Friday, December 5, 2014

Roaming Around in San Filipe

Wed 12/3/2014
Ok, so where did I leave off. Well you learned that we stopped by to see Doug and Wendy in Yuma Lakes. We spent a long time together, visiting and just plain talking to each other.

I learned a lot about Doug, especially about Gold Mining, heavy equipment construction,  living in South America mining for Gold and just plain good stuff. If you never meet up with them, you will really enjoy your time when you do.  Need I say more?
Ok, so here we are in El Dorado Ranch, 7 kilometers from San Filipe. We have met our neighbors, Mickey and Viva. Mickey was a contractor up in Washington State and has 2 houses down here in Mexico, one they designed and built and another built for them.

We have also connected up with Marcus and Anita from Switzerland. We met them in Florida last year. If you remember some of my blog from there you may remember he told me, Dale it is not "Why, but Why Not." That was their motto during their 5 years around the world adventures.

We are very lucky to meet up with them while they are here. Of course,  that was one of the reasons we choose to spend some time here this winter.

After arriving back home, we decided that the weather with dark grey skies makes for a gloomy day, especially, since we came for some sun and fun. We also have spent some time bicycling around, learning pickleball and seeing what the town has to offer. Town wise was nice but not a really great place, especially since we are 7 kilometers away and must take the car.  El Dorado Ranch is mainly a US and Canada enclave. What surprised me is some of the people who live here full time have never learned the local language. Not a word of Spanish. At least we can order a beer, find a bathroom, and say thank you and you are welcome. Well to each their own I guess.

We also located a water purification store, where we filled up one 5 liter bottle and purchase another 5 liter bottle for $10. Then we stopped at the ice cream store (Thrifty). Along the way home we went in search of a closer beach access. We will continue our search on Friday.

Thursday, was spent riding our bicycles around the area. We checked out the pavilion along with the golf course. The pavilion is sort of a club for events along with movies. I was surprised at the cost of a round of golf. $35 Mon - Fri and $45 for Sat - Sun. This seems more like the USA for 18 holes than being here in Mexico. By the time we got back home we must have traveled about 5 miles.

Did I mention that the Sun came out and paid us a visit today? This made for a wonderful time while we were out and about.
We do have free internet, but we have to either go to the pavilion or the center of Wi-Fi. Depending on the time of day it will be good or bad. So we have purchased a TelCel Stick for $27 Dls and loaded it with 3 Gigs of data for $400 peso. Currently we are able to make phone calls to the USA with our computers using Google voice.

Susan has spent time in decorating DaGirls Rv for Christmas. Lights are up, tree is decorated and hats are ready to wear. Maybe a few photo’s later.

We have started discussion on whether or not SF would be a good place to spend winter here. Our monthly rate is $350, and if we stayed longer we might get it lower. We both have decided that the jury is still out on spending winter here. Especially, since we are located outside of town. The RV parks inside of town were setup for rigs less than 32 ft. And there are very few of those spots available right on the water. So getting a spot near the water is near impossible for DaGirls Rv.
I mean it is not like Puerto Penasco, where there are 2 RV parks which can handle large rigs, nor is it like Kino Bay.
View of Playa Bonita in Puerto Penasco
Sunset in Kino Bay

All 3 have their likes and dislikes and only spending time there can you really decide which is best for each individural.
Another thought that came to us, after the Palm Creek Rally (April 2015), we are thinking of leading a trip to Puerto Penasco for a week or 2. So we are asking our friends and Alfa members who would think about going down if we lead the way?

One of the items we cannot raise is our flag:
Since US flag protocol requires us to fly the Mexican flag at the same time, and it must be a little higher. So flag flying is out for now.

Della likes the area a lot as she loves long walks on the sand instead of the rocks. Since we left Countryside Rv, she has spent more time walking on rocks then smooth surfaces. Which by the way, she has taken a disliking to.

Safe Travels and Journeys
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