Friday, October 28, 2016

Life with and without a Chocolate Lab

First, there is life without a chocolate lab. But, who would want to do that? Not us, as with a pup, life can be so exciting and fun. Especially with a Chocolate. A dark chocolate at that.

If you been seeing the FB posts you have realize that Dakota has been trying out new things to do. She found she has a voice, she has big paws, she can jump with ease. She can sit up if you put your hands out. She is all of our pups rolled into one. She walks well and when she is done she grabs her leash and heads to the Rv. Right to the door. Even if she has to pull you along.

Her voice?, Well last night we had company over, Those Young Guys AKA Lisa and Norm Young.

Off she went into the Rv, right to her chair, showing Lisa how it is done. Then what  happens later? We hear this bark, what bark, she wants back out to be with everyone. No different then Della, except he wanted us to come back into the Rv.

Once Lisa and Dakota met, it was like --- I lovvvvvve you Lisa, please rub me.  Right there, that it’s, that’s the spot. It was love as first rub.

So, back to the moment, where are ? We started in Verde Valley Rv Resort a Thousand Trails Camp ground. Then when we heard Lisa and Norm were coming into Dead Horse State Park and suggested we get together. Susan found us a spot and we moved over.
So last night was all about learning what each of had been doing, learning about new places, things to do and people to see. Learned a little more on Turbo Waste gate from Norm and a few more tid-bits on CAT engines.

Lisa and Norm will be in the East Valley for Nov. visiting family and friends. Ft McDowell Mountains and Usury Mountains area.  So, if you are around, give them a call and stop by.

Another new Bus Conversion was seen the other day:

This is what NOT TO DO when you park your RV.

A few photos of the area including DaNew Rig in DaSpot.

While up the National Forest, David and I went on a short 4 mile hike to Potato Lake. Sign posted, No Camping, No Parking, No Motor vehicles. Just walk by.

1 final photo, you know how it is when you take a camera with you for that special photo? Well for whatever reason you always forget to take the correct lens or a spare camera with a different lens:
In this photo you cannot see Him, but to the left of the electrical box and above the 2 rocks is a Roadrunner. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ok what is Dakota like

I have always believed that a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case photo(S), are worth more then a thousand words.

First it is MY chair, I travel in it, sit in and watch the world go by as you drive.

What part of, "it is my chair", don't you understand ?

Ok, see I love my Teddy Bear Auntie Hazel gave me

Ladies, Beth, Mom, I want in between you too.

See this is all I need

Really what I want is my chair to myself. PERIOD. Well and alot of loves

Monday, October 24, 2016

Life after Della

Well, it sucks, life without our Della, has been to say the least – missing. A big chunk of our heart was torned out. Yes we know it was her time, we couldn’t keep her with us, as she slowly kept losing weight, even though her strong heart and strong will kept her going. However, we understood, that our time with her was growing shorter. 

So, is it time to start up Della’s blog and continue? I think Della would want us to, as she loved writing about the places she traveled to, places she saw and the things we, as a family did. Even as I write this tears are welling up, just thinking about her.

Della with her sister Koko

Some people would say, you need to go out and adopt another per right away. Get back up and rescue another one. Well, I am waiting on Della to say this is the right one for us.

This pass 6 – 7 weeks without her has been different, and you may ask how? Not having to share her queen size bed, sitting on the floor while she sprawled over her love-seat. Sharing yogurt with her. Letting us take morning walks with her, even though they were short. Letting us bring her bed outside for her to lay on and watch us while we worked, Or even helping her down and up the stairs.

But in the end, Della was saying it was time for her to go to her brothers, sisters and cousins.

Ok, so it has been over 8 weeks, what have we done since then. Well for starters we picked up a 2008 Alfa So-Long Gold, floor plan 1015. This is the one with large pantry, shower in the back driver side corner, toilet in the middle on the passenger side and king bed place end wises (driver to passenger).

We located it in Ft Meyers, Fl. Flew in, Susan made the choice, and a rush 2 day drive back to Sandwich, IL. fairgrounds where the Painted Lady awaited.

Then a 2 day drive to Beaver Crossing, NE. where we parked for 6 weeks, transferring, working, maintaining and just cleaning up both RV's. Thank’s to the Derr family farm and Sharon and Dwight Tisdale for offering us a place to stay and work. Let me tell you, on some days, beer-30, never tasted so good after a long hard day. But with new and old friends life was good, ( even with Della not there in body).

Pictures of Mods to follow:

From there is was off to Albuquerque, NM. Susan had arranged for a small rally, at the Balloon Fiesta. The trick was 1 person from each Rv had to volunteer as a Navigator. Oh wait, did ask about what did we do to the Painted Lady? Well I drove her and Susan drove the 08. You see a very lovely couple name, Abdul & Hazel Ahmad, had a bad accident with thier 2004 SeeYa. They were looking to replace it, and thanks to Ray Zimmerman, we all got together and came to a agreement on the Painted Lady.

So while in Albuquerque, they came and finalized the deal for her. Hazel and Abdul joined us at the Balloon Fiesta, and stayed with all of us. Hazel and Abdul stayed with us, until we parted company Oct. 15, just outside of Happy Jack, AZ. South of Flagstaff. As they were wanting to return to Riverside, CA., to close out and sell their house.

Now during all this time we were working at the Fiesta, Susan and many others drove golf carts, Jim worked propane, Dave & Jane worked food, and I. Well I was not wanted becaused I wanted to be in a chase crew.

But it all worked out, I ended up driving a golf cart at night and chase crew in the morning. Even Susan joined me for a few days on the crew.

So, what else happen. The bigger news is Della, Koko, Gator, Chiquita, Qua-Pasa, Maggie and other cousins got together and sent us a new chocolate lab. Yep, we were presented with a new traveling companion, name Dakota. Telling you if it wasn’t for all the help, we would not have gotten her. This was a last minute thing that came together. Another day and we would have left Albuquerque, and headed west. But things have a way of working differently then you can imagine.

So, here we are, with a very Dark Chocolate female lab, weighting in around 73 lbs, medium to high energy, toy driven, loves to run, hike, play. Just like Della and Koko and all the others combined together.

As you see in some of the photos, Dakota loves Dry Camping in the High Country in the Coconino NF. This is south of Clint Wells off of FR613:

How did we come into this? With the Help of Luvin-Labs in Albuquerque, Joan, Alexis and Cindy at the Vet hospital. For without their help, Dakota, would surely not have come into our lives.


So, where and when can you see her? any time you are within distance of us. 

Della will have to talk with Dakota as to what signature to use. Yes Dakota is learning how to write, but it does take time. Here is what she wrote to Joan @Luvin-labs

"Hi, Joan, Dakota hear. I m leaning to wirt. Im not reely spoil. I hav sleep on floor n bed. Cn’t sllep on big bed only n morning w mom. I eat only at times not all. Dad is teachin me bout Go Rv (I now that) but I let him tink I need teching.
Taugh dad that I can wlk by myself with my leasch. Thank you for helping me to fine my forever hom

dakota "

Give her time and I am sure her writing will get better.