Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gathering of Friends

I just don’t see how people do it. Writing a blog with LOT's of information. Rallies, Resorts, Dry camping. Sites. When you look at how much is written, it make you think of school days in writing essays.

Me, I sometimes don’t want to remember English and doing essays.

Anyway, onto the story. We recently had a gathering of Rv (Alfa) owners at DaGirls Rv. Great time was had by all and wonderful conservation. We had Jean, Jerry, Don, Patty, Mel, Lannie, George, Robin, Lloyd, Mary, Terry, Susan(New Owner’s), Robert and Jose.

Everyone arrived around 3:30 ish at our site here in TT Palm Desert #316. We had cleaned up and rearranged the site for company. No problem coming into the park. Everyone brought something to nipple on and drink. We definitely had enough chairs to go around. Jean was trying to entice Terry and Susan into coming to the Rally and into joining one of the chapters. We do hope they join and think about attending, especially signing up for Camp Freightliner.

I took photos of just about everyone, except for me getting into one. I really need to work on taking group photos. One of my goals is to start a photo log of Roadrunners on our web site. Now I need ALL of our members to help in this endeavor. 

 Jean & Jerry Maddux
 Mel & Lannie Elfring
George & Robin Minder
Jean, Jerry, Jose, Patty, Don (L-R)
Terry, Susan Jean, Jerry (L-R)
Susan, Company walking by.
Patty & Robert Opening a Bottle of Wine

During this time we were also invited over to the Alfa SeeYa rally at 

Emerald Desert RV Resort in Palm Desert, by Charlie & Donna Musgrave,

we also saw Ray Zimmerman and met a few other Alfa owners. By the way, when Charlie called, he said bring your meter. Well when someones says that there maybe a little problem or teaching is in need. Seems Charlie's engine batteries were not being charged. So a few checks and yep, you guess it, the 135 Amp fuse was bad in the engine compartment. We verified that no short existed, so we by-pass it so he could get home and replace it. Heard that he talked it up at the Alfa Breakfast in Mesa this pass Saturday. I was glad to help and keep my skills up. 

I caught a photo of our neighbor next door prepping to leave on Monday. Dave a really cool guy and really nice.
I Susan did a mod to her hummingbird feeder. It's one of those 4 flower bottle. When you hang it up on the side of the coach, it would leak down the side of the rig. We remove 2 of the feeders and used a vacuum plug to close up the 2 holes. 

This was a real easy Mod for Susan. Now it does not Leak.

A really Small Gathering of friends.

Safe Travels & Journeys

from DaGirls        "Della                     &                     Tilly"