trapper, and is very well versed on the area.
We arrived just in time to see and hear about the aquatic life of the area. On-site is a very LARGE lagoon which is fed by the ocean and thru filters.

Check out some of the fish swimming around in the lagoon:

Check out the Fish Feeding Video below

As we arrived back to the CG we spied additional photo ops. We hope you enjoyed them.

Safe travels 
Susan, Dale, Della and Tilly

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Port St Lucie Corp of Engineers

Location: COE Port St Lucie, Fl
Coordinates: 27.11042, -80.28513
Links to Photos: COE Port St Lucie
Satellite View:

Well, we made it after a harrowing 161 mile drive from Lake Louise SP outside of Clermont, Florida.
No, it was really not harrowing, just a little windy and Susan drove most of the way. I need to remember to take photos of her driving a 40 Ft rig. She shows how easy it is to do it. And really it is easy, just point it down the road, take it easy and drive.

What's the first thing we have to do when arriving? Of course, it is a requirement to take Della and Tilly to check out their new digs:

Morning after for Della's walk down the trail:

Our main reason for traveling here is to visit my father, sister and her family over in the Lake Worth area. We moved my dad 2 years ago today  (Nov 5).  Yes, 2 years ago today, Susan and Pop drove off into the sunrise on their way to Florida. He had decided it was time for him to move here, especially since we were planning on going full-time. He recently reach the age of 90 (Aug 23rd).

Of course he is older, but he still has the same smile:

Our plan was to have him come and stay with us or visit us here at the COE, well, as always plans do change and we have to be flexible. He has decided he has seen everything there is around here and decided not to come.

Well it is that time of morning, Della is looking at me and reminding me about our appointment outside, so we'll be seeing you later.

Safe Travels from DaGirls

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Low Expectations BUT Big Results

Sunday morning we all awoke to sunny skies and off we went to Apopka Airport. This morning promised to be sunny with the wind picking up. Susan and I were both excited, Greg has been flying for many years now, and why not, he lives in sunny Florida where it is almost possible to fly every weekend.
In prepping the airplay there is many things that have to be done.
A shot of the plane in the hanger

 One is the removal of the plane from the hanger. 

We were all loaded up, safety check completed on the plane and passengers. 

And off we went. For those of you who remember the Space Shuttle and where it lands upon returning, let me tell you even from 3000 ft a 3 mile runway looks mighty small. And they only got one chance to get it right.

Susan is ever vigilant looking for other airplanes in the sky.  Plus she is looking for other beautiful sites. 

Such as this airial shot of Universal Studios

 One last run, can you guess were we were heading?

Well, it is time to head for the hanger as we have been out for over 2 hours,

Here are 2 links to other photos for your enjoyment.

Plane Ride 

DaGirls Rig from the Air

And the Finale....

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Plan B

On Friday we were off to Greg's Man Cave, his man cave started over 8 years ago when some $$ fell into his lap. One of his dreams was to fly, so off he went in search of the best instructor. Needless to say he found her. So before he knew it, with pilot license in hand, plane in the barn and a apartment/condo and hanger in hand, he has the best of 3 worlds.

Well since it rained on Saturday, so our plans for flying were put on hold.  So plan "B" was implemented. Plan B - off to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. The best way to describe this special event is to watch the Video link below. Copyrights Universal Studio.

Universal Studio Halloween Horror Night

In my opinion,  this should be put on your list of thing to do and see if you are in Orlando during this time of year.

Just a few photos of our evening.

O'h did I mention that Greg is part of our family? If I haven't yet, then, Yes he part of our close family

Safe Travels from
Dale, Susan and DaGirls

Clermont, Florida

We arrived at Lake Louise SP, Clermont, FL on Wednesday after a long and dusty trail of 46 miles. Susan's directions led us down interesting highways and byways, to the point of making a right hand turn into the SP.
At the counter, Susan and Clarence discuseds options about days of stay and location. This is a good SP, big  rig friendly and hot showers (low water pressure). It is best to use tank water. We are using our booster for our AT&T cell phones, as we only have 1 bar, but our Jet-pack (Verizon) clearly shows good 4G.

Here is a photo of one of the lakes we are next to (sandwiched between 2):

Our rig in a big pull thru. 

Greg, a long time friend who I had not seen in over 5 years, he invited us over to his house for a few days including da girls. Greg is the one on the left.

I met Greg, in Arizona many years ago when we both lived on Edwards Dr in Tempe. He was my neighbor 2 doors down. Funny story, I came home after work and I noticed this guy removing palm fronds from the front of the house to the alley, except he was doing it the hard way.  Anyway being the kind of guy I am  and having full size truck, I pulled up and started loading them up and removing them.  His comment was what are you doing? Easy answer, I am moving this stuff to the alley in the pickup. We have been friends ever since.

Now back to the present, Greg also scored us entrance to Universal Islands of Adventure:


Needless to say we had a great time and after a full day in the park, we were ready to head home at the end of Greg's work day.

Today (Sat.) Greg had a special surprise for us, so we all packed up (including da girls) and headed out to a small town called Apopka.  Oh by the way it is cloudy and rainy today.

Can you guess what the surprise is :

Safe travels from all of us.
Dale & Susan and Da Girls