Wednesday, December 3, 2014

DaGirls Rv Headed to San Filipe Mexico

Saturday DaGirls Rv left Canyon Vista in Gold Canyon and headed to the city of Yuma. Our destination was Yuma Lakes (YL) in Yuma, AZ. Our final destination is San Filipe on the west side of the Sea of Cortez. Anyway, we arrived in YL and met up with our wonderful hosts Doug and Wendy. We surprised them while they were working on polishing there beautiful decal-less Alfa. Notice the fun they were having - laughing. Hum, I wonder just exactly why were they laughing?

Photo of our new dig for a few days along with at least 4 other rigs in the same row. This is the first time Susan and I did not get all the Alfa’s together to socialize. Shame on us.

Doug, Wendy, Susan & I spent an evening talking. The many places and things they have done is truly amazing, building Gold Dredges up in Alaska, working on the Pipeline,  just to name a few.

By the way, doesn’t it look like Wendy married a big cuddly bear?

On Sunday we all trooped off to see the Yuma Territorial Prison. Prison was opened in 1876 and closed in 1909. Funny thing, this prison was to have been built in Phoenix, but someone had changed the location to Yuma before it was signed into law and the legislators didn't notice the change. Hum, I wonder who that could have been.

The tour of the facility was actually pretty good, the guide related a lot of stories about the prison, prisoners and the surrounding areas. What we thought would take 30 minutes ended up being over an hour and a half. We peeked, poked and looked into the many cells, some of which housed twice as many as designed for. Being that I have lived in AZ for over 30 years, I was surprised to learn of one famous family name who spent time there.

Some of you may recognize the name above.
Back to our time together, we learned of the endeavor to rebuild and restore this facility, also about the State of Arizona's plans to close this AZ State Park. Yep you heard me, this is a State Park and the Government of AZ refused to support its’ own facility. Anyway, between the city and the town's folk this place continues to outshine everyone.

Back to my story, the best thing I can say is,  if you are in Yuma for a day, week or longer I would suggest you stop and check this place out - worth the price of admission - $6/pp. Just before I left I can across a few mug shots of some Incorrigible prisoners:

The real Yuma lakes Gang:

DaGirls Rig headed out around 7:30 AM MST toward Mexicali. Or plan, get there early, locate a parking place and get our Visa’s, well as they say the best laid plans do not always work out. First, getting across we were stopped and boarded, then we could not locate a parking spot big enough. So we decided to head out and play dumb if we were asked for visa’s. 20 Clicks from San Filipe is a small military check point, guess what? Yep we were boarded again had to stop and allow the young gentleman on board to look around.

But we were off on our way in a few minutes. We arrived at El Dorado Ranch around 10 AM PST and were escorted to our place by George. Since we are staying for a month, our setup time took us a little longer as we put out all the good stuff.

Here is our view toward the East:

And toward the North:

Of course, DaGirl was out checkin out her new digs, and boy does she love it. No leash tying her down:

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