Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 3

Wed., Jan 14th.
Another beautiful day. Sunny and warm - great day to be outside. And now there are three, the S.S. Howland has arrived. Steve and Winnie have come up  from Yuma and we are all enjoying the weather. Susan and I have been transferring the property from the RR storage unit to the site. We are slowing going thru it and determining whether or not get donate everything and close out the storage locker. Let's face it, cost is around $500 a year, and most of everything can be purchased annually for less than $300.
This is a saving of $200 per year. So, if you are heading to the gathering or think you should come out, then head on out and see if there is anything you need.  Or if you remember something we store that you have an interest in, let us know and it could be yours.

By the way, if you do come, follow the directions and not your GPS, as most GPS have trouble on dirt roads.

There are 4 signs up so just follow them.

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