Friday, November 7, 2014

We Have Arrived

Today was a sad day as we left Beth & David in Dead Horse Ranch St Pk in Cottonwood, and headed to the valley. David and I did get in about a 3 mile bike ride and a 5 mile hike on Thursday. We would have had a few additional days but he chose to go to the valley and do some work on Tuesday and arrived late Wed afternoon. Oh well, maybe next time we can spend some additional time together. Susan and Beth had a great time together as they are BFF's.
We took time off on Wednesday and headed over to Jerome, AZ. We met David and had a light dinner.

A few shots of the area .

By the way, I had earlier reported a failure in my generator. Dick sent me a new board and I installed it Thursday morning. Generator works like a charm now. Readjusted the AVR and she was good to go. 

Back to our road trip, we arrived in Apache Junction around 2ish stopped in at Fry's Food store where we had $.10 cents  off/gal of fuel. We added the required 30 gallons and DaGirls Rv was set to go. We arrived at CountrySide RV resort, checked in and escorted to our assigned spot. Too early to tell about the park, but I will do a write-up soon. Did meet our neighbor (Bill) and learned we had a few things in common. He has a friend who has a Dutch Star which is getting 2 new slides put into the bedroom. This is all taking place in Nappanee with PJ & Megan, small world.   

 Did not take any photos - woops I did get a couple of DaGirls Rv and sites at Dead Horse Ranch.

The main attraction is a Chocolate Lab on the Hunt.

​Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls