Sunday, November 2, 2014

Arriving in Prescott

We have arrived at the Elks Lodge in Prescott Valley, AZ after another windy day (11/1). Oops, let me back up a few days.

During our travels we spotted this off the Hwy, can't remember where as I did not write the location down, but hey I did get a photo.  (Susan - I think it was between Dodge City, KS & Hooker, OK)

We arrived at a RV park in Hooker, OK around 6ish on Thur. Susan found this pricey ($10) park on one of our membership clubs. We did not do any satellite views (note to self - DO THIS BEFORE WE GET THERE), but since Susan was driving and this was going to be just an overnight what could go wrong?  Well, the park is located behind the Love's station and is across the street from a very large grain elevator, which happens that to have a railroad track next to it. Biggest issues was that directions told us to take several thru streets that have now been blocked thru the Loves to get to the RV Park. 

I mean I had found a city park located in Montezuma, KS, which I thought we were going to.  (Susan - this sounds like whining to me.....LOL)

But Nooooooooooo, the driver always get to pick the stop. Which I have to say we did agree upon. 

By the way the grass was NOT green nor was there Grass, lots of little burrs which got stuck in the dogs feet and carried in on our shoes.
But it was only for 1 night and surely we could have done worse. So we all had dinner and watched a movie and off to bed. 

Next day after breakfast and closing up the rig (notice windy again) off we went. Heading toward Albuquerque NM. As always, we posted our whereabouts on various forums as we continuously seek out Alfa owners. Guess what a new Alfa owner contacted us via email informing us of where they were located near Albuquerque.  Our plans includes stopping O-N in area so we slightly altered our plans and  our headed for Isleta Lakes RV CG just south of Albuquerque for the night.  Nice campground for about $34.00 a night, part of Casino property and has a commuter train stop into city.  

We parked next to Pat, Kathleen & Noelani (hope spelling is correct a boxer mix) Bustamante, new 2002 Alfa SeeYa owners (and now our newest Roadrunner members). 

They currently are relocating Pat's mother to a new apartment. You will see his posts with "Aloha", as they have recently relocated to the Alfa from Hawaii. Let me give them a big Aloha greeting from the Roadrunner Chapter. "Aloha" This begs the question, should we, Roadrunners come up with a Special Greeting? Something to think about. 

Anyway after stopping and hearing that his charging system was now working (reported on Forum), we enjoyed a light dinner and conversation about what else? Alfa's and travels. After we made our good-nights, back to the rig to get some needed rest. Only Della had other thoughts as she kept getting us up during the night. Morning comes and we needed to locate a Banfield (Pet-Smart Vet) to get her checked out. So this morning was busy waiting, waiting, and waiting. We decided to pack up and wait on word of her. Now during this time, Pat reported his system was still not charging, this was the fastest trouble-shooting I have performed - (IMO) bad chassis battery as they will not hold a charge. Then off to a parking lot to await word on Della. Good news urinary tract infection (UTI). With meds for that and her eyes, we headed out around about 3pm.

Off we headed to Holbrook, AZ, only to hear from another Alfa owner, who happened to be spending night in Holbrook at the OK RV Park. We had planned to spend night at Holbrook Elks Lodge, but their parking situation was full with Halloween Party (10/31).  So, decision made to go to OK RV in search of another Alfa owner, Leary & Sandra Sooter from Livingston, TX.  I drove while it was windy and then Susan took over and drove through rain storms and into night. Oh, I do have to report in Albuquerque we picked up fuel for $3.319/gal. WooHoo we scored.

We pulled in next to Sooter's and began set up.  Next thing, we have knock on the door. Here was Leary offering assistance in setting up "DaGirls Rv".   He noticed on his WiFi a new name "DaGirls" and knew we had landed. What a bunch of great people Alfa owners are! Shortly after, Sandra arrived with her offering of assistance.  We enjoyed a good visit cause by then set up was pretty much done.

Guess what........................I forgot to get photos of them (bad Dale),but I did get photos of 2 of their mods: new KW 2 step and a rolling fireplace.

So L&S how about an intro for my next Roadrunner Hot Flash Bulletin? And you too P&K? Please. I just request something brief with a little history about your family, prior life, what brings you to the Alfa family or anything you would like to share, about 1 or 2 paragraphs for my November Issue, please.

Anyway, here we are seeing Susan's BFF.  She went to visit tonight and I stayed home trying to get rid of the rest of my cold. 

Lat, Log 34.578467, -112.355925

By the way, I know everybody is worried about Della, the meds are working and she is doing much better.

Oh, I forgot to mention, we are putting in a new headboard shelf in the bedroom. Stay tune for this mod as you will be blown-away by it or at least we are very excited about it.

Last word on the warranty work. Great job by Paul and Team (Rodney, Freeman, Mike, Dave & Ryan) at Precision Painting.  To date we have made it through 3 rains with no inside ceiling spotting.

Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls Rv