Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saugus, Ma

We left Bangor and did a straight run to Saugus, Ma Elks Lodge, except for a liquor stop in NH. Seems the no-state tax along with low prices make for a wonderful resupply area. Along the way we refueled with $3.86 per gal Diesel along I-95 / I-295. Susan did most of the driving, and I did the driving into Saugus and to the Elks lodge

Location: Elks Lodge #642 in Saugus, Ma.

Date: Sept 28, 2013

RV: Electric and water is available if needed, as we are self contained, we choose to dry camp.

The members are really extra nice people, if you stop in, say hello to Brian / Lisa Bar Tenders. But a special hello to Bill, retired Lobster fisherman.

We woke to early Sunday morning fog.

On Sunday we drove the car into Boston, and started from Bunker Hill Monument. Yes we walked the 294 steps to the top for the view. From there we followed the Liberty Trail (red line) cross the river into Boston. 

Susan and I made it to the top,
We saw the many  sites and special  places related to the revolutionary war. There are many  opportunities for taking tours, both walking and riding. Transportation is easy to arrange.

Along the way we took some very interesting photos, including a motorcycle group dressed in suits, including one man driving a motor scooter. 

Later Sunday afternoon we went to the Saugus Iron Works, this was the start of the iron revolution in the US. Among the photos are Susan and I in front of 2 very large bellows. They were powered by water wheels to inject air into the fire to create the high temperatures needed to turn the Iron bog into molten metal.

Anyway enjoy the photos;

Link to Picasa Photo Album


Saugus Iron Works

We hope you enjoy the photos along the way.

Safe travels Dale

Friday, September 27, 2013

Bangor, Me

We left Dolly Copp NF on Thursday, Sept. 27th. We traveled the 150 miles in about 4 hours with a stop along the way, next to the Kennebec River east of Skowhegan. Skowhegen, Me.

While there we met Rita and Roy,  traveling in their RoadTrek Rv, I love this compact unit. This is a great boon-docking vehicle. R&R are from Iowa and traveling around before going down to Fla. to stay for part of the winter months. The neat thing is they were coming from Acadia NF and going to Dolly Copp while we were coming from Dolly Copp and heading to Acadia NF. Of course, we exchanged emails and looked at each other rigs.

We are staying at the Elks Lodge while in Bangor. We are planning a family outing to the Acadia NF for the day along with the girls. Staying at the Elks is not for the faint of heart as it sits a across the street from the Airport. Open time is 5am to 11 pm. So it does get noisy.

Our outing was great, we spent all day in the Acadia NF. The forest, views of the Atlantic Ocean, and Sandy Beach. I think everyone enjoyed the beach to the fullest.

Susan and I have decided that we would like to come back to spend at least a week at the NF CG. The hiking trails along with the beach area is a lovely place to spend time. This is an area that deserves extra time. We think the best time would be the off season, even though it does get chilly.

Happy travels along your life


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dolly Copp National Forest Campground

Susan and I have returned to our roots. We are boon docking in the White Mountain National Forest CG. This campground has well over 100 spots, yet there are only 3 camp host and less then a dozen campers. We are located in a spot well away from everyone. This so reminds us of the Apache-Sitgraves NF in Arizona. Dolly Copp NF: Dolly Copp NF CG

We are very close to the Mount Washington Observatory. To see the weather click on the link: Mount Washington

Now we do not expect it to be that cold, however we expect to see mid 30's to mid 40's tonight. We are home. Even Della feels right at home

Stream just for Della

We are getting closer to fall colors, the more we travel northeast, the more different colors we see, as note in the photos above.

So we leave you now to enjoy the splendid colors:

Link to additional photos
Picasa photos
We woke up to 44 degrees F, this morning, Della and I did our morning walk together. No wild life to see as of yet, but many sites are very friendly for DaGirls rig. Later on we will get into describing the sites and rating them. We do have cell phone service, but only 3G.

Susan and I were thinking, the only real thing missing are friends, Beth & David

Happy traveling Dale

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Montpelier Vermont

We are dry camping at Elk's Lodge #924 Golf Course in Montpelier. Our view is of the ninth hole looking up the mountain. The lodge is located at:

203 Country Club Rd, Montpelier, VT 05602-4512.

A look from the 3rd hole down to the club house

We decided to stay 3 days here even though the temperature has dropped into the 50's and 40's at night. The members of the lodge are wonderful and pleasant to talk to. While here, we decided to do our laundry. We found a small shop where the manager was very helpful and friendly. While waiting, we decided to walk around town and visit with people. It seems strange, but the town folks seem the same when I used to travel thru on my way to the paper mills in Maine. I swear, nothing  has changed especially in the smaller towns. For a brief overview of Montpelier open the link below.

Montpelier Link

The following photos are just a sneak view of what you can see here:

I call this one Art over Water

The town center where everything happens.

I really do not think they are Skinny.

Before I leave you, reflect on the following photo, this reminds me of a time where my life was simple and easy. It reminded me of the travels thru this area, people I met and enjoyed, places I visited. A much simpler time. I truly believe that is why, Susan and I have chosen to embrace the full-timing life. Life is simpler in an RV, less toys and stuff to worry about and no house to maintain.  We see we do not  need the toys, large house, or the clutter which we surrounded ourselves with. This is truly a much simpler life.

So I leave you here to reflect on a much simpler life.

Happy travels,

Blue collar worker, working in a white collar world.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Swanton, Vt

The rig is currently located in Vermont at Carman Brook Maple & Dairy Farm. This is a lovely stop-over. Daniel & Karen run a dairy farm and real life Maple Syrup factory. If you are a member of Harvest Hosts, you are allowed to park on the property.

We arrived in time to watch Karen & Levon bottle Maple syrup (sorry no photos were taken). Daniel offered us samples of this fresh syrup. Daniel also provided us with a tour of the facility, along with the dairy process.

Inside the barn after a milking

Chowing down after a hard workout. 

And of course the ones growing up to be milk cows.
We also learned that the CO-OP which they belong to supplies milk and cream to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory, yummy. Anyway we had a great tour with our hosts.

While here we learned that they have over 11,000 Maple trees, which provide the sap in making the syrup. Now think about this, how long do you think it takes to install the plugs in 11000 trees each Spring?

Levon, informed us it takes him and a team 2 weeks to install all of the plugs back into the trees.

To learn more about this facility click on the link - Carman Brook Maple & Dairy Farm.

Anyway, Harvest Hosts is a great way to spend a free night at a farm or winery (except for what you purchase), while traveling. To learn more about these opportunities that Harvest Host has contact them on the web.

Anyway Susan and I are going to try this blogging thing, since we do have a few spare minutes in the week.
Safe travels and enjoy life