Saturday, November 15, 2014

Slide Relays - 2014

Ok, let’s start with wiring of the (2) relays (RL5). Here is a little trick when looking at the relay. The terminal layout Contact 30 is on the same side as the mounting tab plus how the terminal is laid out. Meaning Vertical Vs. Horizontal.
Relay Diagram
Contact 30, 87A and 87
Contact 30 is the common with 87A as normally closed and 87 is the normally open.
Non-energize relay: contacts 30 and 87A are closed
Energize relay: contacts 30 and 87 are closed.

How the relays are wired
Contact 87A goes to frame ground
Contact 87 goes to B+
Contact 30 goes to the motor.

Relay Coil
Contact 85 goes to frame ground
Contact 86 goes to the Slide Switch (B+).

So when you press the button for out, 1 relay will close and contact 87(B+) and 30 will engage sending B+ to the motor lead. The other relay remains off, allowing  contacts 30 and 87A to remain connected. I hope this along with the diagram I sent makes sense to you.

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