Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 7 - Monday Morning Pancakes and 4-Wheeling

Day 7:

Pancakes YUM!

I'm Waiting - and first in line

Steve, where's the pork? Coming
Lisa, can I please have some?
Lisa, can I please have some?, PLEASE 
Armond, working the griddle flipping the pancakes
Jerry and John - Chowing down
Norm, waiting his turn
David's duty - clean the pans

4-Wheeling to the Desert

Stone Cabin in the desert - Steve says just 1 more ridge to hike over
Susan, saying HI - everyone
Peek -I see you
Who's that over Dale's shoulder? IT's Lisa, Hi Lisa.
The wild (old) Bunch looking at you
On the Road with DaGirls
Susan finds the mixing bowls in the rocks
Irene, Armond and Norm taking - Which way did they GO? I don't know don't you know?
Armond "The Protector" looking over his land

Safe Travels & Journeys
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