Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Walk About in Casa grande

So, what has it been, 2, 3, 4 weeks since the last blog? Don't ask me as I am retired, and have loss all sense of time. So, I guess it is time to post a little of what we have been doing or at least trying to do.

One of which is a walk about the area, with Susan, Tilly or Dakota. Normally around 3 miles in different directions.

Also along the way, we have a new lot #83 instead of #43. Things happen very quickly, #83 came up and we jump on getting this north facing lot, instead of the south facing #43.

Hum, no photo of thee new diggs, well we'll have to take care of this later.

So, on a Sunday morning, we moved all the items in our existing shed and moved everything to the new lot, and the next thing everyone knows we moved the Rv. Now of course someone did say, we should have waited until we had completed the transaction, which we completed Sunday afternoon, but we refrained from stating the real story. Now here is the rest of the story, we were prepared and ready to complete our transaction the previous day, Saturday, however the managers and board did not have enough tine to do it.  Anyway, we moved, setup, got everything ready and gave them a check. 

I sometimes wonder what ever happen to common sense in people. Somewhere along the evolution, say last 20 years, it has gone to hell in a handbasket.

 Ok, let's get on with more photos:

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Nov 12, Moving Day

Moving day, what do you mean? You just arrived in Casa Grande. Well, instead of traveling back and forth from Mesa/Apache Junction (AJ), for Doctors appointment, we opted to stay at Countryside Rv Resort in AJ. While we are there, we will visit friends, gather a few special supplies.

So, what have we been doing at our home base?
Seeing friends, special outing or tag along's as they are called here  at the Roost and of course putting our name on the wish list for a different site, yes you heard correctly. Our current site is #48, south facing and within 4 lots of the S. Montgomery Rd. During night quite, but during the day and this time if year gets a little bit busy.

We have added our name to #23 North facing and just across the street, very simple lot, but with a very nice tree in the back. Than site #85, mid way, and a completed shed. We choose these 2, as we should be offered at least one of them. We are sure we will get our north facing within the week. Then the real work begins, moving, cleaning and then relinquishing our current site and waiting for it to sell. With 37 people on the waiting list, we should not have to wait long.

Our first tag along with the Roost was to Caywood Cottonwood Farms - Link Press Here.

 A few photo op's at the farm:

The tour at Caywood is over 2 hours, this is where you learn all about cotton and farming cotton and what goes into farming cotton, I do recommend if you are in the area, you take the tour. Cost is $15 each.

During this time Dakota & I have been doing walk-alongs and what we have seen while on our walk-alongs:

Now if this does not scare you then these words should. It is not if but when you will get termites.

The photos is just a few of the termite mounds we have seen in the area. So, as Susan stated, termites not if but when your house will get them. Always be on the lookout and 1st a year have an exterminator spray for termites.

The walks we take are about 2.5 miles round-trip. Just enough to get out and not needing to take water with us.


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Monday, November 6, 2017

Puerto Penasco Wrap Up -2017

So, lets wrap up.

3 days of Coconut Shrimp

14 days at the beach

1 day lunch at the Mayan Palace and a run to a very nice beach

Many days running and walking around town

At least 4 nights out at special street vendors for dinner

Many happy hours and fun time with friends

Met Val and Vickie (New Roadrunner members)

Fun time was held by all that came down.










Best of Times with Wonderful Friends - Oct 2017

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