Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sept 6_Our Last Day in Lake Louise

Lake Louise sits in the Banff National Park of Canada. Our next stop will be in the city of Banff itself. Our stay here in LL, has been shall we say a little chilling and wet. Seems we failed to heed our own advise. Get out of Alaska and Canada by early Sept. Well as DaGirls say it is an adventure.
The temperature has dropped to the low to mid 40’s in the day time with last night temps in the high 30’s:

Traveling thru a National Park is exciting yet slow. A national park is a destination travel stop. It is a place to get out, hike, take a stroll, and see what this beautiful land has to offer. Be able to witness what this world has to offer. Sights such as the Glacier Ice-fields, Glacier Lakes, and other beautiful sights. Yet with every turn, hike, traveling on the highway, may bring a sighting of wildlife. My suggestion is while traveling thru be prepared to stop at many of the turn-offs as you may never no what weather changes are coming or if you will make it back as seen by the snap shots:

As we traveled down to Lake Louise
On our way back from Bow Pass to Lake Louise

While we are staying in the Lake Louise Campground, evidence of bears are all around us. Especially for the tenters, as seen by a electrified fence that surrounds the tenting area. But you never know if, or even when you will see wildlife in the area.

On Saturday we headed back north upto the Bow Pass with an elevation of 6800 ft, it made for a arduous climb for DaGirls Rv when we left Jasper. Our goal was to head back north in search of photo ops and the glacier lake in that area. We arrived after a short 30 miles or so, and after a short uphill hike (10 minutes or so), we reached the viewing area.

Our stay in the Canadian Rockies is closing to an end. We have traveled from one end to the other end. Our final stay will be in the city of Banff for a short 3 / 4 days in the campground there.

One of the best tools in our travels has been the Free Wi-Fi centers that we have come across. We have visited public libraries, visitor Centre's, and coffee shops just to name a few. Now, there is T-mobile’s new Canada & Mexico plan which was rolled out. Something to  think about on your journey.
So far today, the only snow visible, has been on the mountain's surrounding DaGirls Rv.  When I started writing this the temperature was 39 degrees. It has now risen 1 degree to 40.6 degrees F with 60% humidly. 

As Susan would say "SeeYa"

From DaGirls Della and Tilly