Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saguaro Lake Arizona

David and I played hooky on Friday and took the Kayaks out to  Saguaro Lake. While we were there we enjoyed a peaceful time on the lake.   Not much happened except for some nice photos 

Saguaro Lake Information

Enjoy and safe travels

Dale & Susan Prichard
Della and Tilly Da Girls Rv

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One of Della's Highlights is seeing cow # 3041.  3041 is a one of the 4H cattle on site. When we first met 3041, we were walking around the corral. There happens to be about 10 head of cattle here. As it happen when we got closer to the fence, one of the cattle started running and kicking its' rear feet at it came hopping towards us. 

This was all due to Della. The closer Della got, the happier 3041 seemed to be. So every time we walk  Della near the barnyard, 3041 would come running over.   As 3041 came over it would put its head between the rails and snort very loudly. You could here it sucking in the air and trying to smell what she was.  Was she a baby, another cattle or a long lost sister? Well it was bound to happen as Della and 3041 kept coming together, in between 2 of the photos when the camera was not ready.  I missed the shot of 3041 and Della kissing.   Both of their tongues touched at the same time.

So as we left, heading back to our home, 3041 remained at the fence sadly watching us head home.


Safe travels 

DaGirlsRv  "Della & Tilly"
Well it has been awhile since we have posted anything. So I thought I'd gather a few photos of the operation and such here at Sunshine Acres. The first photo shows the drop off area where donations are dropped off and then shuffled off to sorting.

Usually someone is on hand to sort the items into smaller groups.

Once the big sorting is done the boxes are then moved to a waiting area before moving inside.

 Don't asked me why, but only women can work in the sorting area

We have worked hard with Bryan in setting up a consistent area for sorting. This area seems to work the best.

Then I just got tired of helping and ran off to play golf down at Vistal in Phoenix. This  was the old Thunder Bird GC. Big changes since then. Including where 52 bunkers were removed to help speed up play.

Got a shot of Andy close to the pin

Looking back from the eighteenth hole

So, since I just happen to be in the area, can you guess where I stopped?

Fry's Electronics of course

Came back to work on Monday and it looked like a big storm hit the area on Saturday. 

So much stuff was dropped off they had used every container to put the stuff in.

I am glad to say, we had the "A" team on Monday and by the time we left there were only 6 boxes that needed to be sorted. What a team.

Finally, since Susan ran away to Chicago, to see the Fam, I ran away to the lower Salt River with the Kayak.


Enjoy your travels 

DaGirlsRv  "Della & Tilly"