Monday, January 12, 2015

DaGirls Rv arrives to the home of the Alfa Roadrunners - Quartzsite - 2015

We have arrived in Quartzsite. We picked up fuel 7 miles east of the Az border at a Texaco station on the North side of I-10. Fuel $2.62 credit/$1.59 cash. What a difference 20 miles make. DaGirls took on 65 gallons, as she hasn't have food since we left for San Felipe Dec 1. Boy was she thirsty, at the same time we refueled the Jeep.

We went to the Chevron on the east side of Quartzsite coming off that exit and took on propane for $2.39. Amazing we only needed 8 gallons between both tanks. Once fueled up, we headed for I-95 and headed south for La Posa south to register and take on water. Then we went north to La Posa north to the Alfa site.

33.63822°N, 114.19315°W, 1017 ft

We remembered how to get here- last turn off can be a little tricky to find.  Except for 3 rigs within shouting distance, we have our old spot again. We parked DaGirls Rv east to west to catch the sun in the south, elevated only 360 watts of solar, so we'll see what happens, although today is cloudy. We parked close but not to close to the fire ring. We got DaGirls all setup within a hour, had lunch,  walked in the desert and took some photos. DaGirls are taking a short nap while I update everyone as to our status and location - Just in case we have visitors.

DaGirls Rv all setup and ready to chill out in the desert
So, if you are in the area email, phone or just drop by and sit for a spell

One final item, to Alfa owners: to those of you who come out and have thought about combining the House and Inverter Batteries. I will be more then glad to show you how to do it and help. All you will need is to go into town and have a cable made up.

One of the biggest reason for doing this is to simplified the circuit.
No longer need the following:
Knife Switch
Big Boy Relay - No clunking
No B.I.R.D Control -

No longer have to worry about the Orange sensing wire.

We went into town for dinner and ate at Sweet Darlene's, located at
776 E Main St, the food is simple and good, nothing to really speak about, just "home cooking". The help at night, will forget what you ask for, so you have to remind them. Other then that it's ok. Silly Al's and Quartzsite Yacht club were very busy as we drove through.
Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly"