Sunday, November 16, 2014

Handle Extension

Hi everyone it is me again. Recently we have been visiting Alfa owners, what a great group. We found that you, Alfa owners are very friendly, what a great team.

Ok, back to my message/post, anyway few of us were talking about the front door and how as we age it is getting difficult in opening the door from inside. Now most people know me and as always I do my best thinking at night - while sleeping. So this is what I came up with.
Rough drawing is a Revision A, but currently working on Rev B if needed. I am awaiting word from my first experimental unit. Which I just installed on Saturday (11/16).

Tools needed
Torch with propane bottle, Stove may work also but I have not tried it.
1 Ft 3/4 inch PVC
1 90 Degreed Elbow

If you believe this maybe something you would like, I can provide additional instruction. But check out the Photos.
Handle Extension (4 photos)
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