Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Caught in Extreme Temperature

What is it about the Alfa we like:
1) Large windows
2) 7.5 ft ceilings
3) 2 inch thick polystyrene walls for insulation.

When we look at other Rv's it is always the same small windows and low ceilings. So our likes, will always lead us back to the Alfa. High ceiling and lots of windows.

One of the most important items all RVers are concerned with is extreme temperatures. Now, how do I defined an extreme temperature: anything above 105 or below 45 for an extended continuous amount of time.
Now one of the good thing about the Alfa is it 2 inch thk walls, which contain polystyrene, whereas the average Rv wall is only 1 inch thick and have standard windows. 

So, what is the best answer for our Alfa's ?
The best thing to do is head the opposite way, but we all cannot do that. So what is the next best thing to do is prevent the transfer of heat/cold into the RV. And where does the most cold transfer? The large windows. 

So, for Susan and I (34 years in AZ), we devised this method during the Arizona summer:

Summer, home made solar shades for each window mounted on the outside, we then place Reflectix insulation (For information on Reflectix Press HERE) between the window and solar shade. This reduces the heat transfer by over 25 degrees thru the windows.

In addition, we also place a utility fan (Lasko) or similar (Stanley, Harbor Freight) anything which looks like this:

With a similar fan placed in the front, angled up a little and pushing air to the back, the coach is able to cool down quicker. Now when all we want is additional air flow (no A/C), we move the fan to the bedroom and push the air toward the front.

During the extreme temperatures for winter we transfer the Reflectix insulation to the inside. Between the inside shade and window. This will then reduce the heat lost due to the extreme outside cold. A simple test with the hand is all it takes. Place your hand on the window and then the wall.

Now, everything which I wrote about can be used with all types of Rv’s, especially if you are caught in extreme temperatures and force to stay for an extended period of time. 

Now finally, with our Alfa's or really any other Rv's, what else can be done:
Dick's Air Sealing Kit/method.
Insulation of the entry steps from underneath.

Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls Rv