Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's Happening

Feliz Navidad from San Felipe Mexico
Dec 14 – Sunday
Awoke to 45˚
We/I awoke to 45˚ this morning. What Happened? Seems the cold / rain front moving thru California brought the cold weather thru the area. Anyway, the sun is coming out, so the temps should also rise, it just will not be in the 70's today.
Susan has made plans to send our mail to Yuma to be placed in the USPS mail box. So, all the baby stuff she has made should arrive in Florida and Illinois for the expectant/new families.
Dec 15 – Monday
Cloudy and cool
Down day as the clouds rolled in and was a little cool today.
BIG News, there is a new addition to the Brockman Clan in Florida. 
It seems that Andrea delivered a brand new Brockman baby girl. I know, it's not like pizza delivery, but delivery is delivery. So congrats to the new mother and father. May your next month be very busy and wonderful / exciting. 
we tried calling but all phones just kept ringing, that's life.

Dec 16 – Tuesday
Heading into town
Today we headed into town to continue our driving around and seeing everything. We visited 2 additional campgrounds to see if DaGirls Rv would fit, and yes she would, but just be careful of lifting the wires (Phone) high so she could drive in. Now the electric is between 20 to 30 amps, but it is possible.
While we were driving around we stopped into our favorite bakery.
Panaderia – Good Bread
 Introduced ourselves to 2 missionaries who had just come inside.
1 from Salt Lake and 1 from Mexico, both spend 2 years away from home, many learn the local language while on the job.
Tuesday is also market day across the street from Calimax store where you can find very good veggies and fruit.
The Calimax has the best ATM for getting cash as it will cost less than the Bank ATM, but the problem is also catching it with money.
Remember the other day I was talking about water. You can just make out the 2 filters on this system. This is the store where they recommend you go to.
Dec 17 – Wednesday
Researching the area and dinner
Tonight we have a dinner engagement with Markus and Anita at the Marqurita house restaurant down the road. Susan is going to try the coconut shrimp and I am trying the fish and chips.
We have talked to many people; they all say the same, since the 2007 crash and reports on drugs most businesses are just surviving. San Felipe is a tourist town as there is no industry as we know of it, including fishing, (the government closed it down due to over-fishing). The people and town rely on the gringos coming down from the north in the winter months, but their high season is actually summer with visitors from Mexicali and other parts of MX.
Today we have also spent time checking out the real estate market, as we were asking ourselves could we live down here for 3 to 6 mths during winter?  We are still discussing this and we are not going to make any snap decisions. But we are looking at the market with the emphases on improved lots with electric and/or improved solar lots. Some of the lots are well established. We met a couple who are purchasing a lot with garage, ramada, storage shed, RV pad, water tank and sewer for about $10,000. The original owners spent $40,000 over a period of 10 years on the improvements. Not a bad deal. The biggest improvement needed would be about 1000 to 2000 watts of solar.
Dec 18 - Thursday
Sunshine and warm
I awoke to bright sunshine and highs in the 60's today. We took our morning walk and had our breakfast and morning coffee. It's decision time, what are we going to do? Hum, as Susan was looking around she felt the tugging of the dishes calling to her saying Susan, Susan we need to be cleaned. Well you guessed it, they won.
Oh, I forgot to mention, she started the crock pot last night with a pork roast, Yum Mexican food tonight. Before I forget, I have been riding my bike about 2 to 5 miles a day, sometimes it is uphill but it is always easier coming back. The shorts are fitting better and I am not tired.
I was just thinking, being in an RV is pretty fun except for when it comes to a workbench. I used to always play with 12 Vdc items, and there is just not a good place to do this in an RV. Especially since 12 vdc are not always in a good location. But you know me; I have now taken over a corner of the slide and will be installing a 12 Vdc outlet to work on my projects. Of course this is always subject to change from the boss when we have company or the need to use the table.
I still have 3 florescent that need to be transitioned to LEDs, working on getting these fixtures done soon.
I want to install a 12 channel programmable controller that will replace/duplicate some of the switches on the driver's arm rest. I have the unit, but will need some RL5 relays.
Need to see if I can locate/install a remote controller for the Propane side of the new Atwood water heater. Currently I installed a switch inside the water heater door. This gives us the following: Propane, electric or both.
Now for the really big surprised we have been working on, many of you remember the house we designed and build in Pinal County just north east of Apache Junction. One of the items we miss is our Alligator-Junpier counter top in our kitchen. The countertop was 2.5 inches thick, 21 inches deep and over 9 feet long. This one piece of wood came from the Rodeo-Chedeski fire in 2003. We searched for that one unique piece/item of the house for over 3 years. We knew what we wanted but it always eluded us until we found this wood store up in the high country.
It is the same with DaGirls Rv, we have been searching for that one piece. We knew what it was, but finding it took months.  Until we remembered the wood store. So, when we arrived back in Az, we drove over 200 miles out of our way just to go there.
Be expecting photos soon, as we have it, it's been cut to size and ready to be installed. This would not have been possible if we did not meet Hector of HC Wood Works San Felipe Cel: 686.190.3422. I knew I would have to borrow tools to do the job or wait until we arrived at Palm Creek. However meeting Hector was a god send, as he had the skills and tools I needed to get the job done. I knew in my mind what I wanted and with Hector's skills and tools the job came together. When we arrive in Palm Creek, stop by and check out the new bedroom head board.

Now the really big news
Safe Travels and Journeys
From DaGirls Rv