Thursday, December 11, 2014

On the Way to the Beach

Pete’s Campground:

Google Earth View of Pete’s CG
Tuesday Dec 9th
Today we loaded up the girls and headed toward the beach we found the other day. The sign said Pete’s campground (CG). What we found was beach front dry-camping. Along with canopies next to where you can park. Sand was level and firm and able to handle DaGirls Rv if we choose to come back.
We will come back later as we would like to find the cost per night.
 We all enjoyed the morning, as we watched the tide come back in after a walk and swam in the water.
Della was back in her glory days at the beach, swimming and digging in the sand.

But after a while she took a spell and just watched.

Even Tilly got into the act. Digging and running, well not really running, as Susan did not want to go catch her.

There is even a dump prior to going down to the CG.
So, going and coming you can stop by and empty. There should also be a water valve someplace, but we did not locate it this trip. However as long as you have a couple of 5 gallons water bottles, you can fill them down the street.

Monday Dec 8th

Google Earth view of KiKis
On Monday we were invited down to a happy hour at KiKi’s in San Filipe. Originally in researching for CG’s I did not find a place which could handle DaGirls Rv. But after visiting KiKi’s DaGirls could have squeaked in to a few spots. It is only 30amps (I think really 20amp), but I think DaGirls Rv could survive there. This is what Susan & I have been missing, time with other RVers. This is what life is all about, spending time and making new friends around a fire ring.
We have met new full timers and others and we have been invited back to join them for happy hour.

A view from KiKi’s beach wall

El Dorado
El Dorado is, well its’ like being in a sub-division in the USA. People own homes and lots, all the land is held in a Trust, as foreigners cannot own property within 30 kilometers of the water front (beach). It is sad to say, that it is too big for RVers to come and stay for a month. We met more people that were friendlier at Countryside Rv then here. (Susan's update - We are meeting more people and enjoying more after a few weeks and know that inclusion depends on each of us stepping and and joining others, not just waiting for them to invite us.)  Most everyone is friendly and we have played Petonque and been to local happy hour and Dale has been off-roading.  We have also enjoyed the Sat morning Eldorado Swap Meet/Market)
A view of the back shows homes.
And across the street is a greenbelt.
The claim is there is a lot to do, but if you are not invited into their clubs, you are limited. They have a Lion’s and Rotary Club which are very active in the community of San Filipe. Along with a group which is involved in setting up once a month spay and neuter clinic. The El Dorado communities also provide support to the elderly and children’s homes. In the outreach department, they provide a valuable amount of support in the town of San Filipe, and are to be congratulated.
I tend to look at El Dorado as Dry-camping with hookups, except you cannot have a fire unless you have the owner’s permission or a propane stove.
All water to the area is delivered by truck. Water tanks are above or below ground. We have been told that washing, bathing, teeth brushing in the water is ok, but not to drink the water. We were informed that for drinking water go to the store across from El Dorado entrance and fill our water bottles there for a slight cost. Funny thing as we were looking at the bottle fill machine, I notice that they have 2 inline filters from the tank to the bottle fill machine. DaGirls has 3 inline filter and we use the same water. And by the way, how do you tell people NOT to drink the water but it is ok to bath and do dishes in the same water.
Now if you really want cleaner water a trip into town is necessary. Water (Helios) stores are located in the area. Their setup is water softener, filters and reverse osmosis system.

Safe Travels and Journeys
From DaGirls Rv