Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 5 - Where does time fly?

Day 5
Here it is Friday already, rigs are pouring into Quartzsite and people are walking around everywhere.

Lisa & Norm Young arrived on Thursday, we met them over in Borrego Springs Dry-camping. Great to be around, wonderful adventurers and great with the jokes.

Armand and I made another trip to the RR storage unit and picked up the fire ring and the few remaining items. That leaves the water tanks and games: ladder golf, bean bag toss, etc. So by the end of the next week the storage unit will be gone.

Susan also spotted another Alfa pulling into La Posa North on the west side of the road and  I finally met Leroy Sturgeon. They will be staying with friends on that side. Plan is to visit them and show him the battery combining, ground cable trick and disabling the Big Boy relay and B.I.R.D.

So, if you are heading this way and sticking around and need a little assistance drop me a line.

Next on the list is a shade screen with a zipper for the awning. The Hewitt's showed us theirs at the 2014 rally and we will be on the lookout for one.

Another item, we saw and liked is a gas campfire pit. We saw this at a TT park on our neighbors lot.  If anyone know of an available Yukon Legend, let us know.

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