Saturday, November 15, 2014

What we have been upto

Getting down to business: Priority Get Old Glory Up and Waving

Ok, so what have we been up to here at Countryside Rv Resort. Park is located 1/5 mile north of US 60 on Idaho Rd here is Apache Junction. 1st we have met lots of warm and friendly people, including Charlie, who we both learned we work at the same Honeywell in Phoenix, sometimes it is a small world.

We were introduced to Wes and his wife Mary Kay. They own a 2005 SeeYa, and have been full timing for 5 years. Seems they spend a lot of time at Charlies in Sunset, UT. Wes works there during the summer for Justin. Man of many talents. Another lovely couple is from Alaska, Paul and Wendy. They are checking out this full timing stuff in a small Winnebago for starters. Seems they are starting to like full timing as they will be staying here until Feb 2015.

Another couple we met last night is Jackie and Jim. They were traveling by in their golf cart and stopped to talk, and the next thing we knew Della was being taken for a ride around the block. Susan and I were very surprised as she just went with them. So a few minutes later they returned her. Seems she misses her daily golf cart rides.

On Sunday Nov 9th, we went to Colin's birthday party close to their home. There were more grandparents then anyone else. Here's a quick photo op of Colin.

Ok, so what have we been doing to the RV. I located a Dryer and Air Conditioner compressor. The compressor is a TM-16HD for those that want to know. Price is from $200 to $250 on the internet, not bad and a far cry from the $700 from Freightliner. I have scheduled a service call for Monday afternoon for a vacuum and recharged.

A few photos of the parts:

I will do a write up soon for those who have a need to know. It only takes about 6 tools to remove the alternator and compressor. At the same time you can also replace the serpentine belt if it is needed. I did find this neat ½ inch ratchet which makes working with the tension pulley a snap.
Check it out with this link:

1/2 inch Ratchet Link

It is an extendable handle. Works like a charm with the extra length handle.

Also, we finally installed Dick's microwave vent mod. Took about an hour, but some of that time was cleaning and redoing the silver tape inside the m-wave vent hole. His instructions were very clear once I removed the m-wave. I really am a 3-d person verses a 2-d drawing guy. Anyway, great mod and Susan is extremely happy now. Thanks Dick.  I have included a few of his photos below.

One thing I used was an extension for my wood bit, as in this manner I was able to do a straight drill from bottom of the M-wave cabinet to the bottom of the vent hole. 



By the way, we went up to the Superstitions Mountains on Wednesday morning for a hike,

the last time we hiked here was with Della and Koko. Which brings back many wonderful memories of our weekly hikes with them. Boy do we miss our Koko Bear. 

Koko we still miss you everyday. 

By the way, if anyone comes across a chocolate lab like the ones in the photo above that is available let us know.

On Thursday we went over to Wayne & Kathy's place for dinner along with Charlie and Donna. Wonderful time was had by all, also learned they had purchased a park model (Plan B), for full timing. While there I installed a new LED Scare Light which I make/modifiy. I got the idea a few years ago from some parts I had laying around. I use 4 of the LED panels and install and wire them up in existing light. This light gives you about 10 times the normal bulb intensity. 

I recently made one for Charlie, too, which I will take out to him. Guess I will go into production and come up with a good price.

​Safe Travels and Journeys from 

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