Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Awoke to 49 degrees

Day 2, Tuesday Jan 13.

Awoke up way too early this morning, but best time to get the computer stuff done. Temp's outside was 48 and dry. The Moon (1/2) final was in the sky about mid way. before shutting down for the night one last step outside revealed a starry night. Remember the song "You can see for miles and miles", well that's what it looked like. So many stars, now I wish Dean was here as he knows the constellations. I know the Big Dipper and maybe Orion's Belt.

After Sun came up I elevated the other 2 solar panels. I was getting worried as I was only seeing about 18 amps Dc. But as the sun came higher, it peak up to 45 amps. Sometimes I wish I had made my arms longer to elevated the panels greater. well there is always later.

So instead of worrying, off we went in search of stuff, especially the Roadrunner signs in the storage room. We have put up at least 4 signs, turning right

and showing where to turn left.

From the Roadrunner storage room, it was off to see what was new in town, we found this shop around the corner and decided to take a look-see:

Look what we found inside: ROADRUNNERs

PUPPY dogs

Now don't get any ideas, but Susan and Leary had the same idea awhile back and look what she found to let everyone know we are Roadrunners:

It was after 12 noon, when we took off again, so we stopped in at the Quartzsite Yacht Club for Taco Tuesday. Two Tacos for $4. We shared one order to check them out. Not bad, they're good for lunch,, but would we go back for more? We'll have to think about it. (Susan disagrees and would go back without question)

Once we were back at DaGirls Rv, look who we saw pulling in:
Armand & Irene Mercier, you can tell by the Sun and the MANY solar panels.

We met Irene & Armand last year here in "Q", while at the RR site, they are also Roadrunners. Armand has done some interesting mods to their Rv. Some of which I have posted inside my RR Hot Flash Bulletin. Armand is a Sky-Biker, that is he fly's a motorized para-sail.

We have also heard from  the S.S. Howland (Steve & Winnie), they were in the process of leaving Yuma and heading up to here, when one of their air bags did not inflate. So they will come in today.

Another thing happened, there is a Scamp camped just within 100 yds of the Alfa area, so he comes over and wants to know how many big rigs may come. I said anywhere from 5 to 30. Next thing you know he is complaining about parking here, where no one else is and now Rvs are showing up. I even invited him to join us, but it seemed to bother him that we would be too near his space. Some people, cannot handle change, when that is all that is constant in the world now-a-days (me too sometimes/somethings - says Susan).  He thought he might have to pack up and move.

Something we should all remember is we ALL have to be flexible, more importantly we ALL need to learn to step out of our comfort zone to make others comfortable sometimes.

Another neat trick I learned is to how to upload a file to "My Maps" (Google),
Check out our trip from Thousand Trails (Palm Desert) to Roadrunner Site (Quartzsite).

" On Da Road to Quartzsite" Link

Safe Travels & Journeys
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