Sunday, December 8, 2013

Well I hate to say this but it has been a very long time since I/we have posted. I guess I have to ask myself why? As Markus would tell me "Why Not?". The first thing you might ask is who is Markus?  Markus and Anita, they are from Switzerland. They have been on a 5 year journey across the world. Incredible journey....

I have made the photo extra large so you can see every where they have been. They started on a 1200 BMW motorcycle (red), then moved into a truck camper(yellow). The line in blue is where they transition to a plane or boat. And this was all because of the phrase "Why Not?". As he explains it, if you ask yourself "why" you might never do something, but if you think "Why Not" your mind is open to endless possibilities. 

Markus is still catching up on his sleep after 5 years of fast paced travel as you can see. I am posting a Link to their web site BCProductions (Black Cat).  The photos are wonderful, however be aware that the content is in German.

We have gotten to know them well, through dinners and happy hours here at John Prince County Park Campground in Lake Worth, Florida. Markus is working very hard on producing his various travel videos. We have seen many of the wonderful lands and the people they have met. And it is always the same, the people are wonderful, the government not so good, including the US.  People in the world like the US people, but like me, they hate our government (I am not going there).

By the way, if you look closely at the map, I believe Harley Davidson would have ever been able to accomplish what their BMW could did.

Anyway, I guess I will explain later about blogging and the changes that will be coming down the line.

For now I have to run outside and see what all the commotion is all about. 

Safe travels and happy holidays. 

Here are some photos of West Palm Beach's, Night on Clematis Street. The last photo is a 30' high sand castle complete with lights.  The evening was complete with a street concert by Randy Hauser.  Weather was beautiful for an evening out.

DaGirlsRv, Della & Tilly