Sunday, December 31, 2017

Oh My, it is 2018 Already? Updated with Additional Photos

So, here we are, staying at Valencia Travel Village located in Castais, Ca. Press Here Link 

We arrived on Wednesday Dec. 27.

We had wanted to attend the Rose Bowl Parade, but did not want the hassles of all the things required to do and see and attend the many functions associated with it.   Getting to and from all the events in LA traffic is a bear.... Susan had read up about the Escapees HOP. You can read up all about the Escapees HOP, Press Here Link .

With the HOP, we need not worry about anything except being on the bus on time.  Everything has been arranged for: transportation, events/tickets, dinners, tips and Rv spaces. 

We left Rover's Roost in Casa Grande, AZ on Tuesday morning after filling up on propane and paying our electric bill. 2017 also brought about a new to us lot, #83, this lot faces North which is what we wanted, especially if it is hotter then normal with the sun. Our former lot went on the board 6 days ago and should now have a new lease-holder. 

Ok, back on DaRoad with DaGirls, we headed out about 8:30, heading west on I-8. Then turned North on AZ State Route 85 up to I-10, where we turned west after stopping and seeing Curt Wetzel, another Alfa owner.

Once back on DaRoad with Susan driving we thought the Bustamante's, our travel companions for this trip, were about a half hour ahead of us.  Next thing we get a phone call from Lorraine Lynch saying they just passed us and Pat and Kathleen were only about 20 minutes in front of us. 

This was amazing as Pat, had told us his sweet spot was 68 mph on his new Alfa. Even though his new Alfa is named Monaco.  

Our spot for the first night was the Spotlight 29 Casino, Indio, CA.
In my opinion, never again, as I-10 is within 50 yards and the noise was too loud to get a good night's sleep.

Dakota did like the area as she found a big area of grass to play on.

The next time we will move further down the road, as I believe I have spotted a better place.

So, on Wed we continued our journey Northwest to Castaic, Ca, our final destination for the HOP. Even though it showed to be about 150 miles, it was over 4 hours to get there. What I was reminded about Ca.? Traffic and construction, one minute green, and the next red and just lots of traffic. Oh well, this is LA for you. 

We arrived, setup and attended the first gatherings, except for Pat. He was a little under the weather as was I. This started Tuesday, and I new it would not let up, but determination kept me going. That and along with a "C" pack, fluids, aspirin, and a few other meds.  

First day's event was working on floats for the parade. Susan and Kathleen attended this event less us guys (under weather), however we were informed it was a busy and fun filled day of working and learning. It takes many volunteers to complete these floats, and then they have to travel 9 miles at 3 mph to get to the route, where anything can and has happened along the route. 

So, in the morning the team of volunteers loaded up in the bus and headed down to the float assembly building. Once there there assemble and given a tour by a guide. 
There were shown photos of what the float was going to look like and then the product used to transform them into this sometimes large floats.  .

Second day event was heading over to the corrals where all the horses were staying that would be in the parade. This event is called "Equestfest".  All the riders put on a show for attendees. 

Third day was "Band Fest & Ronald Reagan Presidential Library". Heading to the Library on this specific Saturday (Rose Bowl Events week), turned out to really be challenging. This day is always the busiest day of the year. Parking problems, people everywhere, you name it and yes very busy.  If you do go, pay the extra $10 for a Docent lead tour. It is well worth it as you get lots of great info and are fast tracked through lines waiting to see special exhibits, like walking through Air Force One.

Fourth day (Sunday), is a down day and New Years Eve party. Plan is to celebrate New Years Day at 9 pm EST when the ball drops in New York.  Remember we are all retired and we have to be on the bus at 4:45 am the next morning.

Ok, so now I am all caught up and you have read and seen a few photos of the events.

Wishing Everyone, a very Happy New Year
Always look ahead for the best in people and places
May your Travels be a safe and happy 

Dale, Susan, Dakota & Tilly
DaGirls Rv Travels
Aka Dakota & Tilly
Safe Travels and Journey

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Walk About in Casa grande

So, what has it been, 2, 3, 4 weeks since the last blog? Don't ask me as I am retired, and have loss all sense of time. So, I guess it is time to post a little of what we have been doing or at least trying to do.

One of which is a walk about the area, with Susan, Tilly or Dakota. Normally around 3 miles in different directions.

Also along the way, we have a new lot #83 instead of #43. Things happen very quickly, #83 came up and we jump on getting this north facing lot, instead of the south facing #43.

Hum, no photo of thee new diggs, well we'll have to take care of this later.

So, on a Sunday morning, we moved all the items in our existing shed and moved everything to the new lot, and the next thing everyone knows we moved the Rv. Now of course someone did say, we should have waited until we had completed the transaction, which we completed Sunday afternoon, but we refrained from stating the real story. Now here is the rest of the story, we were prepared and ready to complete our transaction the previous day, Saturday, however the managers and board did not have enough tine to do it.  Anyway, we moved, setup, got everything ready and gave them a check. 

I sometimes wonder what ever happen to common sense in people. Somewhere along the evolution, say last 20 years, it has gone to hell in a handbasket.

 Ok, let's get on with more photos:

Dakota & Tilly DaGirls Rv Travels
Safe Travels and Journeys