Monday, November 3, 2014

Down Time in Prescott

Awoke to the 30's today here at the Elks.

Sunday was a down time day, as I continue to recuperate from the very smart cold. Most of which is gone. Spent time replacing our cabinet latches with a new Tension Ball Catch Latch. The trick is in the alignment of the catch and the latch which I have found a very easy solution to. I made a jig out of a small section of cardboard bent into 90 degree with 2 small holes as mounting holes for the latch. How I place the Jig over the corner.

Once the latch is installed, I loosen the ball tension as much as possible insert the catch and place a small piece of double side tape on the back close the door very tight and then reopen. The catch is then stuck in the correct location. For the cabinets which are at a slight angle I just shift the locating holes a little bit.

I also began repairing some of the drawers in the bedroom and bathroom while installing the latches. Many of you have heard me requesting information on our dash air conditioner. I have also been working on locating a replacement air conditioner compressor for our dash air. I will be calling later today for additional information. Located the correct Mfg P/N of our dash AC compressor. Here is the response from Ryder:

"The Freightliner number you provided : 22-47820-000 crosses to MEI 5805D. We do not currently show this part in our inventory but , we can get the part from MEI. You can view the part on our website and place an order there if you like or call us and we can get an order in for you.  Your price is $ 251.07 with no freight charge. Any order that meets or exceeds  $250.00 is free freight unless you request expedited.".

Another tid-bit is our internet service.  We currently use Millenicom as our provider. which has been made an offer they could not refuse(read about it here). Tomorrow I will call the special 1-800 number and sign up for the month to month contract for $99 + taxes. I will use an Oregon address since they have a lower tax rate. This will still keep our cell phone and internet costs down. Susan and I have never seen the benefit of shelling out over $220 just to have a smart phone connected to the internet along with our laptops. I mean we are connected but do we have to be connected 24 hrs.  

Anyway, it is 7 am and Della is waiting for breakfast, our plan today is to travel to Dead Horse Ranch St Pk in Cottonwood, AZ. 

​with friends Beth, David, Boomer and Lucy. Della loves to be 
in the photos. This photo was taken while we spent time in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) at Playa Bonita RV CG. 

We will spend some friendship time together. Temperature is  about 10 degrees higher in Cottonwood as the elevation is lower. Check back as I will upload some additional photos on our latch project.

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