Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final day of the year

​Dec 27th – Meeting New RV friends

​​Vista Del Mar

Vista Del Mar is a development that never took off. Their sign reads RV camp ground, but the first time we drove in we did not locate one. As we were driving by on Friday we noticed an RV parked off in the distance. So we stopped by, located the office and learned about the RV sites located in back. Cost is $25/day, we were told that the cost is lower for a week or longer. These are full hook up with 30/50amp service. Sites can handle even a 45 ft rig. The only downside is unless you have the Church's Mexican Camping book, you would not know about it. They provide on-site security along with hot tub (open) and a pool which is closed in the winter.. We have learned that their busy season is during the summer as many Mexican's travel to SF for the beach.
It was there we meet Pat and Rick who have been traveling for over since last Spring from Florida. Their travels have taken them to as far away as Alaska and now they are heading down to Cabo San Lucas. We wish them well along with "Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls".

Dec 28th – Dinner in San Felipe

Rice & Beans

Sunday was a day of rest, as we spent the time walking Della and Tilly in the area. We will be winding  down our activities here, as this is our last few days in SF. We spent the time looking over what needs to be done and checking out route north. Later in the day we drove into SF to have a final dinner with Markus and Anita. We started with drinks at the TacoFactory and then walked down to the Rice & Beans restaurant for dinner. Lately I have been a little lax in photo collecting.

Dec 30th – Final Beach Day

Kilometer 26

We are packing up DaGirls and heading for a last day at the beach. We will be meeting Terry and Karla at the Pemex station and follow them to KM 26 south of SF. We have been told this is a lovey beach and with today being the best day of the week, Highs in the 60's it should be a fun day in the sun.
Once we arrived at the turn off Terry made sure I ha​d​ reduce my tire pressure. This tim​e I ​had reduced it to 20 psi. Needless to say, the tire monitor was not happy, but it learned to deal with the lower pressure.

By the way, I am now using an old Magellan Hand Held GPS. This is allowing me to  download and upload to Google Earth

This is something I may add to the Blog. I hope I can also upload the KMZ file so everyone can download it. 

Once at the beach Karla and Susan went shelling while Della was trying to figure out which way to go. After a gentle discussion she came back to me.
We spent a few hours and then had lunch. Once we were done we drove down the beach. Once up to speed the jeep did pretty good, that is until I stopped. It wasn't much of a problem except for the high RPM's and moving very slowing. So with that we decided that lowering the pressure to 15 psi should help. With a gentle push from Terry and Karla off we went. Once we were off the beach and airing up my tires we discussed that going to 10psi would have been better and definitely made driving easier on the sand.. Let's face it, I had the biggest tires for the rims I had. I only needed to buy new rims to get a wider tire. _ NO WAY – At least not at this time.

Anyway the beach along with Terry and Karla made for a very enjoyable day which we will treasure.

One more item, did I mention our neighbors, Micky and Viva? We had no sooner gotten back and were getting kitchen cleaned up and feeding the girls, than there was a knock at the door. Viva came over and told us we were invited to their house for happy hour. She said we had left early before she could invite us.  Now being tired we told each other only 5 minutes. Well 1 and a half hour later we finally got home.

Dec 31st – Preparations

Preparation Day

Carlos arrived today to wash/wax DaGirls Rv. They started around 9 am and finished up around 2ish.  During this time we met another Alfa couple, name of Terri and Jaz Millar from southern Cal. Within the last 2 years they have sold the business and placed their house up for sale. Like Noble's, they too own property here in EDR.

If you decide to come to San Felipe, knowing people like the Millar's, Noble's, Micky and Viva definitely will make coming here much more enjoyable, even if you do not live on the beach.

One last trip to see Markus and Anita at Kiki's. Where we were also introduce to Hans and Carol a German couple that Markus and Anita met last year in FL and who just arrived in San Felipe. They have spent the last 2 years in their Heavy Duty Off road Rv. Now this rig can definitely go-anywhere. Rigs like theirs are very common in Europe. Sorry no photos didn't get the camera ready in time.

So the plan is make DaGirls Rv ready to leave tomorrow morning and head north. That means clean-up and put away all items no longer needed. Install the luggage tray onto the Jeep and air up the tires. This will be the last blog for this year. So

Happy New Year, Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls and us