Friday, September 1, 2017

On the Road to AIBF - Tisdale's Coach

Ok, so, we have been very busy getting the Tisdale's coach ready for paint. We have completed and painted the driver's side, front and rear caps. The last 2 twos days we have completed the passenger's side prep work.

Today Friday) is paint day.

We decided to stay an extra week to help Dwight accomplish this task and enjoy more time with friends. With this done, Dwight can start working on the smaller things. The coach is looking very good, he has just about taken it all apart, sealed, cleaned and reassembled.

As for us:
Rewired my solar panels to produce 80Vdc instead of 40Vdc. Higher voltage lower current coming down the wire to my MPPT controller.

Susan has made major changes to the bathrooms. She has added back splashes and using the same material made a photo collage wall. I installed a Talavia sink for her that we bought in Rocky Point on last trip. Also added new faucet.

Removed the sink in the toilet room, polished it, and added water cut-off valves. 

I also redid the sewer compartment, never liked the sewer outlet never exit angle. So a little cutting and shaping. My sewer hose now goes straight down. This project took less than a hour. 

And of course many beer 30's, after working, of course, the Brisket Sunday. Andy, Dwight's son-in-law is a very good smoker. Dwight always say's the Traeger was the best birthday present he purchased for is son-in-law. 

And of Course a Photo of Dakota, showing us a new thing she taught herself:

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