Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Things to do, Places to see, & People to meet

Dec 25 – Thursday - Feliz Navidad from DaGirls

Yes we are early, but it will be a busy day

Dec 24 – Wednesday

Awoke to 55˚

Della and I awoke to a more normal morning here at DaGirls Rv. After checking emails, working on the previous day's journey to the desert we made our way outside for our daily walk.
Figure 1 Sunrise over the sea

Many of you know that I enjoy working with various computer applications/software, Examples are Google Earth, Microsoft Streets & Trips and other GPS software. I was able to recreate our trail to the Water Falls which are west of El Dorado Ranch. In all we traveled 62 miles.
Figure 2 There and Back

Dec 23 – Tuesday

Sunny, Warm and Windy

This morning we were invited along with others on a 4-wheel adventure, our trip took us to a chalk mine, fossil ridge, dead cow corner, cattle ranch and the water falls. In all we traveled 62 miles. Our jeep liberty did great as this was the first off-road trip she has been on. There were a couple of spots I wish I have 1 more inch of clearance, but a little move to the right and no problem.
Figure 3 Chalk Mind
Susan, must have had a good breakfast
Figure 4 Lifting the 30 Lbs. of chalk
Figure 5 Fossils Located and Photo
Figure 6 Cattle Ranch
Figure 7 Dusty Road as we traveled
Figure 8 Our lady of Guadalupe
Figure 9 Terry's New Job - Fence Opener to the Water Falls
I will upload additional photos to the website once we are back in the USA, so check back for the link. 
Figure 10 Hike to the Falls
Figure 11 Glenn & Jo heading home – photo Op

Once back Terry and Karla invited us over for dinner and wonderful conversation. Yes this included DaGirls, Della and Tilly. Della deems this on her top spot of the week as she was quite at home with the Noble's. Karla made them feel right at home. Della, enjoyed their company, garden AND finding the treats Karla keeps around. For those of you who have never had a dog, much less a Labrador, Della is getting old, but her nose is still young. She was able to find the many old bones in the garden along with the dog treats that Karla keeps under a chair.
On the Della scale - Out of 5 puppies, Della gives it 10. By the way Della cannot count. But she knows a good place when she smells one.
Della's Seal of Approval
We spent the evening talking about El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe, Pie Town, which is located in New Mexico, and the many places we have all have traveled to.

Dec 22 – Monday

Sunny and Warm

We awoke to a beautiful day, sunny along with a high in the low 70's. This made for a great play day. The day was spent walking around, taking a cycle going into the town AND at the beach. Needless to say Della and Tilly enjoyed the beach to no end. Our thoughts are, if you are going to stay in San Felipe for a month or more, a week of dry-camping at Pete's CG on the beach is in order. For us a week is a no-brainer as we love to dry-camp and love the beach.

Dec 21 – Sunday


Sunday was spent on the Malecon in San Felipe people watching and having lunch. One of the things we are used to is the people trying to make a living. They walk up and down hawking their wares. Many gringos complain about this, PEOPLE you are in a Foreign country. If you don't like it, then DON'T come down, just be polite and respectful of the people and the country. Plus it doesn't hurt to share a little. 
Figure 12 Outside the restaurant.
And as we reported the ice cream place was slowly disappearing, we figure by the end of the week. The whole building will be gone.
Figure 13 Thrifty Ice Cream

Dec 20 – Saturday

Swap Meet 

Figure 14 Churros Factory
Figure 15 Not the healthiness breakfast - but YUM
Figure 16 Deals Taking Place
Safe Journeys and Travels from
DaGirls Della & Tilly