Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wow What a Day

Dec 12 – Friday
Terry invited me to go 4-wheeling today, so around 9am we left along with 6 other vehicles. The journey took us north on Mex 5 for about 15 miles and then west on a dirt road. Terry explained that many of the roads in the back are used for the various road races. In fact on Sunday there is a race from Ensenada to San Filipe, which covers about 250 miles or is it kilometers. Whichever it will be a long and grueling.
First stop off Mex 5 allowing everyone to discuss which way we were headed.
Along our journey, I spied many unusual locals sites, like Split Road.
What is so unusual is part of the rock has broken away and fallen down.
As we continued our travels, D. Blessing decided to go find the Mica Mine. Now I remind you, most places they go is either by memory or GPS waypoints. And darn it, some of those waypoints just seem get up and move.
You can see we are looking, but have still have not found it.
So off we went in search of additional adventures. But after a few hours it was time to stop and replenish our energy. This is something that they call lunch and relaxation.
Or better known as circling of the road warriors
Me, I call it looking at the scenery
Next,  it was time to head out and start making our way back to town, but first we had to tackle our first small hill climb.
Once we were all up and over, we started heading south back to the ranch, however someone forgot to tell us that there would be many more up and downs. And I do mean Ups and Downs, as the road had many bumps which for a Jeep, makes for slow and rough going. But eventually we made our way back to the back entrance to the ranch. I took a video, but all you can see are images jumping up and down. There was no way it hold it steady – so No Video to see or post.
This is the view you would see leaving the ranch, but since we were heading back we stopped for a photo op.
Oops, almost forgot the most important item, you see there is the trophy bell (cow) which is won/awarded? Now how this trophy is awarded you ask? Well it is won by the last person who breaks down for the day.
Well Joe ran out of gas, but that’s what jerry cans are for right?
So I just had to ask the question, if you run out of gas and everyone has to stop, does that constitute a breakdown? Me, being the guest was all for leaving it at that. But Joe being the honorable person that he is, posted the question to the group.
Well when we arrived they had awarded him the trophy.

Thursday Dec 11
Happy or Happier Hour
Thursday we were invited to happy hour at Joe and Val’s place, which just happens to be behind Terry and Karla’s place. Sorry no photos as we were busy making new friends.
Also an update to the aqua quality that is available. I snapped a photo of the system inside the new aqua store. But I am happy to say, many gringos drink the water since it is from a deep well and is treated just like the USA.
But, if you prefer, just head down to the newest Aqua Store or visit one of the others in town. I suggest you look around first to see their setup if you are concerned.
Wednesday – Dec 10
Visiting with friends
We were invited back to Anita and Marcus for dinner on Wed. You remember them right?
As I reported earlier, they will be returning to Switzerland in 2016 and will no longer travel abroad in North America.
Shot of the rigs in KiKi’s
But I will leave you with a night time shot from the beach.
Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls Rv, may you travel far and wide.
Oh! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wherever you spend it.