Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Palm Desert Calif. Chillin Out

So what's happening at DaGirls Rv?

Its' been awhile since I last reported in, so me thinks it is time.
We have been stationary for 7 days here at the Thousand Trails RV park in Palm Desert. Enjoying the cold, I mean cool weather. As we all know it never gets cold in southern California. NOT. For a few days it was in the high 30's in the morning. Burrrrrrrrrrrr. 

We have been meeting up with other RVers and meeting Alfa owners in the area. Monday we were invited over to Emerald Desert Rv ?? to meet up with the FMCA AlfaSeeYas chapter who were in town for a pre-rally to the FMCA rally at the  Indio Fairgrounds.  I was asked to bring a meter along as one of the members was concerned that his chassis batteries were not being charged correctly. After a few minutes of talk we found the 135 Amp fuse was bad in the engine compartment. So a quick fix and all was well.

Dinner was good, company was great and the card/bingo game was fun. But alas all good things must come to an end as we all returned home.
Sunny and warmer weather greeted us the next day with expectation of heading out to Borrego Springs area to scare up some RV people I follow on their blogs. What a surprise, we located 3 Alfa rigs out in the middle of nowhere.

Coordinates down to the area is 33°18'31.21"N, 116°16'31.08"W 

We came across Lisa and Norm Young, strangest of strange and by great luck Susan and Lisa were able to communicate out there and we found each other. We spent time discussing what else? Our rigs and other Rvs out in the area. I wanted to stop by and meet Wheelin It (The Beast) Paul and Nina, but we headed to town with the Young's for lunch.  They had chanced upon a great spot facing the hills.  Needless to say we found kindred spirits – Boon Docking in the desert. 

If you have time, check out their Blog

I did manage to get a few shots of the area - hope all is working

From there we headed back into town to drop Della and Tilly off and went shopping at the Winco food store. YEAH, I found my granola cereal. Before we leave, plan is to stock up with a month's supply. Once home it was time for dinner and a slow walk (Da Girls think they need to sniff every one of the Palm trees here and I think they are on their second round on some.)

Today was a date day – no I don't mean I or Susan had a date, what I mean is we went to a date farm. We learned about the "Romance and Sexuality of Dates" - a movie explaining much of the process of Date production.  Then we stopped by the Fantasy Springs Casino. There we saw Jerry & Jean Maddux's rig, dropped our card as they were not home. We visited with Pat & Robert Cassels, also stopped and talked with Don & Linda Gradwell briefly as they had just arrived. I would say that this casino was busy with Alfa folks.
And wouldn't you know it I didn't take as many photos as I should have.

Hello Don and Linda - Roadrunners Members

I am also sorry to say, we missed stopping by and introducing ourselves to the following Alfa owners who were in the Thousand Trails RV Park, as they left before we stopped by.
Mary & Lloyd Hanebergs 
Fred Dillon 

Safe Travels and Journeys 
from DaGirls "Della and Tilly"