Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dead Horse St Pk - Cottonwood, AZ

We arrived in Dead Horse St Pk around 3. We waited on David and Beth to review and look at other sites. We chose to goto 67 & 68 as this would allow a common area between us. David backed in (5th wheel) and I pull straight in. 

 34.759779, -112.013564
We were originally in 93 & 94, but the desert was too desert between our rigs. Tuesday is turning out to be sunny and warm  possible in the 60's. David headed to the valley to do some chores and will be back later. The ladies are heading out to the Pandora  in town later. Me going to clean and straighten up the outside rig and get the bikes ready. I reported I found a replacement AC compressor, with the part number I located 1 for $200. A far cry from $700 from FL. I knew if I kept at it I would locate it. Next will be a mobile tech that will pull a vacuum and recharge unit. Della is doing better with the med's she is taking. 
Another project is to see about modifying our old Direct TV
​antenna to use on the Dish satellites.  If this does not work well the direct tv dish will be art work only. 

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